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Dec 17


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

JULIE TIES ASHLEY (video inside) : Julie Simone ties me in a green latex catsuit, and a wicked shibari hogtie!

 Ashley Renee in green latex catsuit tied up by Julie SImone

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS : My boss punishes me by tying meup progressively in a strict balltie, gag and slowly penetrating me with a huge dildo !

WILD THING : This is what happens when one cave woman ties another… it’s very uncivilized :)

WHIPPING (Video inside) : Darla Crane whips, crops and spanks my entire body!

BDSM : Tied helpless in latex, tormented with clothes pins & more.

CUM DISGRACE : Dressed in a black bodystocking and steel toe boots Ashley is led into a lockbox. Locked up to her neck in it, her mouth is left exposed and fucked by a machine. Then a nylon is placed over Ashley head and she’s fucked until she gets doused with cum!

PILE DRIVER : Tied in a very uncomfortable pile driver position, My pussy lips and inner things are squeezed together tightly with clothespins. Then I’m forced to into a game of orgasm control and denial during an no nonsense interrogation by the harsh Damon Pierce.

GREEN LATEX DRESS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My boyfriend told me that he wanted to give me a special gift for being such an obedient girl. Knowing him, the gift would definitely be something naughty & fun. He did not disappoint. First, he made me squeeze myself into a super sexy latex dress he’d bought for me with no panties. Next, he led me to a room where he shackled me to a small leather bench before leaving me alone to struggle against my chains. After a few minutes, in walked my gift & would be tormentor, the beautiful Darla Crane. She immediately started groping me all over, stopping only occasionally to put her wet mouth on my breasts. My pussy grew wet with excitement. But I knew the pleasure/pain part of this present was soon to follow. She gagged me with a big red ball, then cuffed each of my huge tits with ankle cuffs. After that, Darla pinched super tight nipple clamps hard down on my tender pink flesh. It hurt more than I expected. To distract me from the pain, Darla pulled out a vibrating wand that she chained between my legs & pressed against my exposed clit. I immediately forgot about the pain of my nipples & started nearing close to climax. Watching me moan with pleasure excited Darla so much, that she exposed her large breasts & started fondling them lustfully. As I grew closer to orgasm, I couldn’t help but wonder….would she remove the device right after I came, or still force it upon me until pleasure turned to pain? Hmm….
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up by Darla Crane

PLEASE STOP! : Viking stops by my hotel room demanding I strip down to my sexy panties. I’m totally taken with Viking so I easily submit to every demand. He ties me slowly so he I can struggle around sensuously on the beautiful white linen bed. Without warning he starts to tickle every inch of my body , before and after he clothespins my breasts. I’m in between so many different emotions. They alternate between pain, and laughing so hard that my stomach aches:)

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Nov 21


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

POTTY TRAINED : Super sexy shibari tie in shiny red latex in the bathroom at a upscale hotel. If they only knew.
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up

WRAPPED : Naked and gradually mummified completely against a pole, gagged with a big ball when a plastic bag is placed over my head for a game of breath control then I’m grabbed and my head gets wrapped tighter and tighter !

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

FINE DINING : TIm led into a dining room and harnessed, naked on the table. Then I’m tied spread eagle, anxiously awaiting our guests arrival, to be on vulnerable display as they dine.

WONDER ASHLEY : Wunder Woman is rendered powerless. Can you save her ?

BAD TO THE BONE : I love bikes and have always wanted to get tied to one, so Claire Adams came out and tied me to one in a strict and very complex chopper tie, which was completed with drool and hair bondage.

THE BIG EASY (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Buxom Julie Simone & I scheduled a play session together, as we had both admitted it had been way too long since we’d last enjoyed each other’s company. I showed up trying to look classically sexy for her, silk blouse, tight skirt, thigh highs, patent leather stilettos…. The minute I walked in, she had me take a seat on the couch & revealed a tremendous amount of red rope with which she had planned to bind me. The busty dominatrix wasted no time & got straight to tying me up. I started the session by pleading with her to go easy on me, which I quickly discovered was the wrong thing to say to my Mistress, as she immediately started binding my elbows together. I begged her not to, but she continued to bind them more tightly than they had been in years! Next, she began to bind my ankles, then my calves, then my thighs, until my legs were virtually encased in red rope. After she was satisfied with her rope work, she forced a ring gag into my mouth so she could watch me helplessly drool all over myself. I guess it serves me right for asking for mercy.
 Ashley Renee and Julie Simone playing kinky

ASHLEY RENEE’S LIMIT : Jim Martin asked me over to give him a show in my new sexy vintage panties. After I was done he tied my arms overhead and made me struggle for a long while. This pleased him so much . He tied up my huge breasts real tight. He could tell this really turned me on , so he added a vibrator just in time .

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Oct 25


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

TIGHT ASS : Darla Crane drags me into her dungeon, and has her way with me. I’m tied, gaged and told to play with myself with the loose rope ends. So she tightens them and pulls me down on all fours with a hook inside my tight ass!
 Ashley tied up by Darla Crane

LITTLE MERMAID : Captured, struggling, tied and gagged. Moaning like a fish out of water.

BABY DOLL : I’m dirty, sweet and I’m your girl in tight shibari by Don Sir…

 Ashley Renee in strict shibari tied

AMERICAN WEREWOLF : Sacrificed then ravished by a vicious werewolf !

SEDUCED : I’m tied, gagged , penetrated and forced to endure all kinds of sexual acts, when a stranger hears me alone cumming in my hotel room.

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

MAID TO ORDER : I’m JJ Plush’s private maid. She loves to handcuff, tape and stuff my mouth just to watch me struggle about the kitchen floor…
 Maid Ashley tied in lingerie by JJ Plush

TANGLED WEB : Sexy cheesecake photos start this set. Then I’m tied. Struggling and vibes in my revealing bodysuit.

FISH OUT OF WATER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It’s almost Halloween, & thus, I was booked to shoot a bunch of costumes for a seasonal catalog. The first costume I shot was a French Maid outfit, & when I first emerged from the changing room, I could tell the photographer was hot for me. He looked at me lustfully as he photographed me in my sexy attire. He then asked me to change into my final costume, a Mermaid. As I disappeared into the changing room, I could hear him dismiss his assistant for the day, stating that, “she had been wonderful, but he wouldn’t require her skills for this final setup.” I put on my costume, but in doing so, I realized that I would be unable to walk out with my Mermaid tail on, so I would need his assistance to finish the look, after I was on set. He led me to the decorated seaside set, where he helped me slip on my tail, which was really quite tight, leaving me barely any wiggle room. After he had me where he wanted me, he offered me some water, since we were going to be shooting under hot lights….& that was the last thing I remembered, before waking up, topless & bound, with him snapping shots above me. Once my eyes were able to focus, I noticed that in-between shots, he was stroking his hard cock exposed from the zipper of his pants. In that moment, I didn’t know what fate had in store for me, but I was pretty sure it involved me sucking on his fishing rod…

DON’T HOLD BACK (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Sexy Darla Crane makes me dress up in a gorgeous latex garter belt, gloves, & sheer stockings. She bends me over a spanking bench & locks me in place. She teases me by running her long dark nails all over my body before she begins to sensuously tickle my ass, thighs & pussy. Darla then decides that it’s time for something a bit more exciting. She pulls out a crop & starts smacking my bare back & tight ass with it. She then gives me a bit of her bare hand across my backside before pulling out a flogger. I grew more & more excited knowing that I was being whipped by this beautiful buxom pornstar. How could I hold back my ecstasy? I got lost in sub-space faster than ever. I didn’t want it to end. Darla just continued dominating me in this very sensual BDSM session.

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Oct 4


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SEXUAL ASSAULT (Video update inside) : A masked man breaks into the office, forces me to strip and touch myself. He ties me to my chair with nipple clamps attached to my pussy, and a huge ball gag, and leaves me there to sweat and squirm.
 Secretary Ashley Renee tied up on her chair at office

LADY AND A GENTLEMAN : I’m fondled, stripped, gagged and tied up, naked and helpless in a very tight ball tie. I’m left vulnerable, at his mercy.

HELPLESS : I’m tied up spread eagle in latex, then fed a gag, and forced to cum hard!

RESTRAINED : in leather ,and chains!

BAD ROMANCE : My first day with Master Liam didn’t go exactly as planned. He tied me up, groped me then forced himself inside!

FLIP SIDE : Tied in two different positions with various different gags.

SHOPLIFTER : I’m attacked and malled when I’m caught shoplifting !

CAUGHT RED-HANDED : I had no idea someone was watching me masterbate as I looked through magazines of women tied up in extremely tight bondage. The man (Steve Villa) appeared out of nowhere, tied me up, packed my mouth with my dirty panties and wrapped head tightly. He pulled my pantyhose down, my shirt up and I couldn’t help but feel pure excitement. He watched as I wiggled and writhed loving every minute of it. I had his undivinded attention and it made me feel bot asahamed and wet !

SEXUAL ASSAULT (Presented in Special 1920 x 1024 FullHD) : Sexy Ashley Renee was staying late at the office finishing up her last bit of work, when suddenly, an ill-intended visitor entered the room. He immediately commanded the lovely assistant to gag herself with a huge ball. After having completed that task, he forced her to stand before him & shamefully undress. She did so hesitantly, but free from choice. Once he saw her lacy bra & sheer panties, he decided he wanted more. The lustful man demanded that she begin to fondle her full breasts, then swiftly asked that she move her wandering fingers down between her legs, where he could watch her stimulate herself. Next, the fiend roped her down in a chair with her legs bound apart. After admiring his handiwork for awhile as his victim struggled, he decided that there was time enough for something a bit kinkier. He removed a chain of clips that he pinched down on her beautiful pink nipples before stringing the other clips down to her pussy, which was only slightly covered by her sheer panties. He clamped the clips down hard on her tender pussy lips. She tried to fight it, but there was clearly nothing more she could do but succumb to his whims for the night.
Secretary AShley Renee chair tied at office

BDSM (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m taken to the dungeon and strapped to an X-frame. Then I’m verbally humiliated and put through a variety of tests to prove how submissive I truly am. I’m flogged and cropped viciously, just to get warmed up for what’s about to happen. My breasts are pinned and tortured before Master Kevin whips them off one by one. Alas, I still hadn’t proved I’m worthy to become one of his hand picked submissives, so he continues the punishment. My nipples are clamped tightly as well as my pussy. I’m forced to hold the chain in my mouth as he slowly abuses me. I think he finally grows fond of me while I endure the toughest torment. He finishes me off with a hood and makes me crawl around the floor to inspect his new slave. (I’m just one of many.)
 Ashley Renee in latex lingerie, flogged, wanded while tied to X cross

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Sep 27


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

DOUBLE PENETRATION : Tied in a very vulnerable position.
 Ashley Renee plugged and tied up wide open

RUBBER AND BONDAGE : I’m forced to shove a huge dildo up my ass for being a naughty girl and not following orders. Soon Master comes in, ties me in a stringent position, places clothespins on my tongue so I can’t speak, mousetraps on my huge tender brests then flogs me hard till I am left desperate and exhausted.

NURSE ADDICTION : Taylor St. Clair can’t resist her kinky fantasies. She grabs me, throws me on a medical bed, ties me up, smokes in my face, smothers me, and then finishes me off with a strap-on.

ASHLEY’S ABDUCTION : Grabbed, stripped then groped and tied!!!

CHEERLEADER : I’m happily practicing my cheers for our next pro game when a stranger breaks in unexpectedly. He ties me up and watches as I struggle, moan and beg for release. When he tires of my whining he gags me with a huge ball and ties both legs in the air, making my pussy an easy target. He walks out of the room, and just when I think I’m safe, he returns with a huge vibrator and gets off controlling my orgasms with heavy force!

SUCK IT : Damon Pierce ties me so tight, I can’t even move. Then he shoves a gag in my mouth, tortures me with clips, suction cup and various evil implements!

SLAVE RING : I got sent away to be Master Tom’s personal sex slave. I’m taught how to be a perfect sexual submission. Master Tom teaches me the art of sucking cock, flogging, caning, humiliation, whipping and clamps. When I’m done and Master is pleased I’m sold as a world class sex slave.

CUM TO ME : Lubed up, cinched in and restrained in heavy rubber, then forced to watch the curvy Miss Kitsch get herself off. Life is tough!

ABDUCTED: Held captive and stripped of my identity. Saico takes me out only on occasion to be tied and abused !

FOLD UP (Presented in Special 1920 x 1024 FullHD) : I wasn’t in the best mood so Mistress thought a little bondage might help. She made me crawl up onto the boot blacking station , and told me to sit facing her. I wasn’t ready what she had in mind since I was already temperamental . She crossed my legs, and applied painful clothespins on my breasts, and thighs. When I whimpered and complained through my gag, she folded my legs to my chest in a tight lotus tie and pulled out a powerful magic wand with multiple settings. She forced me to cum over and over again tillage saw I was in better spirits.
 Ashley Renee in fishnet pantyhose tied up in lotus position

DUNGEON KITTY (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : So I recently got invited to this fetish party. My boyfriend & I had broken up a few months earlier. I felt like it was time enough that I put myself back on the market. The invite said, “Come Dressed The Way You Want to be Treated. Having just freed myself from a tumultuous relationship, I found I was feeling a bit vulnerable, & hence, I wanted to adorn myself in something that would inspire of bit of TLC with my BDSM. I thought what would be better than a lovable kitty. I arrived & was quickly claimed by the most charming & charismatic man I’d ever met. He removed me from the rest of the crowd & took me to a private room so he could have me all to himself. He was so sexy as he bound me to the frame, even kissing my neck as he forced a gag in my mouth. I had grown so wet in the slow, deliberate binding of me that I could feel my pussy soaking through my kitty cat pantyhose. After noticing how stir crazy horny I’d become, he stepped away from me to watch me writh with frustration before him. For the rest of our night together, he toyed with changing my ties, removing my clothes, switching my gags, pleasurably clamping my nipples….& little did I know….the best was yet to cum.
 Kitty Ashley Renee tied up and gagged in Dungeon

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