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Heavy Rubber…

June 14th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I was so excited to work with yesterday . It was such a nice change of pace !

The heavy rubber mummification with hitachi forced orgasm sent me straight I to intense sub space and left me gasping in my rubber hood !
I am always so grateful to be able to play for work . I love my life !

I also added 6 new videos to my clips store .
If you’re curious to see what I’ve been doing , feel free to take a peek !

I also will be at SanctuaryLAX on Thursday’s and Sunday’s as a guest submissive .. By appt only.
Please contact me at if you’re interested

More work this month with Steve Villa , Bedroom Bondage , Kiki Daire , Julie Simone and Lew Rubens ..

Let the good times roll


HEAVY RUBBER : Strapped and layered rubber mummification, forced orgasms and various hoods. What could possibly be better ?

SLAVE TO LOVE : The sheik picks me to give him a private show. After I’m done he ties me up, fondles and fucks me hard !

STOCKROOM : Jewell Marceau and I tied and locked in stocks…

TIGHT SQUEEZE : Julie Simone ties me shibari style in hemp rope and a super tight corset.!.

SCARF BONDAGE : Tied in nothing but scarves !

SUCTION : In the archives… A gorgeous tie by the late Mr.T

BOOT LOVERS : I can’t help but masturbate in my lingerie, thigh high boots and magic wand…

MAID (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Damon Pierce orders me to show up at his place wearing a latex maid outfit, fishnet stockings and a huge butt plug. When I arrive, he throws me to the ground, gradually ties me tighter, adding more and more rope to the already stringent tie. Damon reinforces the butt plug, then torments me with various implements. He finishes me off by tying me down so tightly I can’t move, and pulls out a vibrator, only to deny me pleasure. He continues on, for as long as I take it, and then finally allows me to cum!

HOME INVASION : It was just a girls night in. Best friends Emi & ashley slipped into some sexy lingerie and were getting ready for bed. Of course, being the silly girls that they are, a pillow fight broke out. The tickled each others feet and spanked each other. They were having such a great time that they didnt even hear the intruder come in. What a surprise it was when they saw him standing at the edge of their bed! Both girls, terrified, cowered in the corner. He tied Emi to the headboard and poor ashley was left to squirm helplessly on the bed. Emi tried to untie ashley with her feet but it was no use. They whimpered thru their gags and before the burglar left, he tied Emi’s legs and hogtied.

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Update June 06 2013

June 14th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HIDE AND GO SEEK : Ashley is left to wonder and soon bound in a tight girdle, head harness and inflatable butt plug!

I LOVE LEATHER : Stuffed in a leather sack and hood. I’m vibed till I can’t cum anymore!

KIDNAPPED : Thrown in a dirty garage, tied, gagged and forced into various positions.

ROPED IN : Tied, gagged and struggling…

STRUGGLE : Tight corset, lots of rope & drool… :)

PUSS AND BOOTS : JJ Plush loves me so much she wants me around 24/7. I’m tied, gagged and clamped then kept close to her side.

STRETCHED : Sarah knows what an easy target I am, and what a willing participant I am, so she ties me to the sling, and tickles every vulnerable spot. Then to even out pleasure and pain she attaches the hardest nipple clamps, ties them off to the ceiling and tugs them through out alternating between pleasure and pain.

WHIPPED : Playing with floggers always excite me !

RAVISHED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Forced into sex and bondage after being grab from my day job in a skirt, blouse, pantyhose and classic pumps. I’m strapped down and fucked with a machine that gets faster and stronger. A vibrator is gradually tied to my clit while clover clamps keep me spread and opened wide. My position is changed twice while a new gag is added with some industrial strenght nipple clamps.

TAPED : I’m grabbed, taped and locked in the back of a Jeep then take to Natali Demore’s warehouse where she duct tapes my whole body more, uses me as her table, then slowly and methodically uses her ass and pussy to smother me. She decides she likes me better naked so she ties me up in a position that pleases her most and smothers the air right out of me…

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Update May 15 2013 ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY !!

June 14th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY !! This is what happens to me on my Birthday. I’m taped while Jon Woods forces me to eat my birthday cake !

DEEP INSIDE : Need I say more ?

POWERLESS : Stacy Burke and I are stripped and powerless superheroines !

FIRE : Tied and forced to cum in the sweaty dungeon…

SECRETARY SCHEME : Ashley is infuriated with Carissa Montgomery’s bad attitude! She ties her up and tickles her till the boss walks in and decides to punish them both!

COFFEE BREAK : Dalton finds humor in dressing me in full rubber, strapping me down then making me cum while he drinks his morning coffee. He leaves for work, turns on the television and forces me to watch myself!

RAVISHED : Forced into sex and bondage after being strapped down and fucked with a machine, vibrator, clips, gag and nipple clamps !

NURSE ASHLEY : Pleasuring myself before I’m off to see patients !

CHAINED HEAT : Miss Julie Simone’s personal maid in chains !

DETECTIVE ASHLEY : Undercover Detective Ashley, stumbles upon a slave ring by accident. She’s taken as a sex slave by ring leaders, Luc Wylder and Devon Savage. She’s humiliated, trained and fucked into total submission.

BOXED IN : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) I’m kept as a hostage by a brutal and vicious man! He throws me into a tiny box-like contraption. I can’t seem to move at all but he ties me up anyway and grabs my breasts and pussy ! I try desperately to fight him off but it’s nearly impossible given the circumstances. The man soon grows frustrated and angry… He pushes me around the room in this tiny cramped box. Terrified and unable to move, he gags me to shut me up from all my moaning and pleading. He finally leaves me alone in the deserted room with all my bits exposed.

INNOCENT VICTIMS : Amber Michaels and I were held captive. The villain made us remove our shoes and then slowly take our panties off. Then he made us use them as stuffing to gag us with. He forced us to use strips of micro-foam to keep our mouths tightly closed. The bad guy made Amber tie me up with cloth strips, making her expose her own breasts as well as mine! We are both ashamed, humiliated and afraid. He then decides to take over completely, hogtying us progressively on the bed, tightly together. We helplessly struggle, as we realize there is no escaping this mad man.

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Sessions at Sanctuary Lax…

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I'll be taking sessions at Sanctuarylax every Tuesday and Thursday.
If you'd like to book me , you can  email me at

Don't forget to check out my new videos at

Hopefully , I'll see you inside my site !


Ashley Renee's Playroom - Bondage Videos

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