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Ashley & Julie Simone ..

February 16th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ASHLEY LOVES JULIE ( 2013 AVN Best Speciality video nomination) I can’t get enough of Julie Simone and seems Julie feels the same way. She ties me up, tortures my breasts and then fucks me with her beautiful stocking feet.

STOCKS AND BONDS : Completely naked except for thigh high boots then fastened tightly in stocks with severe breast bondage, a ball gag, mouse traps and an anal hook…who could ask for more ?

THE SPECTACULAR JULIE SIMONE : A guest gallery and interview from someone I am proud to call my friend…the best rigger ever !

RUNAWAY BRIDE : I couldn’t help it… I got cold feet on my weeding day. My in laws weren’t pleased so when they found me I was tied and penetrated in both ofices…then the groom and pastor game in to finsish the ceremony like it or not.

AVANT GARDE : Untied and walloowing in bondage…in the fetish section.

X FRAME : Tied, suctioned, turned and twisted !

BURGLAR : He came into his room to catch ashley trying to rip him off. So he grabbed her and called the front desk to report the crime. Then he had a change of heart and decided to handle this without involving the authorities. The video begins with the man calling the front desk to tell them to cancel his request for them to call the authorities. He is holding her with his hand over her mouth and her hands tied. When he hangs up, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth to shut her up. He then uses more rope to tie her up completely. After leaving her to struggle for a short while, the man returns and unties her Then after pulling her skirt off and her bra down, he re-gags her by re-stuffing her mouth and wrapping tape around her face and mouth. He then puts her face down on the bed and ties her spread eagle. she struggles hard to get away. But she is tied down tight and not going anywhere. Soon she is going to find out what happens to girls who try to rip this guy off when he gets behind her and pulls her panties down.

LEATHERED UP (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I was so excited when I got to look through a bag of toys and found a super sexy leather straightjacket and thigh high ballet boots! I could hardly contain myself as I slowly laced up the tall boots, feeling the leather against my skin. My sexual excitement was apparent as I was roped into the leather jacket! My ankles and knees were tied tightly, and soon after that (my favorite of all) a crotch-rope was added with a knot placed right over my most sensitive spot. Then a head harness was added exciting me further. I wiggled and writhed, feeling vulnerable and helpless, while at the same time, loving the ironic security of it all. Then the rigger jumped in to ‘help me out’, since he could see I was craving even more pleasure. Guess he thought I’d appreciate it later. Needless to say, afterward I slept like a baby. ;))


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Steam Punk Spies & Pony Girls

February 14th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

STEAM PUNK SPIES : Agent Kiki Daire uses a vibrator to interrogate my secrets out of me. I can’t be fooled so when the tables turn I strip Agent Daire down and tie her to the bed. Eventually using her own vibrator against her. We both discover the wicked colonel Everhard has double crossed us both and ties us side by side with a candy coated ball that will dissolve to an explosive center !!

IMMIGRATION SCAM : Ariella Ferrera I had been working her illegally so when the immigration officer came by our maid service business we were terrified. Turns out we were completely fooled… He wasn’t there to deport Ariella but to abduct us instead.

KINKY GIRLS : Jean Bardot and Ashley dress all up in latex then bust out the dildo gags, bondage chair with a dildo insertion, add a little sensory deprivation and you have Jean and Ashley’s private fetish party :-)

GOING SOLO : A beautiful struggle.

ARMED ROBBER : JJ catches Ashley trying to steal her valuables. JJ decides to take Ashley on till a cat fight breaks out. JJ over powers Ashley, stuffs panties in her moth, ties her in a stringent hogtie then covers her head w pantyhose and pulls it back tightly !


GORDS PRIZED PONY GIRL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Gord was determined to make me the best and most popular pony at the show. He wanted me to win first place and the biggest trophy just for bragging rights. Gord takes his time dressing me in head to toe pony gear making sure I’m absolute perfection. He lets me lose in the hills to get out my frustration. He ties me to a tree as he gets his cart attached and nears inspection. Horse and rider are nearly ready. Gord makes me prance and trot around the rolling hills faster and slower by voice commands alone. He turns and guides me all around till my spirit has calmed down a bit and I slowly transform into the perfect and most obediant show pony !

SUBMISSION : I have always wanted to have a Mistress like Jennie. She’s perfect in every way and now’s my chance to serve her. I want her to be happy wit me so she keeps me as one of her very own slaves. My trues desire is to be owned and collared. I need to make a great impression so I endure all she has to give. I prove I can follow any protocol, I can endure any bondage position and I can cum with severe pain and vibration. I know without a doubt I can fulfil all her needs. I just have to see if I pass the test and meet all her strict qualifications. I’m just one submissive among many but I must be the best of the best !

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Ropes, gags & more …

February 14th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ABDUCTED : A masked man jumped out and pulled me into a dirty old garage when I was walking home and minding my own business. He grabbed, groped, tied me up and cut off my clothes. I was left bound, naked and terrified !

MODEL SEARCH : When I noticed a famous bondage producer was staying at our hotel, I knocked on his door and practically threw myself at his feet. I’ll do anything to be on a popular website, including getting tied, gagged, thrown around, and fucked. All this because I want to prove how much I love bondage. I hope it shows.

CUM FOR ME : Jacklyn Lick is a very sensual player. She knows how to make my bodycum, shake and tingle with her every move. I submit to her competely…and can only hope she returns soon to play again !

FUCK YOURSELF : Everyone knows how much I love to masturbate, but some Masters don’t like it when I touch myself without permission. For my punishment, I’m tied wide open, blindfolded, forced to deep throat, and then get fucked hard and deep until I’m sore all over.

BONDAGE BALLET : I’m tied up in various positions wearing beautiful shiny pvc and toe shoes.

HOSED : JJ Plush encases me in pantyhose before duct taping me, filling my mouth with dirty panties, grabbing me good and hard everywhere, and finishing me in a stringent hogtie which leaves me gaging in my own despair.

MUKI’S KITCHEN : Julie Simone gets me prepared for dinner. I’m oiled up, have an apple shoved in my mouth, breadcrumbs poured over me, all before she watches as I’m baked to utter perfection.

OUTTAKES : With Krystal Summers, Gord and Ariella Fererra!

SHOPLIFTER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : No one likes a thief, especially one that works for you. I actually thought I’d gotten away clean with all my stolen clothes. I carefully snuck into the bathroom and changed hoping no one would notice. I got a cheap thrill knowing I’d gotten away with a bad deed. Little did I know, the boss knew exactly what has been going on for months, and he wasn’t happy at all! I’m interrogated, my breasts are put through extreme torture, and I’m thrown around like some worthless dirty little toy. He ties me up and makes sure he overpowers me from head to toe, before shoving a huge gag into my mouth. I had learned my very valuable lesson, but that didn’t stop my angry boss from working me to his benefit.

CAT BURGLAR : Ashley breaks into JJ Plush’s apartment and gets caught! They wrestle until Ashley is subdued then tied in a strict hogtie and taunted by JJ! After she captures me JJ Plush secures me in a very strict hogtie, stuffs my mouth under the nylon cap and leaves me there to struggle!


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