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May 28th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I found a video Luc and I shot awhile ago.   It’s very intense with humiliation, whipping, penetration the whole d/s scenerio played out storyline and ALL!

I wanted to put it on my site because it was so different and intense.  I just wanted to let everyone see the other side.   I can be tough when I want to be!

Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder

Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder

Plus, there are all the usual cool updates...... archives, new galleries, and diary.





May 15th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I feel lost and alone. I’m not feeling like myself lately! I use to feel appreciated. I felt special in some way.
I felt special mostly through the communication of my fans and members. They always brighten my day. But, everything is dying down. The internet is changing. It used to be my lifeline, my umbilical cord, but, it’s being severed!!!
(to be continued inside my personal diary)

Plus, inside you’ll find this weeks updates with Jewell and I bound together when we get an unexpected visitor. Our panties are pulled off; we’re gagged and vulnerable, looking only to ourselves for comfort as this predator violates our personal space!
Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau

I do everything I’m told, step by step instructions until all power is taken from me and the captor decides he wants it all back!
Ashley Renee

Don’t miss my new video clip BONDAGE OBSESSION from my new release…
Special inside 11 min clip for members only!! :-)

In the fetish section, serious bondage zips me into a fuckbag and unzips the crotch for easy access!   I’m in heaven!!   (can’t I have sex like this every night?)
Ashley Renee & serious bondage

Hope you’ll come and take advantage of my new trial offer set to expire in 1 week
Please…I need to eat! :-(
Will Work for Food!




May 05th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’m so excited…………. this is my newest bondage release! I couldn’t wait to share it with you, so, I’m letting you peek early!
This is my very first release produced by me :-)
I was so tierd of doing trade work with other websites , only to find out they were releasing videos without informing me !
Now , I’m making my own  :-)

Please join my website to read more about my personal life and my up and coming video:-)
I certainly don’t hold anythig back !

Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau & Bondage obsession

Ashley Renee


ASHLEYS CONFINEMENT – Seriousbondage Team strike !

May 04th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Serious bondage warned me I’d be in trouble when I was placed on top of this
tiny steel cage! I was collared, cuffed and sleeved then thrown into this tiny confined
metal cage. I could barely move at all. I was completely closed in, confined, restricted, and held captive!
I was broken down, and I had to rely on Dale for everything, including any morsel of food I was
allowed to have, hoping one day I’d be free.
Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage cage

I love to get together with Vivian Ireene Pierce. We only get together once in awhile.
We had such a great day! We are both big tickling fans. Especially me! (Heck, I’d pay someone to
tickle my feet LOL) I used to make Jackie tickle them during movies when she’d go with me!

Anyways…..Viv is a huge custom gal, so we combined forces and came up with a truly
fun scenario! I hope you like it, we had a blast!
Ashley Renee & Vivian Ireene Pierce roleplay

I also dug deep into my past archives and found a blast from the past with
Bondage cafe, so I posted it!!! Jim is always so precise in his rope work and the outcome is a gorgeous
Ashley Renee in Jim Weather tie

Every week I really try hard to appeal to everyone, even with the video
this week of a inspired by Sean Harper tie :-) (PHOTO COMING SOON!!!)

I hope you appreciate my efforts and please don’t forget to check out my new
bondage movies on my token site updated this week!

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