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June 29th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

PRECIOUS MOMENTS : Lorelei ties Ashley to a bed with her arms stretched overhead, while wearing a tight corset & clover clamps. Then she turns a vibrator on high so she can experience some forced pleasure!

FUCK ME : I’m chained up and fucked by a machine while wearing thigh high boots and shiny PVC!

TOUGH RECRUIT : Isabella Sinclair recruits the resilient Ashley Renee to take part in a delicate military operation. But what Ashley didn’t expect, was being forced into pleasurable torment. Isabella has her dressed in latex, flogged properly, then pinned, and made to endure the toughest tasks. In Isabella’s mind, this means having Ashley endure heavy weights placed on her tender pussy lips!

GIRLIE GO ROUND : Ashley is bound tightly, stuffed, and rotated on a “girlie-go-round” to the point of dizziness.

STRAP ON ANASTASIA : Anastasia is quite naughty. Need I say why? I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking. >;-)

TOPPLED OVER (Presented in Special 1920 x 1024 FullHD) : I’ve always loved the feeling of my legs overhead…but that doesn’t mean I enjoy being tied to the headboard in such a way! The position was extremely stringent. My mouth was forced open with a ring gag, and my humongous breasts were right next to my mouth. In an effort to ease my torment, I licked my erect nipples to add a little pleasure to my intense pain. I think I might do this again.

 Ashley Renee tied up legs up in lingerie on bed

MAID TO SUFFER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Samantha Grace and I are hired to clean a very important clients house wearing sexy rubber maid outfits. When Samantha catches me masturbating on the job, she gets mad that I’m playing without her. She disciplines me, by spanking me, fitting me with a harness ballgag, and finally attaching me to a metal hogtie contraption that has a dildo attached. I moan, squirm and drool while Samantha continues to humiliate and menaces my helpless body. The sight of my vulnerable body stirs up her sexual appetite. Samantha can’t help but touch herself as I wiggle and writhe about in total desperation.

 Latex Maid tied and Dom by Samantha Grace


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June 22nd, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SCANDALOUS : When the occupant in the hotel hears me through the thin walls, he comes over and helps me play with myself.

BROKEN IN : Cobie and I get tied up and held for ransom, when a robber breaks in and steals all our belongings! We are gropped, tied and our dirty panties are stuffed in our mouths.

TWO TIMERS : Ariella Ferrera and I get kidnapped, forced to dress alike in matching pvc outfits then abused and fucked.

THE INVESTMENT : Cobie and I are realitors turned against eachother, then tied, groped and humiliated by Dominic Wolf.

SMOTHER : Natali DeMore takes me back to her place to use me as her table, then she takes my clothes off ties me at her knees and smothers me relentlessly with her jeans on. Slowly and methodically she tortures me while I struggle and gasp for air. Natali then pulls her pants down and smothers me with her pussy soaked panties and sometimes her breasts to change up a bit . When she’s had enough , she smothers me with her bare pussy and gets so turned on she cums on my face.

BOXED IN : I’m kept as a hostage by a brutal and vicious man! He throws me into a tiny box-like contraption. I can’t seem to move at all but he ties me up anyway and grabs my breasts and pussy ! I try desperately to fight him off but it’s nearly impossible given the circumstances. The man soon grows frustrated and angry… He pushes me around the room in this tiny cramped box. Terrified and unable to move, he gags me to shut me up from all my moaning and pleading. He finally leaves me alone in the deserted room with all my bits exposed.


BREAST TORTURE : Painful breast torture by Society Sm.

RENAISSANCE : Restrained by Hywell Phillips.

MEDICAL BENEFITS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Doctor Dalton, from “Serious Bondage”, doesn’t care for my crazy attitude. So, he straps me to a medical chair, rips my gown off, and tortures me just for the fun of it. When he’s all done, I’m thrown down and re-strapped to a wire frame bed while he contemplates what evil thing to do to me next.

 Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage in Medical Benefits

PINNED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : This lustful man has had his eye on me for a long time. So finally he does something about it and knocks me out, and kidnaps me. When I awaken, I find myself wearing a leather corset and mask that covers everything except my nose and mouth. I am bound in a chair with both my arms and legs outstretched. The man enters and roughly fondles my big breasts before placing tight nipple clamps on me. I pray this is all he’ll do, but my torment has only just begun. He then clamps clothes pins all over my sensitive breasts. It hurts so much, but my protests can not be heard through the mask. (Not that he’d care.) Then he takes a crop and begins to whack at the tightly clamped clothespins. The pain is indescribable. He leaves for just a moment to retrieve something. It’s a magic wand, which he forcefully presses against my clit, making me cum reluctantly.

 Pinned by Master Feenix video clip

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June 02nd, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BLOW ME DOWN : Famous porn star Deauxma comes by to have a session with me at Threshold. I’m tied, forced to suck a dildo, then tied in a strict elbows together position. Not bad for the Road Queen.

ROPE BURNS : Julie Simone ties me in an extremely difficult hogtie with unique hair bondage.

PINNED : Held captive, tied and tormented. My breasts are clipped and beaten. I’m left to suffer.

WET : Bound on the balcony with duct tape, then hosed off!

HEAVY METAL : All geared up in a helmet, spreader bar, dildo, and anything else JG leathers sees fit.

SUSPENDED : Black Diamond blackmails me by suspending me high above the ground, floggering and cropping me till she finally gets me to admit the truth about the sacred jewels.

BLIND AMBITION : Forced to submit!

THE INVESTMENT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m the real estate agent hired to sell a drug dealers property. When he’s not satisfied with the efficiency at which I sell, he replaces me with a vindictive little bitch. Upon discovering this, I threaten to expose him, which lands me in a bad situation. They both grab me and tie me to a poll, where the bitch gags me with her panties. But the jokes on her, because this guy doesn’t leave loose strings. So, he ties her up as well, gagging her with my panties. He then invites one of his shady business partners over to purchase not only his home, but us, as well.

 Cobie and Ashley Renee in THE INVESTMENT

COFFEE HOUSE ASSAULT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I was just sitting there reading, minding my own business when a nice looking gentleman sat down and started prying into my personal life. Soon and without warning the coffee house closes with us inside. The stranger lunges towards me and starts groping me all over. He ties me up, throws me over the couch and forces himself inside. After he’s done he ties me in a more vulnerable position, torments my breasts, fucks me hard and leaves me helpless and struggling with my elbows together exhausted and petrified !

 COFFEE HOUSE video clip

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