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July 28th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

There are people that are submissive that loved to be tied, the ones that crave to be the center of attention.   Those of us that feel the need for a master.  It’s a deep seated longing.   I am one of these women.   I spend alot of my time fantasizing about what I like, what I’m into, and what I gets me off.

Here inside my site, I am able to explore my most perverse avenue’s.   Like the set this week with where my house gets broken into and I’m roughed up.   My clothes are torn, and then a vibrator is held to my clit.
Ashley Renee & Americandamsels

Alexis Taylor is the perfect Mistress.   Perfect, demanding, and constantly playing mind games.   Someone that loves to humiliate, smother, and smoke while I pleasure her.
Ashley Renee & Alexis TaylorAshley Renee & Alexis Taylor

The DEA violated me in everyway in this roleplay scenario, to the EXTREME violation!!!
Ashley Renee & Lew Rubens

And last but not least, a new great bondage video with Sarah Blake is a cunning Mistress as she takes me back and forth between pleasure and pain on the leather sling.   And at the very end, she ties my nipples to a chain to ensure no mobility.
Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake




July 18th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Samantha Grace and I had something special in common from the moment we met.   We both have this fascination for medical toys.   So, when SeriousBondage showed up with a box full of suction cups, straps, tongue depressors, leather medical hoods, straight jackets, etc, we couldn’t wait to get started.   So, I guess you’ll have to come inside and see what you’re missing!
Ashley Renee & Samantha Grace

Also, the adorable Sarah Blake and I got together for some tough bondage predicaments.

Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake

Also, the very controversial second part to my nun video, “Blasphemy”, is now up in the members area. I didn’t want to make a trailer due to the intense subject matter. (You’ll see why if you join, and I hope you do, because there is $5.00 off recurring membership for this month only!)

Ashley Renee

I also had a chance to dig through my archives. I found this old set with Sadie Belle and I. Sadie has since retired, but her memories as a domme linger on.

Ashley Renee & Sadie Belle

Also, the archives that everyone has been asking for that needs no explanation because it’s plastered on the menu page! Me on the right in the black cat suit!!

Ashley Renee




Ashley’s Torment – Damon Pierce rules

July 10th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

This week has been filled with torment and turmoil. Everytime I get together with Damon Pierce, he can’t help but to take total advantage of me. He is so used to a 24/7 slave that the moment he sees me, he makes me get down in slave position even before we start shooting. I’m the instant submissive.

He ties me over a bench, pulls out a cane and a vibrator, bends me over, hair bondage……………. THE WORKS!!!
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

I had some time to reminisce over my most favorite sets with the people I really like to be submissive to.
Ashley Renee & Eve EllisAshley Renee at Bondage By Request

Plus a new set from Detective Chronicles, where I am bound in the shower.
Ashley Renee & Detective Chronicles

Last but not least, I have the greatest video. My forced fantasies came to life when I was sitting alone after work on the couch. I heard strange noises coming from the other room. Before I knew it, a masked man appeared, and I am at his mercy, with tons of groping, on screen tying, and a forced orgasm.
Ashley Renee video preview capture



Ashley’s Playroom is Updated!!!

July 07th, 2009 | Category: Playroom Update

You can download SIX new videos NOW at

I would put some photos up here, but, you can just click on the link above to go check it out! Fuck slave, Tickle Torture, Bound Captives, and MORE!!!


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July 05th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I just wanted to say Happy 4th to everyone!   I had a last minute request from one of my members to shoot a 4th of July themed set.  I knew of no one better than the one and only Jon Woods .  He’s been my close friend for years and there is no comparison when he shoots his damsel scenes!  I knew he would be the perfect guy and here’s why!   :-)
Ashley Renee & Jon Wood

I always jump at the chance to work with!   They bring all kinds of cool gear, and I feel like a kid in a candy store.   I’m so excited and completely consumed by everything.  When Dalton asked if we’d like to try on the rubber hoods,  Samantha Grace and I jumped up and down!  You could swear all we needed was a bed.   :-)
So, for the first time, Dalton let us do exactly what we felt, and guess what we came up with?  Yep!  SEX, SEX , SEX….I hope you like it!
Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage & Dalton

Oh, and speaking of rubber, Tanya Danielle thinks she’s such a great domme and that she knows all the tricks since she is a popular porn star.  But soon she turns just as submissive as I am in all the straps!  Lucky for me, I’m released early and show her exactly who’s in charge!  Which is really rare if you know me!  (but since sex was involved I couldn’t stop myself

Plus, two blasts from the best!   Wonder Woman tied spread eagle to stakes and lit with dynamite!
Ashley Renee & Tanya Danielle

And what is Lorelei famous for?  A little hardcore secretary bondage!
Ashley Renee

I also thought I’d take a chance and post my questionable Blashemy video.
For me it was really pushing my limits, but not half as bad as part 2 will be! :-)
Please have a look at the peeks!   CLICK HERE FOR FREE PEEKS PAGE