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November 16th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

COCKSTER : Gord forces me to climb up a ladder to the top of his roof just to strap me in a tiny rod iron frame, turn on a remote control and wake him up in the morning with a cock a doodle do… // I couldn’t be more terrified, especially since I’m deathly afraid of heights! Yet, Gord still forces me to climb up a ladder to the top of his roof dressed as a human cock in a sheer white bodystocking, hood, ballet boots and a head piece. He straps me to a tiny rod iron frame, that teeters on the tip top of the roof, turns on a remote control watches me twirl then commands me to wake him up in the morning with a cock a doodle do…! Pure humiliation… I tell you !

SWEET ASH : Tied naked in leather straps and a Gwen hood!

ENDANGERED BRIDE : The best man runs kidnaps Ashley and ties her in a gun trap!

SQUEEZE BOX : Tied in a very extreme position with ballet boots, and a head harness. After a bit of struggling, I drop to the floor, my head harness is pulled back to my tied elbows and I can hardly move a muscle.

IN BED WITH ASHLEY : Julie Simone ties me in a strict hogtie then rewards me by allowing me to sleep with my favorite Teddy!

HELPLESS : I’m tied tightly in a shiny spandex catsuit then let loose and tied again with a respirator.

PODCAST : Just a little glamour before I get tied and drenched in my new latex dress!

SUCTION : Damon Pierce ties and torments my breasts with painful suction cups, my pussy with clothespins and a huge dildo!

BLAST FROM THE PAST : With Mr. Cory Thompson!

THE HIKER : Ashley is kidnapped, stripped, chained, force fed,humiliated and abandon!

WONDER ASHLEY & Dr. DUBIOUS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Wonder Ashley was out fighting crime wearing her usual costume, (iridescent blue leotard, black knee high patent leather stiletto boots, long black satin gloves, & of course, her blue mask to conceal her identity) when she happened upon the location of the evil Dr.Dubious’ laboratory. She entered hastily to arrest him & bring him to justice. Little did she know, he was expecting her, & thus, he was wearing his hypnotic disabler glasses. As soon as she made eye contact she was in a trance. He commanded her to lie down on the laboratory table, which she did, as she was powerless to fight the spell he had cast over her. There, he bound her gloved hands overhead so she would be helpless to combat him after her dazed condition subsided. Wonder Ashley came to & assessed her situation, realizing that she was indeed in great peril. He then began to interrogate her, but Wonder Ashley had been through worse, & it was going to take more than a little intimidation to break her. Hence, he tied her ankles apart, then her thighs, making sure she could not close her legs to avoid what he had in store for her. Then he stuffed her mouth with a ball-harness gag & removed her mask to reveal her true identity. Sensing her defeat, Dr. Dubious decided to heighten her humiliation even more by forcing her to cum. What could be more horrible than being forced to experience great pleasure in front of an evil man you despise? He entered with the big vibrating wand & tied it between her legs & firmly against her clit. As soon as he turned it on, she knew she was undone. She tried to fight it, but the more she bucked & squirmed against the device, the closer she came to orgasm. As the waves of forced pleasure overtook her, the wetter her pussy got. It was no use. She was going to cum, & cum hard…

VICIOUS CLAIR : Claire Adams is into serious bondage so when she invites me over to her hotel for a session my expectations are high. When I arrive Clair is dressed in a sheer body stocking so I politely excuse myself and change into some sexy lingerie as well. Claire is extremely experienced she ties me in stringent bondage, spanks my ass till it’s nice and red then warms me up in various sexual ways! Claire continues her delicious torture by gagging me with a huge ball,tying me up even tighter with my legs spread wide, putting clothespins on all my sensitive areas then she pulls out a flogger and gives me a whipping I’ll never forget!

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