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Ashley at House of Gord …..

July 30th, 2012 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ASHLEY PROTOTYPE : My first time playing at House Of Gord he dresses me up in a drag racing catsuit, ballet boots and hood… Sticks me on one of his cars with my legs pulled tightly overhead… As he orders me how fast and where to drive my car, a machine fucks me in the back. The faster I go, the faster I’m fucked ! (Great behind the scenes and getting in and out of gear, including racy close ups… Weeeee)

BREAST PRESS : Lorelei ties me tightly to my chair takes out a cleave gag, nipple clamps and the breast press !

HARD WIRED : Julie Simone punishes me by tying me to a wire mattress with a drool gag and clips on my pressed and pussy ! When I start whining a bit too much trough my gag she takes a crop just to whip my clothespins off…Julie’s mean to me !

HAND ME DOWN : I wanted to play on the unusual chair Dalton had in his house so he secured me in, ripped off my panties and weighted my labia down with clamps…that wasn’t what I expected.

SELF GRATIFICATION : Playing with myself in shiny white pantyhose…

MEDICAL PAIN SLUTS : I decided to check myself into the local hospital when I wasn’t able to cum anymore. Nurse Natali DMore thought it best to put me in a straight jacket, tie me down and question me but I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. She thought perhaps I was conflicted between my attraction for both men and women so she focused her therapy on that subject. Once I admitted everything she was able to make me cum with a magic wand. Natali was so excited she told me to change into a pair of thigh high boots…she tied me to a pole with a tens unit and shocked me for a good 10 minutes…afterwards she takes me down, ties me in another stringent position and makes me cum all over again. I have a feeling I just might be cured :-)

SUCK IT : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Damon Pierce ties me so tight, I can’t even move. Then he shoves a gag in my mouth, tortures me with clips, suction cup and various evil implements!

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Bondage Awards …

July 09th, 2012 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts
Are here again!
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WORKING OVERTIME : The boss comes in and duct tapes my assistant and I together, then stands back and watches as we struggle helplessly.


GLOVE OF LOVE : I get so excited by the smell and feel of leather. I crawl into the sleep sack and beg to be laced, hooded and gagged !

SLIPPED AWAY : Forced to surrender at knife point, I start to tie myself up but the intruder finishes the job !

ADVENTURES OF WUNDER WOMAN : Captured, suspended and penetrated

DOUBLE THE FUN : Jacklyn Lick and I get sent through more paces than two submissives can handle

WORKING OVERTIME : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Brandi and Ashley Renee's boss decide to take all his frustrations out on the two of them! He starts with Ashley duct taping her slowly and methodically as she struggles and moans. He calmly makes his way to Brandi to tape her up as well. The girls are terrified not knowing what to expect, but their boss just keeps taping till eventually he silences both girls... He watches as the move all across the floor. He eventually gets bored and leaves them there to suffer...

INTERACTIVE : Turning myself on with a bottle of lube, I slowly shine myself up and masturbate inside my tight latex skirt. I'm tied progressively and am forced to struggle as I squirm helplessly about. I'm fit tightly in a ball gag head harness, drooling all over myself as Master menaces me with different implements.

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Bondage Awards are back …..

July 03rd, 2012 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

The bondage awards are back this year and now it’s the registration time. Please support my work here :

xoxo Ashley


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