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July 08th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HOLLYWOOD’S BONDAGE : After I done a short teasing action at Chateau Marmont, Viking decided it was time for action and ropes !

FOOT WORKSHIP : Nasty Rain DeGrey makes me wait in her hand and foot. She orders me to worship her sexy feet and long beautiful legs. I slowly suck and lick all of Rain’s toes and pull her stockings off with my wet mouth. I can’t help myself so I rub and writhe on Rain’s legs while worshiping her feet. Rain decides when my ecstasy ends and ties me up and leaves me alone to struggle in misery!

 Ashley Renee tiedup between Mistress legs

FABULOUS AFTERNOON : It started pretty kinky with me in body stockings and some ropes and finished nasty when Viking decided to add a dildo tied on the right spot !

MISDEMEANOR : Caught and harassed while trying to buy some weed after getting off work! Unfortunately there was a cop ( Ariella Ferrara) standing by watching the incident.She immediately handcuffs me but my dealer is right behind her. He decides we both need a warning so he ties us both up and violates one than the other,when he’s done he just gets up and walks off leaving us humiliated helpless and struggling !!

MAID SERVICE : As a latex maid, I’m handcuffed and sexually violated. Then I’m tied with a super tight crotch rope which is pulled tightly to bring me to attention.

EVE ELLIS’S TOY : Tied and ballgagged by Eve Ellis who enjoyed play with me!!

DAMON’S RULES : Tied and dildoed in white lingerie by Damon Pierce!!!

WEBMASTER CORNER : Mistress Jewell Marceau decided to play with Ashley. A

POWER TOOLS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) I lie on a workbench, gagged, bound, masked & dressed in latex, exposing only my tits & pussy. My breasts are clamped hard, my legs are spread up & apart, so I can be lubed up & fucked with a big dildo. The dildo is attached to a drill which is being mercilessly swirled inside me, while a vibrator is added on top of my clit. This is true pleasure/pain. I struggle & try to reach to remove the devices with my bound hands. This does not please my master, so he repositions my arms overhead where I can definitely not interfere. Then he shoves another dildo in my ass while he vibrates my clit, making it throb. I beg & plead, but this only makes him threaten me by turning on a hot blowdryer & directing it at my already hot latex mask. He then blindfolds me & proceeds to torture & fuck me continually with a variety of tools & implements. Even when I yell out, he does not stop.

 Power Tools with Rubber & Bondage team

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS : I’m bound with rope while wearing a tight white blouse, open enough to expose my big tits filling a black bra, & a short black skirt revealing my garterbelt & stockings. I’m cleave gagged, struggling & moaning on a cold white floor. As I struggle, my tits fall out of my bra & my skirt rides up. I’m then stood up, my shirt & bra are removed, ankles still tied together & wearing stilettos. I am forced to keep my balance, lest I injure myself falling upon the hard floor.

 Ashley Renee video playroom


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July 08th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BARMAID : A costumer ties me up and forces a beer up my pussy when I refuse to serve him more alcohol!

TURNING JAPANESE : Bound with tight clothespins and a little suffocation!

SHINER : Taped and vibed in shiny PVC!

NUTHOUSE : Mistress Miranda binds me in a straitjacket, puts a gas mask on me, & locks me away in a prison cell.

SECRETARY IN DISTRESS : I finally work up the nerve to ask my boss for what I really want. So he ties my willing body to the chair with my legs spread, exposing my wet pussy. After fondling my lustful body, he decides to make me cum with a vibrator.

THAT’S A WRAP : Mummification, clamps and weights!!!

MORBID LOVING : Mistress is in the mood for some morbid loving. She places my naked, unconscious body on top of a coffin where she claws at body & fondles me before covering me in rose pedals. When I awaken, she ties me to the coffin, puts a mask on me & fills my mouth with a ballgag.

BODYSTOCKINGS : I’m bound while wearing a sheer body-stocking & stilettos. My mouth is stuffed then taped tightly shut.

WICKED WHITNEY VS AMAZING ASHLEY (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Wicked Whitney Morgan takes Amazing Ashley captive and forces her to suck her evil strap on before tying her down to have her way with her ! Ashley struggles, moans and pleaded but Wicked Whiney isn’t moved!

 Whitney Morgan & Ashley playing superheroines

DOUBLE JEOPARDY : Ashley’s boss, Natali DeMore, comes back early from her lunch break, and gets furious when she catches her having phone sex and masturbating on the job! I’m bent over the table, tied with my hands and elbows behind me, spanked and gagged.Then Natali Demore grabs a set of anal beads from my desk and shoves them deep in my ass while I’m stuck in a hogtie, barely able to move. Humiliating me the whole entire time. Just when Natali gets over excited about the situation the regional manager walks in and decides that two tied girls is much better than one. Ashley and sexy secretary Natali Demore, getting tied, gagged and bound together, with dildos. We were punished and forced to cum at the same time.

 Double Jeopardy with Natali Demore & Ashley Renee


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July 08th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

FENCED IN : Ashley is tied to a fence in pure daylight.

SCARFED UP : Bound in lingerie and silk scarves.

BOUND AND DETERMINATED : See what happens when I’m left alone.

BREATHLESS : I’m forced to dress in shiny latex and a hood. Then I’m placed on a bondage chair, with electrodes in my ass, clothespins on my nipples, a wand on my pussy, & a plastic bag over my head for more intensified orgasms!

BLIND AMBITION : Jim Weathers ties me to a chair and makes me lose all sense of reality when he applies nipple clamps, a blindfold, & a gag!

GOOD VIBRATIONS : Tied, gagged, clamped and cumming with a high speed hitachi:)

SHOW STOPPER : Powerful Mistress Miranda puts on a enticing show for her audience. She suctions my hard nipples, ties me spread eagle, forces a dildo gag into my mouth, confines me with a latex straight jacket, & then makes me her cum slave.

BREAKFAST AT ASHLEY’S : Carissa is the head maid in charge of Ashley’s incompetence. Carissa enforces her Master’s strict cleaning orders but Ashley would rather goof off and play brat! Carissa disciplines Ashley and before you know it their owner comes home early and makes them both cum for him. Ashley is all handcuffed up including her breasts making cumming easy..

FUCK YOURSELF : Viking ties me spread eagle & makes me fuck myself to his satisfaction.

SHEER HEAVEN (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I love the feeling of sheer nylons, it makes me feel extremely sexy & sensual. I start off in a sheer body stocking, rolling around & playing with my tits, ass & pussy. I can hardly control myself. I’m slowly layered in more & more nylons of every kind, until finally, I’m completely encased. I beg for more, so my nylons are ripped open & a hook is placed deep inside me! I’m in sheer heaven!

 Sheer Heaven video clip previews

PROTOTYPE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Dressed in a tight spandex catsuit and racing helmet Gord secures me into a remote control one of a kind Ashley protoype car. Gord decides to let me be in control of the speed but the faster I go the faster I get fucked. Gord orders me to do laps in both slow and top speeds. I’m so excited that my pussy gets soaking wet as I speed around the Gord fast track. Also included is getting ready and situated in the machine as well as the aftermath. This is one amazing video !

 Ashley Renee trying the prototype at House of Gord


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