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November 27th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

RESTRAINED ELEGANCE – I was in my glory when I worked with “Rubber Dynasty” last week. When they showed me all there gorgeous clothes and gear I was so excited and practically jumping for joy! :-) I love steel gear mixed with something soft, sexy and sheer like a white nightie. I’m collared, punished and humiliated in this barefoot set!

Ashley Renee & Rubber Dynasty

Also, an exceptional video of me as a secretary that is capable of doing anything the boss asks….handcuffs, restraints and all!
Please don’t underestimate the power of a bound secretary. The boss finishes me off by tying me to a chair, handcuffing my breasts and tying a vibrator to my pussy! How intense…

Ashley Renee

Don’t miss the ‘blasts from the past’ including sets from my favorite riggers and a stringent suspension from the, always awesome, Julie Simone!

Ashley Renee

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I’m very grateful for all my members, thank you for supporting my work.
And don’t forget is updated with 3 new videos!

Ashley's Playroom banner


CONVERSATION PIECE – Dinner served –

November 22nd, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts


I love the sites where the woman is tied up and being objectified. I have always found myself wanting to be in that situation but, I have never really explored it before. Bound as an object, serving a purpose…. The time was now. (Continued in my personal diary.)

Ashley Renee

Also, Part 2 of another huge fantasy of mine. My favorite movie was “9 1/2 Weeks”, but when “Secretary” came out, it placed a close second. So, here’s Part 2 of my on-going saga as the sex-obsessed woman that I am.

Ashley Renee

And of course, my most memorable moments with Mistress Aradia and “Serious Bondage” when they arrived at Mistress’ dungeon with a coffin, straps, locks, latex and a tv to monitor my every move within the coffin. This had to be one of my most terrifying moments of self awareness.

Ashley Renee & Mistress Aradia

The first time I ever met Dave Simpson, I was tied in his favorite shiny head to toe pvc outfit. Then I was forced to cum over and over again with an extra strong vibrator. Needless to say….he made quite an impression on me.

Ashley Renee & Dave Simpson

And as always, some sexy moments with me and my friends not intended for camera.

Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake

And last, but not least… One of my greatest videos ever, if only because the subject is so sick and twisted. I have a huge clown phobia and I felt needed to confront it. This video is very deranged. I was not only facing my fears but, I was tied up while doing so. :-) I get tied, taunted, tickled, gagged and last, but not least…..humiliated by getting a huge pie in the face. The pie on my face left me barely able to breathe. I don’t think it helped my phobia at all, since now, all I have is nightmares that echo his cruel laugh.

Ashley Renee


PLAYROOM IS UPDATED ! – 3 hot video clips –

November 14th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Hey there!

I have three hot new videos up on the playroom! Click photos to check out ALL the videos to choose from!!   Go to

Ashley Renee & Vivian Ireene PierceAshley ReneeAshley Renee


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November 13th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

My life is crazy as usual, and many times, I feel that I can’t think straight.   There is so much going on.   I feel like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in my life up in the air, and if only one drops, they will all drop.

The only time I can give myself a chance to escape is in my work.   Thank goodness for bondage!   My all time favorite movie is ‘The Secretary’.   James Spader is just as hot as ever, and I love the way she found herself through bondage.   I feel like that person, and I totally indentify!   Finally, Hollywood got the concept of bondage correct!    So, I really wanted to do a shoot similar to that movie!    You have to check out all the peeks on this!  (So, make sure to click the photo to see the rest!)   The BEST part of this set was at the end where I’m handcuffed and tied. Even my breasts are handcuffed, making them huge and swollen. Then I’m forced to cum with a hi speed vibrator!
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee

This week I am violated, as usual! I’m violated in everyway locked up in a jail cell. Probed, penetrated, frisked, and given a very violating sponge bath!
Ashley Renee

Of course my favorite pay off is a forced orgasms! And what a great pay off it is as I roll around tied and sexy in a luxurious hotel!
Ashley Renee

I was accused of cheating at golf, so, in punishment, I was tied right then and there to the golf cart!
Ashley Renee

As innocent as I am, I always find myself in these predicaments! I’m caught and tied in an old, dirty room! (You must click the photos to see more!!)
Ashley Renee

Nurse Jewell feels I need a THOROUGH exam, and she definately gives it to me! She decides the best way to diagnose me is to watch me masturbate! Again, there is so much more to the updates, so, you really must click the photos to check it all out! This is just a tiny sample!

There are TWO NEW video updates this week, including my FIRST EVER tied up interview! Can you believe I’ve never done that before? Don’t miss this one!!!
Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau





November 10th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I shot a set you wouldn’t normally see me in. I’m a thief that got caught red handed, tied up and de-masked to reveal my true identity. I love the storyline and the rope work is just amazing !.
Ashley Renee

Also, a mummification by a real lifestyler! This guy isn’t some professional rigger. Ratjer is someone who truly loves mummification and has been doing it most of his life. I think it was a real masterpiece and quite an experience. I really hope you’ll agree.
Ashley Renee & Ratjer

Lorelei ties me up like a sex kitten on my very favorite sheepskin rug.
Ashley Renee & Lorelei

And the one and only Ed Fox takes me to an old dirty car garage, throws me on a steel table and uses tape and rope to keep me there. Lots of interaction, tight nipple clamps and cropping my naked flesh!
Ashley Renee

One of my very favorite domination sets with January Seraph and I dressed all in shiny latex. January pulls me from a cage, straps me into a latex straightjacket then spreads my legs to insert a huge toy in my dripping wet pussy.
Ashley Renee & Seraph

Lastly some of my very favorite fetish sets (in that section of my site) featuring me and Eve Ellis, Jenna Lyte, Vanessa and I and my favorite to date owned by Eden Wells as my master in sick puppy… fetching, rolling over, peeing on paper, you name it ! I’m doing it! I’m such a good puppy!
Ashley Renee

I also have a great new video with Mistress Sable taken by
Finally Mistress Sable and I meet for the very first time. She’s a real pro dom and is used to men clientele so she’s a bit rough and into extreme s/m! I’m laced into a tight corset anxiously awaiting her arrival and then gagged, and clamped with tight clamps as she bends me over, plays roughly with my breasts and spanks my ass then ties me off to a bar that hangs overhead and mindfucks me all the way to orgasm! What a trip!
Ashley Renee & Mistress Sable

I also have a video with Jim martin of bondage by Request. I’m tied, forced to such cock, roughed up then gagged, vet wrapped and penetrated. How much more can a girl take?
Ashley Renee

I really think I covered all basis this week, actually I take that back. I do that every week!
I hope you agree!



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