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May 18th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HELP! I’ve been kidnapped and tied in a dirty garage. Soon he carries in another helpless victim. What’s going to become of us as we get tied, stripped and groped? I see him pull out a huge vibrator. Is that for me? I hope not! Can’t someone hear us? Anyone? Ariella is laying on the bed, bound and gagged with a dirty handkerchief. She sweats looking up at me, pleading for sympathy as he opens my legs forcing the vibrator on my sensitive clit. He takes a break, for just a moment, to rip her pantyhose open and do the same to her. She moans, as she can’t help but orgasm over and over again, despite her unwillingness. (It’s all caught on tape from start to finish. The kidnapping, the sex, the bondage, the moans….everything! He even shot pictures as well! Is he planning to blackmail us?

Ashley Renee & Ariella Ferrera

Click the link here to see what other surprises await you this week!



May 07th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Our captor has very fancy taste. He dresses Ariella Ferrara and I up in matching pvc bodysuits and thigh high boots. Then he ties us with arms overhead and one leg up so he can play, fondle, grab and grope us more easily.
I don’t think that position served him as well as he had intended so, he turns us both over. He decides to fuck Ariella first. He glares down at me while he does her, which only turns him on more, especially as I plead for him to spare me. He doesn’t. Now, my time has come, and I’m his next victim! He definitely has bigger and better things in store for me! (A huge set)

Ashley Renee & Ariella Ferrera

(As well as a 10 minute video inside)

Ashley Renee

I also have a very interesting situation I’ve been confronted with. It’s extremely depressing and has me baffled. (Read all about it in my weekly diary)

I also have 4 fabulous archives up!

Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

Ashley Renee & Serious bondage

Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee & Viking

I don’t think you’ll want to miss this weeks update! Trust me. ;)


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POWER & CONTROL – jG Leather’s rules –

May 01st, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

After this weeks set I’m sure you’ll all agree I am under 100% control. JG breaks out all his wicked metal clips and, not only does he attach them to my pussy, breasts and nose….but he stands me up, and makes me walk around, to show off his new toy! Very grueling!

Ashley Renee & jG Leather

I also stopped by “Gwen Media” to get tied and wrapped in a tight latex bundle!

Ashley Renee & Gwen Media

AND, here are a few of my very favorite bondage moments.

Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee & Eve Ellis

Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee

I’m making this a quick blog, because tomorrow, I’m working with Lorelei and Ariella Ferrara. I’m so excited! I hope we’ll be doing some ‘force fantasies’ with her boyfriend, and actually make it a threesome. Okay, in my life, ‘third wheels’ are a fine thing. :-) Please if you haven’t joined yet stop by next week to get an eye full.

Also, there is a new video with me as Jewell Marceau’s pet.. She’s quite the nasty mistress. But I’m sure you already new that. Sex and bondage is always a good thing.

Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau

And lastly, THE BRIBE – For all of you who favor the ‘damsel in distress’ scenario. .:-) Which, I hope, is all of you!

Ashley Renee

Can’t wait to fulfill my fantasies tomorrow! YAY ME!!!

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