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November 07th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SECOND LIFE : I tried to copy an amazing piece of artwork by Dan Laura, and it was so intense.., but I got close! Latex, ballet boots chains, leather mittens and a head harness makes Dan’s art bring on a new reality.

TWO FOR ONE : Jewell Marceau and I tied and locked in stocks…

SEX GIRLS : Amber Michaels and I lust after each other but when the producer hears about it he ties us up and forces us on another instead of letting it happen naturally.

WHO’S THE BOSS ?? : …..

TRUTH OR DARE : A look at the truth behind some bondage sceneries, and some bloopers!!!

IN THE GAME (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Mistress Julie Simone tells me that she thinks I’ve lost my taste for bondage & accuses me of just wanting to lazily lie around. So she decides to test my abilities and nerve by tying me up helplessly, in my purple vintage corselette and stockings, and having her way with me. My mistress decides to allow me the luxury of lying on a soft bed while I’m bound, but the trade off is her introducing a different kind of torment to the day’s session. After I am bound on the bed, she ties one of my legs high overhead so she can have easy access to my exposed pussy. She gags me & tells me that it is her intention to put 25 clothespins on my cunt, & as usual, Mistress does not fail in her attempt. She succeeds in clamping all 25 clips on both the inner & outer lips of my pussy. (Not gonna lie, this hurt!) But after tormenting me for an extremely painful time, she decides that I have proven that I’m “still in the game,” and thus, rewards me with an intense orgasm. ;-)
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SLAVE TO BONDAGE : Damon Pierce makes me assume the classic slave position, then he starts the long drawn out interrogation questioning. “Why I enjoy being a submissive, What are my favorite fantasies, How do I like to be treated? I crawl around on the floor exposing my panties proving what a eager and willing submissive I truly am. He pulls out my breasts ties me over the stool, giving me a severe breast caning. My sensitive, big breasts ache with pain. I beg him to stop, he can feel my pain. He decides to tie me in a second position,gags my pouty mouth tightly with a ring ,ties my hair back so I can’t move then pulls out his huge vibrator, forcing me cum to cum while he spanks my sensitive ass!

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