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TWISTED SISTER (Huge Set!!!) –

June 26th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Repenting for my sins is not something I’m proud of, especially when it comes to confessing my deepest, darkest, unholy
fantasies!   I’ve had mixed emotions about shooting a set like this.  Part of me was
excited by the idea.   I was raised Catholic, and I even went to Catholic school, so the forbidden and taboo is always the most entriquing.   Then blend in a little Catholic guilt and ….. the rest is continued inside my site.
Ashley Renee

Plus a very special set of one of my favorite things! I’m getting dressed in
satin gloves and a g-string, then bound on the floor like a struggling,
helpless and vulnerable sex kitten. That’s when I’m the happiest in
bondage! You’ll have to click the photo above to see the free photos of this set!!!

I also shot a video I ‘ve been dying to do! When I was younger, I loved
Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, you know all those scifi channel shows……so
you can only imagine what the thought of some humanoid alien abducting me made my brain do!!! Tying me down, gagging me in 2 different ways and probing every oriface can really make this space girl all spaced out!!!
Ashley Renee

Also a great set from one of my movies with Sasha Monet and Anastasia
Ashley Renee & Sasha Monet & Anastasia Pierce

I’m excited to know what you think about the nun set, good or bad, it
doesn’t matter! I just want your thoughts!




June 21st, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Fathers Day always makes me so sad because I have no daddy.   :(

I really want a daddy.    I need a daddy.  Someone to watch over his baby girl.

Me and Jewell Marceau are tied together in a super hot and tight bondage position, all in shiny spandex.  (Hot!)
We can’t stay off of each other especially during duct taped kisses!
Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau

I pulled an archive of me in my favorite pink pvc corset, complete with tons of drool!
Ashley Renee

Also, a forced set with my real life ex-boyfriend Luc Wylder! (good thing we are still friends, but, he still get’s to take his aggressions out on me from time to time!)
Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder

I also have one of my favorite videos up with Alexis Taylor and myself as two business women asking for promotions. Of course I get a promotion while Alexis is completely pissed off that she can’t help herself when she takes it out on me.
She’s a pro wrestler of course and has me pinned. Then, she ties me up, stuffs my dirty panties in my mouth, grabs my breasts, and then leaves me to struggle on the floor trying to reach the phone to call for help!

I hope you like the new updates, and of course……




June 13th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

For the second time this week with 3 new videos including an intense humiliation set with Luc Wylder, the gloved intruder!   It’s all in latex!!!  :)
And don’t miss a forced orgasm in lingerie by Jon Woods!

For a peek please visit

Also just got updated with an all leather set…( which i rarely do so take advantage )


Sets include Master Lew tying me in a latex straight-jacket, Bondage by Request ties and strips
me and Cory Lane to a tree, forced set by lorelei , a beautiful french maid by Jon Woods and a very intense video with
the always amazing Damon Pierce from!   Don’t miss any of this!


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June 08th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Once again, I shot with and the pics are phenomonal!   This set has 160 pics in it, and they all move with grace and style.   The bondage is captivating! The feel of steel and leather toe boots couldn’t be sexier!
Ashley Renee serious bondage sample

I also had a lot of requests for the detective chronicles set I did with Alexis Taylor. She blackmails me only to get it turned around on her and they end up holding us both for ransom!
Ashley Renee and Alexis Taylor

I love the video this week with Damon since we have such great chemistry together. He’s such a sadist and really enjoys using me to his full advantage! Click the photo to get a sample of the video!
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce





June 04th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

My new DVD Bondage Obsession is now on sale starring Ashley Renee (me, of course), Jewell Marceau, Alexis Taylor, Jon Woods and special guest Damon Pierce!
Ashley Rene & Jewell Marceau

To buy an autographed copy, please send a check or money order for $45.00 to me.  (please include postage and handling)

Ashley Renee
4607  Lakeview Canyon # 601
Westlake Village , Ca 91361

Be sure to include that you are over 18 and the state where you reside, as some states are illegal to ship to!!

This is my very first video , directed and produced by me….there’s more to come !
Thank you for supporting my work/life!



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