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May 03rd, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SCREAM ASHLEY : Jim Martin ties me in a spread eagle while wearing shiny latex, a ring gag, and a very strong vibrator.

POWER TOOLS : I’m thrown and then locked inside a wooden box. I’m then released, only to be tied onto a rough work bench. I’m dressed in full latex with my nipples clamped, mouth gagged, and power tools drilled deep inside me.

STRAP ON DOM : After Julie Simone finishes vibing me to explosive orgasms in a very uncomfortable position, she turns me around in all fours and fucks me both ways !

ABDUCTION OF ASHLEY AND ARIELLA : Ariella Ferrera and I are kidnapped and then taken to a old dirty garage, where we’re stripped and forced to cum.

TIED SECRETARY : Ashley gets punished for being a very lazy secretary.

KIDNAPPED : Held captive and stripped of my identity. Saico takes me out only on occasion to be tied and abused !

RESTLESS : Steve Villa ties me in very tight, classic bondage. My mouth is stuffed and wrapped until my jaw hurts.

BREAST SUSPENSION : A difficult and intense shibari breast suspension!!

 Ashley Renee in kimono tied up by Michael King

RIDING JEWELL : Ian Rath makes me ride both, Jewell Marceau, and a very thick dildo, until it hurts. He then makes me suck the dildo clean.

YOUNG ASH : A Cory Thompson blast from the past!

HOGTIED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : JJ Plush loves to have girls just lying around her house like prized possessions and today was my lucky day. I knocked on her door and she immediately pulled me into the bedroom, she crossed my ankles and tied my arms. She was so turned on by the sight of me, she slowly lifted my skirt to reveal my panties. I loved being the center of attention and JJ knew this. She pulled out a vibrator and made me cum oven and over again when I was done she pulled off my panties and shoved them deep in my mouth, then wrapped my head tightly. I loved feeling so secure and helpless. She finally tied me in a very strict hogtie which she knew I wanted and left me there for her new guests to admire.

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COWBOYS AND INDIANS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Big busted Ashley and Kiki Daire and tied very closely to one another. Their breasts bulging, mouths drooling, and bodies writhing as both voluptuous girls try to escape their bonds. Who will make it to safety first? The Cowboy, or the Indian?

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