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November 19th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts
I'm now doing guest sub sessions at the popular Sanctuary LAX dungeon.
Now you can play with me in person . If you are interested in bondage,S/m , tickling, whips or spanking .. I'm your gal.
I'll make all your fantasies come true. 
You can contact me at for more details.
If you're a member in my site you get a session discount . I love meeting my fans !
I look forward to playing with you soon !
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November 18th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Yes , it’s true ! I turned into a brand new shopping cart . Now you can purchase my brand new videos as well as any archive ones you’ve missed. Search by model name or your favorite fantasy or desired predicament. I have it all . Stop by and take a peek .

I’ll love you for it

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November 01st, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Samantha Grace and I are hired to clean a very important clients house wearing sexy rubber maid outfits. When Samantha catches me masturbating on the job, she gets mad that I’m playing without her. She disciplines me, by spanking me, fitting me with a harness ballgag, and finally attaching me to a metal hogtie contraption that has a dildo attached.

SHOW STOPPER : Mistress Miranda and I get hired for a modeling job, but things get out of hand quickly when we don’t mesh. She throws me in a cage, ties me up, and places vacuum pumps on my breasts. When she doesn’t like my whimpering, she pulls me out of the cage, straps me into a rubber straitjacket, and moves me to a chair. There, she ties my legs far apart and a dildo gag is tied tightly in my mouth for Miranda’s enjoyment. She uses hooks in my mouth and pussy, teases me endlessly, the places an electrical Hitachi on my clit. It’s her very favorite new toy. She gets off watching me cum over and over again. I’m left sweating, shaking and drooling from cumming too much.



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