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Ashley’s Playroom updated 30 March 2011

March 30th, 2011 | Category: Playroom Update is updated with 6 amazing new videos, go have a peek!!

Ashley's torment thumbnail

ASHLEY’S TORMENT : JJ ties me to a chair, wraps twine around my breasts, stuffs her dirty panties in my mouth then clips my breasts and leaves me to struggle in pain.

Stuck in a Hole thumbnail

STUCK IN A HOLE : Devon Savage sticks me in a deep hole, tapes my body, gags me and threatens to bury me alive !

Pantyhose encasement part 1 thumbnail

PANTYHOSE ENCASEMENT Part 1 : JJ Plush slowly encases me from head to toe in nude pantyhose…

Pantyhose encasement part 2 thumbnails

PANTYHOSE ENCASEMENT Part 2 : JJ finishes off her encasement then duct tapes my body so I can’t move and forces me into a hogtie…

Executive Ashley thumbnail

EXECUTIVE ASHLEY : I go to see JJ for a private play session after hard days work. She collars, cuffs me, ties me in a cage with my pussy exposed then pulls me out by my leash, ties my hands and makes me walk in public with 6 inch stilettos….

Girl next door thumbnail

GIRL NEXT DOOR : Steve Villa tears my clothes off and ties me naked in a very rough hogtie on the floor then finishes me back forcing me to fuck him…

Xoxo Ashley

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March 27th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Take a sneek peek at some sets and videos that are coming to within the next few weeks… :-)

All photo-sets have at least 12 min of video…. !!

Ashley Renee testing the Creature

Testing the Creature…..

Ashley and JJPlush tied up together

Ashley and JJplush tied up together….

Ashley in vintage girdle tied up by JJplush

Ashley in Vintage Girdles and nylons tied up by JJPlush….

Ashley in silver catsuit & boot tied up by JJplush

Ashley in silver catsuit & boots tied up by JJplush …

Xoxo Ashley.

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LUCKY ME! – The Creature –

March 25th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Once in a great while I have the chance to play with my good friends from “Serious Bondage”, but this time I was even luckier. He brought along “JG Leathers” and “Captive Kink”. Plus, we shot at “Rubber Dynasty’s” dungeon, which was a real treat! I swear it was like a party. A big bondage party, and TOTO was there too. :-) I had the honor of getting hooked up into JG’s famous “CREATURE!” At first I was thinking of every excuse on how to bail out of there. Electricity frightens me more than you can imagine, so when he informed me that the whole creation was electrical, my heart rate soared, and I began thinking of ways I could flee the scene. :-) I sat there conjuring up great ideas as I arrived at noon to shoot. They weren’t close to being ready, so I had all the time in the world to think up good excuses. I even thought I’d say I was going to the store for some Advil, and then just never return. Hahahaha! I knew I’d burn some bridges, but in that moment I didn’t care. Terror consumed me! The funny thing is, I don’t usually scare off easily. In fact, I don’t think I ever have. But this time it was tempting. Needless to say, Gwen from “Rubber Dynasty” talked me into staying, by pointing out that I would never again have an opportunity to make my members as happy as I would by being “THE CREATURE.” Especially since I rarely get a chance to shoot with tons of gear. That was it! She’d talked me into it! I stayed! You’ll have to sit tight until next week though. I put up some ‘behind the scenes’ stuff so you can see what I’m talking about, and trust me, after you see this gadget with the suspension, electricity, dildos and breath play through water, you’ll know why I wanted to run.
Afterward, I had another pleasant surprise. “Captive Kink” brought along his amazing hobble dress, and I just had to slip myself into it. This all took place after shooting 3 hours in the creature beforehand. It was quite the process. I got dragged in by my leash, fighting to keep my balance in heels, then locked to a hook on the floor with leather sleeves, and then put into these amazing leather slippers that cramp your feet and pull your toes back. I’m lifted onto a chair (which looked more like a thrown to me) and then a posture collar is hooked and strapped around my head. Last but not least, I’m gagged, hooded, and chained. Then I’m left on the floor in a total mummification, lost in sensory deprivation, sub-erotic space. :-) They were two truly amazing experiences! I guess I’m just one lucky gal. We have video of both sets, and lots of close ups, that you may not see in the peeks. So what are you waiting for? Join me in my adventures. :-)

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE – I’m interrogated while tied on my knees in a very stringent strappado. I have no idea what I’ve done wrong. No one seems to believe my innocence, so I’m grabbed, fondled, questioned and spanked. I’m then left blindfolded and drooling to think about what I’ve done.
Ashley Renee & serious bondage

TWO FOR THE SHOW – Claire Adams plays hard. At first she’s gentle, getting me all riled up with her super sweet ways and soft kisses. But as soon as she gets rope in her hands, everything changes. She turns vicious, putting me into a strict hogtie, humiliating me with her words, and pulling out a dildo to tease me with. She forces me to cum, and when I’m not loud enough for her liking, she punishes me in the most wicked way.
Ashley Renee & Claire Adams

SURRENDER – Viking ties me on his bed, naked and vulnerable, in very complicated Shibari. He exposes my pussy, and pulls the rope around my neck so tightly, I almost pass out!
Ashley Renee & Viking


BOOTY CALL – Jim Weathers ties me in latex, thigh high boots, a head harness and clover clamps. Yep….that will do the trick. :)
Ashley Renee & Jim Weathers

PASSION – Bound to a chair with a ball gag and a dildo in my pussy!!!
Ashley Renee

RED ALL OVER – I’m feeling very sexy in my pretty lingerie. I’m finally tied tight and immobilized.
Ashley Renee


DIRTY LAUNDRY – I arrived home early from work that evening, so I thought it was finally time I did my laundry. It had been sitting there for days. Before I could even start drying my undergarments, a man barged through my garage door, grabbed me, stuffed my panties in my mouth, wrapped my face, and threw me down on the laundry room floor. Luckily for me, or so I thought, my roommate came home early and heard me. I was shocked when he left me where he found me. He just went off searching for the ‘bad man’. When he returned, instead of helping me, he tied me even tighter! Then he grabbed and squeezed my breasts, pulled off my panties, and totally took advantage of the whole situation!
Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

SPY VS. SPY – When I received a call that my partner was in danger, I hurried over to her house immediately. When I arrived, I found her tied and gagged on the floor. Before I could do a thing, the masked man grabbed me and tied me up as well. He shoved a huge gag in my mouth. Then he proceeded to slowly and methodically tie my body. Then he left me there beside her with a ransom note.
Ashley Renee

Hope to see you inside….

Ashley Renee

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BONUS WEEK – Steve Villa – Jon Wood & Lorelei –

March 18th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I hope everyone didn’t party too hard on Saint Patrick’s Day. :-P I know I wasn’t feeling well, so as the usual, I was a ‘home body’ sitting here waiting for my knight in shining armor to rescue me. I had a busy few weeks, not that I’m complaining, because I was able to play a lot. If I’m not able to shoot, I feel like a pent up tiger pacing in her cage. Waiting, hoping…..ready for anything. :-) This week, I decided I was going to go rob someone, and who better then Steve Villa? I snuck into his house, but before I could get too far, he grabbed me, and taped up my whole body. He stuffed my mouth, ripped my pantyhose, and taught me a lesson of a lifetime. Instead of calling the authorities, he unbuckled his pants, and fucked me until I promised never to do break in again. (12 min video inside as well.)

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

PUBLIC DISPLAY – Jon Woods and Lorelei invited me over for a delicious barbecue, but soon tied me outside on their porch, thinking I’d make for a great ‘meet and greet’ hostess. My breasts were out and my skirt was pulled up while a crotch rope was pulled tightly. I had no choice but to endure the humiliation. (video inside)

Ashley Renee & Jon Wood

WIRED UP – Jim Hunter is nothing but a bully! He ties me up with tight wire at the foot of the bed, then wraps it tightly around each painful breast. This doesn’t satisfy his craving for torture, so he continues by clover clamping my nipples as he ties off the rope to my ankles. OUCH! (9 minute video inside of the whole painful thing!)

Ashley Renee & Jim hunter

THE HIKER – While out hiking alone, I was grabbed, tortured, and driven off to an abandoned garage. There I was stripped of my clothing, chained up, and treated like a dog. I’ll never go hiking alone again!

Ashley Renee

DOUBLE DIPPING – Mz Berlin ordered me to dress in tight latex, and tied me up so I couldn’t move. She put weights on my pussy, and severe clamps on my breasts. She opened my legs wide, and penetrated me with a dildo which she left inside me as she finished me off with a vibrator.

Ashley Renee & MZ Berlin

PLUS….as a bonus, and hopefully ‘extra credit’ raves from my members, I’ve included a fetish set with me and Natali Demore in our latest Superheroine Fiasco. :-)

Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

Also, 2 Bondage Videos!

HOSTAGE – I’m grabbed suddenly and thrown into the trunk of a car. I’m driven off to an old abandon shed where I’m abused, tied, groped and left there for days. Starving and cold my captor unlocks the shed door ties me standing in a very stringent strepado, pulls my dress up to expose my private parts then ties me to the floor scared and blindfolded to anxiously await my fate!

Ashley Renee

GIRL NEXT DOOR – One day, when coming home from work, my next door neighbor gets it in his head to attack me. He comes in, rips my clothes off, pulls my panties off, and gags me with them. I’m completely naked when he throws me to the ground and hogties me, so tight I can barely move. Helpless and moaning, I’m inching for safety when he returns to tie me even tighter!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

Remember, I add new clips to everyday, so there are tons of clips to choose from. I’m so proud of my determination to put so many videos up, as requested by my members. Also, is updated every 2 weeks with brand new content, for those who don’t like membership sites. I’m eager to please. What can I say?

Sunday, I’m working with “Rubbernecro”, “Rubberdynasty” and “Serious Bondage”. And Monday, “Serious Bondage” and I have a solo play date. :-)


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March 02nd, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I have a whole update of interactive videos and photo sets this week. :-)

Super Ashley, Part 2 is up – The scary villain suspends me, takes away my super powers, then pulls my shiny spandex leotard down to reveal my breasts, and leaves me hanging with a ticking bomb!

Ashley Renee

Steve Villa attacks me while I’m doing my laundry! He breaks in through my garage door, grabs and throws me on the floor, ties me up, stuffs my panties in my mouth, and tightly wraps my face. Then he ties me up even more and leaves me there.

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

I have a special St. Patrick’s Day set up, where an intoxicated customer, doesn’t like my service. So when he demands more drinks pronto, he forces himself upon me, fucks me, then shoves an empty bottle inside me. Afterward, he decorates me on the chair, so everyone can get an eye full.

Ashley Renee

I also have 2 brand new videos.

GIRL NEXT DOOR – One day, when coming home from work, my next door neighbor gets it in his head to attack me. He comes in, rips my clothes off, pulls my panties off, and gags me with them. I’m completely naked when he throws me to the ground and hogties me, so tight I can barely move. Helpless and moaning, I’m inching for safety when he returns to tie me even tighter!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

PUBLIC DISPLAY – I’m tied outside on the porch for everyone to see. I can’t hide my shame or embarrassment when I’m gagged with a ball. My skirt is pulled up, and my breasts are left for the world to see. I feel helpless and vulnerable. How could something so shameful happen to me? How will I ever show my face again?

Ashley Renee

I haven’t been hogtied completely naked in…..forever. So you really should grab it while you can because I might just decide to pull it down. lol

Ashley Renee & Sasha Monet

“Serious Bondage”, Eric Cain, JJ Plush and JG Leathers will be working with me in March!! I’ve never worked for “Futile Struggles” before, but I hope he goes hard on me, and EASY on me. :-P I can’t wait until Monday! Amber Michaels and I will be playing together!! YES!!!!!

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