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TRIBUTE! – To Sean Harper –

March 31st, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I really admire some of the older work of Sean Harper !

I felt it was classy, sexy and had a certain appeal.
I decided to recreate some of his work!
Here’s to you Sean Harper!
Ashley Renee

Also a favorite archive set with one of my favorite models Jenni Lee.
We have such great chemistry together! (How could we not? She’s stunningly HOT!)
It was so good I actually got on top for a change :-) I couldn’t resist! (And actually, you wouldn’t believe how many times I pleasured myself while I was picking out these photos! It took me forever…………. because I had to keep revisiting the moments I spent with her!)
Ashley Renee & Jenni Lee

I also get cooked up at!   Yikes! What is the proper temperature for roasting me? :) You really have to click on this photo and check out the rest of the free peeks!
Ashley Renee & Muki Kitchen

A great new video with me dressed in sexy sheer lingerie, struggling and
moaning to my hearts content until Jon Woods grabs me, bends me over in a
strict strepado and shoves a huge gag in my mouth , while my nipples are
stinging as they dangle and bounce about !
Ashley Renee & Jon Woods



XOXO Ashley

2 comments IS UPDATED with 3 Videos –

March 25th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

with 3 new token videos !

Me and Meka Tan ripping eachothers panthose , getting into a serious catfight.
Meka wins of course , ties me up and penetrates me with a huge dildo .

A special thank to for letting me have one of my favorite videos !

Dozed Off…for those of you that like detective themes .

Last but not least…SMOTHERED…Natali Demore doing what she does best….playing
the breathless game , sitting on my face with and without panties and getting a thrill out
of it !

Go to to see all the new token updates…and please don’t
forget to vote at !

Thank your for your support…as always !



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March 19th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’m so excited about my new video update !

I dress slowly into a tight latex catsuit and lube up everywhere.
I cover every inch inside and out, then I slowly turn myself on!  After I’m
all riled up, I’m bound on a barber chair, dripping with lube,  and on the
verge of cumming!   I’m finally driven over the edge when the crotch rope is
added and I get to grind up against it till I cum, over and over again!  The perfect multiple
bondage orgasm!

Ashley Renee

Also….. The Intruder !
I’m unpacking in my new home, minding my own business, when an intruder barges in with a knife and cuts off all my clothes.     He violates me with a HUGE dick on a stick and leaves me writhing with exhaustion (and pleasure) in a stringent hogtie!
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee

WORSHIP with Tanya Danielle the beautiful Mistress that only wants her
slave to wallow in her sexuality. A total exchange of power. She rewards me
by giving me the best gift of all…herself and a big glass dildo!

Ashley Renee & Tanya DanielleAshley Renee & Tanya Danielle

Don’t miss chapter 3 of my exclusive series!
Ashley Renee & HIP Comix


4 comments updated 9 March 2009

March 09th, 2009 | Category: Playroom Update

my video and photo-set token site  ( for those of you that haven’t discovered it yet )
Is updated with 3 new videos and 3 new photo sets !

It may be worth your while to take  a peek since I haven’t updated with photos for a long time !

Don’t forget to vote at


ashley renee


MY STIMULUS PACKAGE – Ashley’s Style –

March 08th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

This weeks set are hot, !    Well, I really enjoyed doing them, and then I had a great time seeing them over again and reliving my fantasies a second time!    Hopefully, you will check them out, and relive them over and over again!   :)

There are far too many updates to describe here,  so, make sure you go to MY FREE PEEKS PAGE to check out the whole lot!

But, just to give you a teaser……………. I actually thought I could get away with grabbing my student ,Vivian Irene Pierce and her sassy mouth, and I give her a good spanking! The principle catches us, and the humiliation begins!

Ashley Renee & Vivian Ireene Pierce

Also, check out more of ‘Detective Decommissioned’!

Ashley Renee

And we can’t forget  my complete passion for latex, I get all slip slidy, lubbed up, and really sexy!

Ashley Renee

Plus………… 2 NEW bondage videos…………. this is just one, but make sure to check them all out!
Ashley Renee

There really is so much more!! Plus, my diary gets quite intense this week. I really am just feeling a huge pouring of emotions, and I appreciate my fans so much for listening!


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