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Mar 8

MY STIMULUS PACKAGE – Ashley’s Style –

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

This weeks set are hot, !    Well, I really enjoyed doing them, and then I had a great time seeing them over again and reliving my fantasies a second time!    Hopefully, you will check them out, and relive them over and over again!   :)

There are far too many updates to describe here,  so, make sure you go to MY FREE PEEKS PAGE to check out the whole lot!

But, just to give you a teaser……………. I actually thought I could get away with grabbing my student ,Vivian Irene Pierce and her sassy mouth, and I give her a good spanking! The principle catches us, and the humiliation begins!

Ashley Renee & Vivian Ireene Pierce

Also, check out more of ‘Detective Decommissioned’!

Ashley Renee

And we can’t forget  my complete passion for latex, I get all slip slidy, lubbed up, and really sexy!

Ashley Renee

Plus………… 2 NEW bondage videos…………. this is just one, but make sure to check them all out!
Ashley Renee

There really is so much more!! Plus, my diary gets quite intense this week. I really am just feeling a huge pouring of emotions, and I appreciate my fans so much for listening!


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  1. Ryan March 13th, 2009 11:16 pm

    That’s a stimulus package we can all get behind ;) Big fan of the video highlighted here, I love seeing you squirm and thinking of the sensory deprivation with your eyes covered is pretty hot. Kudos!

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