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MOMENT IN TIME – Bondage By Request rules –

February 23rd, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Wow! I never ever skip a week on my blog, but, time passed by way too quickly. Can it slow down for a moment? Just one moment…please! I need to catch up!

I worked with “Bondage By Request” last week. I wanted to get tied up and feel a certain kind of vulnerability. I’m in a beautiful white corset and reinforced  heel & toe stockings. That made my day! I felt helpless and vulnerable. I love that feeling!

Ashley Renee

Plus, I found a set from the past that I had never posted. How could I have let this one pass me by? A forced set? Ahhhhhhhhh…. Well, it’s up now for everyone to see. :-)

Ashley Renee

Plus more archives!

Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee

AND this lovely foot fetish video, where me and Mina eventually get tied together. Breast to breast and pussy to pussy. My boobs are bouncing all over the place. (Hey, isn’t that a good thing?)

Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

Then, me and Cory Lane have a great g/g time. That is, until I get strung up over her, and begin dripping cum on her from above. :-) Need I say more?

Ashley Renee & Cory lane

Well, it’s almost time for next weeks diary entry… I’ll wrap it up!!

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February 11th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Mina goes to extremes when I’m examined at great lengths for my racy sex addiction. I’m clamped, fondled, probed, penetrated and finally cleansed inside with an enema. Still not addiction free.

Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

Also…. I’m groped, stripped and fucked by 2 burglars.

Ashley Renee

A very special collection of my older work with Mr. T and famous Ernest Greene from “Bonvue”. (My “Miss Bondage World” days.)

Ashley Renee & Mr T

Plus, Damon Pierce wants me for his 24 hour slave. He bends me over a stool and canes my breasts until they are bruised and battered. Then he ties my hair and pulls out the magic wand.

Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

The video everyone has been asking for SUPER ASHLEY VS. EVIL EMILY ADDISON. – A must see! :-)

Ashley Renee & Emily Addison

And my very special Valentine video – I’M YOURS – This is “Bondage By Request’s” very favorite video of me because, I’m fumbling around trying to lock myself into my restraints …and I can’t stop laughing. It really shows my true colors. It’s very playful, and I have my favorite things. A soft bed, bondage, a blindfold and candy hearts!

Ashley Renee & Bondage by Request

AND don’t forget Ashley’s has been updated with new videos and pictures!

You can also follow me on

Hope to see you inside…..

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VALENTINE SPECIAL – Girdle Delight –

February 05th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I thought I’d offer a sale during February since I know most people would rather be buying candy and presents for their girlfriends. :-(

UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT – Pink is my favorite color, so I dressed myself  in a very tight, sexy girdle. Before long, I was bound, groped and gagged in two different ways. But the real torture came when I was locked into a head-cage to keep from grinding my pussy against my crotch rope.

Ashley Renee

Plus, ON DISPLAY – Serious Bondage made a cool new chair and decided to chain me up naked in the middle of the room incase they had ‘any takers’.

Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage continues their “Target Ashley” series, exclusively for my site.

Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

But the best is yet to come, with my NEW VIDEO – BOUND SECRETARIES with Emily Addison – I guess having a good time wasn’t what the boss expected when Emily and I were left alone in the office. He ties us to our desk, stuffs our dirty panties in our mouths and tapes them shut. Emily and I are left helpless and struggling to get free.

Ashley Renee & Emily Addison

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Ashley’s Playroom updated on 4 February 2010

February 04th, 2010 | Category: Playroom Update have been updated with 3 new videos! Get tokens and pay for exactly what you want to see!

SHEER DELIGHT – Erotically struggling and then penetrated in a sheer gown, metal collar, restraints and chains!

sheer delight

ASHLEY AND MINA – Bound in a spandex straitjacket. I’m spanked, paddled, humiliated, then tied with my legs stretched overhead and penetrated!

ALL COMFY! – I’m strapped into a leather sleep sack. Then I’m forced to cum as well as laugh from the tickling of a vibrator all at once!

All comfy

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