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August 31st, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

WONDER ASHLEY (new video inside) : Caught, tied and forced to cum with the orgasm belt!

AMERICAN WEREWOLF : Sacrificed then ravished by a vicious werewolf !

GLOVE OF LOVE : I get so excited by the smell and feel of leather. I crawl into the sleep sack and beg to be laced, hooded and gagged !

MAID TO ORDER : I’m JJ Plush’s private maid. She loves to handcuff, tape and stuff my mouth just to watch me struggle about the kitchen floor…

IT’S COMPLICATED : Jim Martin ties me in a very compromising position.

DIRTY WORK : Stripped, torn and tattered then bound in a dirty garage with all my bits showing!

BOOT LOVER : Bound in tight latex and thigh high boots.I untie myself for an extra fetish treat.

GOTHIC : Who says I don’t have a goth bondage flair?

CLASSIC : Tim Woodman ties me in a tight vintage corselette in a very classic position.

HORSE PLAY : Ikarus Jones wanted to tie me up in my beautiful white lingerie, so he did :-)

FOOTSIE : The king of foot fetish Ed Fox makes me tease the camera in my jeans and barefeet.

WONDER ASHLEY (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : The evil Dr. Spider has captured me, Wonder Ashley, & tied me to his wicked web. He ties me up with a ballgag in my mouth, standing against the web with my legs & arms spread apart, as he wants to make sure I know just how powerless & vulnerable I am. Now, just to prove to me how much I am truly at his mercy, he turns on a vibrating wand that he has strapped up against my clit & turns it on to max power. He relishes in watching my body shake and quiver with the kind of pleasure I would never want from someone like him. But I just can’t help myself. My pussy is getting so wet as the wand throbs on my clit. There is nothing I can do. I’m going to cum, & cum hard! To my embarrassment, I cum, & as I do, I can’t help but thrust my hips against the device. For a moment, I think his torment is over, but he hasn’t had enough of humiliating me yet. He pulls my huge tits out of my tight latex costume & then ties me to a chair. Once there, he pinches my nipples hard with tight nipple clamps, then just sits back & enjoys watching me struggle.

 Wonder AShley video clip

A DAY AT THE GYNOCOLOGIST (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I went to my GYN for a regular check up, and during my examination he suggested giving me a shot. I let him give me the shot…and that’s all I remember. He had clearly drugged me. When I came to, I found myself tied to his examination table with my legs spread wide apart, and feet bound in the stirrups. I was horrified when I saw that he had dressed me in a white latex corset, with my breasts completely exposed and an opening at the bottom for access to my pussy! I had white latex gloves on that were attached to the corset, that completely encased my fingers, making my hands useless. A ballgag filled my mouth, so much, it felt obscene! I don’t know how long I was out, but when I looked down between my legs, I saw he had inserted a bag to catch my pee….and to my embarrassment, I had used it. My humiliation became even worse when he entered the room and examined my now conscious body. He spread my legs and scolded me for the mess I’d made. Then he removed the pee-bag, & to my horror, inserted his cock in it’s place. He began thrusting inside me while pinching my nipples where he had now placed nipple clamps. He just continued to fuck me for what felt like days… I’m so ashamed.

 Ashley Renee at kinky Gynocologist


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Freeze Frame….

August 30th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

FREEZE FRAME : Viking ties me in latex, rope and a tight corset!

SWITCH HITTER : Tanya Danielle and I like to switch.. What can I say?

STRETCH : Bound in my jeans, T-shirt, nipple clamps and cleave gag!

STRAIGHT UP : Grabbed on my way home from the office, tied to a pole and left in the middle of nowhere.

SPREAD EM : Tied spread eagle then forced to cum!

SCAPEGOAT : Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk want me so much, I get abducted in their porn warehouse and forced to become their slave!

DIXIE DOUBLE CROSS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : A mysterious stranger captures both myself & sexy Dixie Comet. We are both bounds to chairs as he interrogates us, eager to acquire our company account password. He begins to sexually torment us by ripping open our blouses & pulling our bras away, exposing us, hoping to make us talk. He roughly gropes our breasts, pulling at our tender nipples. When we refuse to talk he exposes himself, shoving his hard cock in Dixie’s face. Finally, I crack & give him the password. That’s when I learn the truth. That this whole kidnapping thing is just a charade designed by Dixie to get the password & drain the company dry…and in fact, the kidnapper is really her boyfriend, a point made obvious when she begins to suck his cock. After he’s finished untying her, she decides to tie me up even tighter, & even gags me by shoving her dirty panties in my mouth. After fondling me for her own pleasure, she leaves me, bound with my huge breasts exposed, my pussy plainly revealed through my sheer pantyhose, & my mouth filled with the taste of her, just waiting to be discovered by the returning office staff.

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