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September 28th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HOT FLASH : I try to get Julie Simone’s attention by dressing up in a sexy bra, panties and garter, but all she wanted to do was tie me up and sleep with me!

BODY AND SOLE : I’m tied, gagged and shut into a trunk. I’m truly a helpless stowaway in my tight jeans, t-shirt and bare feet!

TAKING OUT THE TRASH : Rain DeGrey and JJ Plush are sick of the neighborhood’s trashy whore! I’m tied, clamped, groped, and spanked. My mouth is stuffed full with dirty panties, nylons are pulled over my head, and the trash is dumped on me.

RED HOT LOVER : Bound and penetrated!

BEHIND THE SCENES : with Damon Pierce, Master Feelix and January Seraph!!

MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : The very experienced Nurse Samantha Grace informs me, Nurse Recruit Ashley Renee, that she’s going to start training me in the ways of a medical/sexual nature. She begins by inspecting my tits, pussy & ass, & then instructs me to sit in a medical chair, placing my legs in the stirrups, spread wide to make easily accessible my bare wet pussy. She ties my legs & arms apart & begins her “training” which entails, putting tight medical clamps on my nipples, fingering & masturbating my cunt, & strapping a thick metal hook inside me. She then finishes me off by twisting suction cups onto my now sore & tender nipples, & fucking me with a fat pink dildo. Well, I have to say….I learned a lot….about what I like. ;-)
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THE PRINCIPAL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : He came to the Parent/Teacher conference hoping to get his son’s Math Teacher to give him a passing grade so he could continue to play football. But Ms renee(ashley) had no intention of changing his grade from a Fail to a passing grade. Th man had no choice but to change it himself. The only problem was, he needed to get passed Ashely to get into her files. Coming prepared with rope, he quickly tied her up. Then when Ms reneee threatened to call out for help, he bent her over, lifted her skirt and cut off her panties. He then wadded them up and stuffed them in her mouth. To finish gagging her, he wrapped tape very tightly around her face and over her mouth. ashley struggled and tried to scream through the gag as the man went off to get into her computer files. Sometime later, after the he finished fixing his son’s grade, the man returned to ashley and pulled her blouse open. Then before making his get away, he pulled her big boobs out of her bra and hogtied her on the floor. He then left Ashely to be found later, bouncing her big tits on the floor as she struggled bound and gagged.
 The Principal video clip with Steve Villa

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September 19th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SAFE KEEPING! : I’m cuffed and collared, then fastened and locked into a chastity belt to prove I’m private property!

INESCAPABLE BONDAGE : Julie Simone comes to L.A. and ties me in an intense inescapable bondage position. I’m tied to the cross with severe breast bondage, an inflatable dildo and a head harness…in a very extreme immobile shibari position.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED : Bound, internal electrical, tens unit, suction cups, forced orgasms, hair bondage, and more…:-D

WICKED WAYS : Damon Pierce ties me in a strict hogtie with nasty pieces of leather rope. He gags me with a huge ball, wraps my head tightly then finishes me off with a rope around my mouth.

HOSTAGES : Amber Michaels and I were held captive. The villain made us remove our shoes and then slowly take our panties off. Then he made us use them as stuffing to gag us with. He forced us to use strips of micro-foam to keep our mouths tightly closed. The bad guy made Amber tie me up with cloth strips, making her expose her own breasts as well as mine! We are both ashamed, humiliated and afraid. He then decides to take over completely, hogtying us progressively on the bed, tightly together. We helplessly struggle, as we realize there is no escaping this mad man.

RAVISHED : Forced into sex and bondage after being strapped down and fucked with a machine, vibrator, clips, gag and nipple clamps !

SPY WHO LOVED ME : Alexis Taylor is a dangerous spy. She knocks me out, ties me up and forces me to get naked until she’s caught and blackmailed by her partner. He makes her strip, ties us together, blindfolds and gags us both !

TICKLE TORTURE : Damon Pierce ties me in a harsh, stringent position. Then he tickles and vibrates me simultaneously, bringing me to the most intense orgasm ever!

TWO DAMSELS : Sandra Silvers and I are grabbed and shoved to the floor. We are tied tightly, and our mouths are taped shut. We’re fondled then left to struggle as the intruder leaves with our purses. But then, Sandra is able to partially untie me so I can escape and go for help.

NO GUILT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : When my boyfriend saw the slutty 2-piece latex outfit I was planning on going out in, he freaked out! There was no way he was going to let me go out in public looking that easy. So, he bound me to a pole, shoved a gag in my mouth, & began to dole out his punishment. He exposed my big breasts & then began caning them forcefully. My nipples grew red & sore under the crack of the cane. Then he gave me a taste of what he truly thought a slut like me deserved… He entered the room with a huge rubber cock on the end of a pole. He began slapping it against my face, the way he felt a whore like me should be treated. Then he roughly started fucking my tits with this big dildo, as if he knew that’s what I really wanted. Guess I’ve learned my lesson….
 Ashley Renee in latex pole tied by Damon Pierce

BLACK PANTHER vs. NIGHTINGALE Part 2 (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Since kidnapping me, Black Panther has been mercilessly tormenting me sexually by beating my pussy & tits with a riding crop. Now she has decided to humiliate me with a bit of forced pleasure. After tying my legs apart & up overhead, she grabs a vibrating wand & presses it hard against my pussy. The jolts of vibration force me to buck & writhe as waves of shamable pleasure rush throughout my body. This wicked cat forces me to cum & then continues to keep the pressure on my clit for awhile, until it hurts. Next, she directs her attention to my tender nipples, on which she places super tight nipple clamps. She then stretches my nipples by the chain on the clamps & ties them off where she can see they are being pulled to their maximum tension. Now that she can see how truly uncomfortable I am, she finishes me off with the vibrating wand again, to stress my weakened body to the fullest.
 Ashley Renee & Samantha Grace

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Video Playroom update : Hungry Pussy, Greedy Cunt, True Blood

September 12th, 2015 | Category: Playroom Update

HUNGRY PUSSY : I just love the feeling of latex against my skin, so after Mistress January Seraph has me put on a latex catsuit, I just can’t help but touch myself. However, when Mistress catches me fondling my latex covered pussy without her permission, she scolds me for having a greedy cunt and decides how best to punish me. She’s not interested in hearing any of my excuses, so she gags me before doing anything else. Then she has me bend over so she can give my ass a good spanking before turning me around to slap my big breasts. Mistress then sits me down and binds my wrists together & legs apart, so she can easily access my hungry pussy. She slaps my pussy hard, again & again. Then she brings in a flogger and continues to punish my cunt with it. It’s a glorious mix of pleasure & pain between my legs as she lashes away at me, & I know my beautiful tormentor has only just begun…

Ashley Renee & Mistress January Seraph in latex

GREEDY CUNT : Mistress January Seraph continues to punish me for fondling myself without permission. She has already punished me with spanking & flogging, & has now decided to focus her attention on the source of my lust…my greedy cunt. Mistress has chosen a vibrating wand with which to execute her punishment. She teases me mercilessly by bringing me close to climax again & again without allowing me to cum. Finally, she allows me the pleasure of release, but it comes with a price. This once pleasurable vibrating device, has now become an instrument of torture, as she wields it at high speed against my now, super sensitive, post-orgasmic clit.

Ashley Renee & Mistress January Seraph in latex

TRUE BLOOD : I showed up for (what I thought was going to be) a typical latex modeling shootbut the photographer had a more sinister plan in mind. He immediately overpowered me, & secured my arms behind me in a single sleeve. Then, he fit my mouth with a harness/ball gag, before ensuring my inability to escape by tying my crotch rope to a poll. He relished in watching his scantily clad victim drool on herself as she struggled for freedom. Next, he opted for something a bit more interactive. He bound me on a table with my knees spread wide apart & my hips hoisted up, to more easily access my pussy. He ripped open the crotch of my fishnet tights & began to clamp clothes pins to my inner thighs & pussy lips. He then began flogging me, focusing his blows on my breasts. He knew I was helpless and begging for him to stop by the intensity of my moans. I was trapped and immobile.. And that was just the beginning.

Ashley Renee hogtied in latex by Damon Pierce


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