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February 26th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

IT’S A STRUGGLE : All tied up in my gorgeous Agent Provacator lingerie and leather!!!
 Ashley Renee in green lingerie tied up on sheep skin

HOSED : JJ Plush encases me in pantyhose before duct taping me, filling my mouth with dirty panties, grabbing me good and hard everywhere, and finishing me in a stringent hogtie which leaves me gaging in my own despair.

JAWBREAKER (Video Included) : My very special messy Valentines Day update!
 Ashley Renee in pink catsuit tied up & gagged

SQUEEZE BOX : Tied in a very extreme position with ballet boots, and a head harness. After a bit of struggling, I drop to the floor, my head harness is pulled back to my tied elbows and I can hardly move a muscle.

RUBBER DOLL : Bound all in latex, tight rope a hood and ring gag.

THE ALCHEMIST (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It was the late 1800’s, England. I had seen an ad for an assistant to a renowned alchemist. He was highly regarded, although his methods were often thought to be crude & unconventional. Not much was known about his personal life, as he kept himself hidden most of the time in a secluded cottage outside of town, embedded in the foggy moors. The ad had said not much more than “…loyal woman needed to assist with highly secretive experiments…no questions asked…discretion a must! Will be very well compensated.” Well, with my father having just passed, & with no finances to help care for my sickly mother, I knew I had to do something to remedy the situation…no matter how unconventional. I showed up in the dark & gloom at his front door, he looked me up & down, & without even asking my name, he invited me in. No sooner had I entered his laboratory, than he shoved some sort of cocktail elixir in my hand & demanded I, “drink this.” I was hesitant to comply…but when the thought of my ailing mother ran through my mind, I quickly guzzled in down. The elixir didn’t render me unconscious, but rather, made me lightheaded & compliant, as if I had just been hypnotized. He asked me to stand & he began to undress me, removing all but my corset panties & boots. Then he had me lie on the bed where he began to tie me down. My wrists were roped above me at the top of the bed, & my ankles tied crossed beneath me. Then he pulled a rope taut between the delicate folds of my cunt which he attached to the ceiling. He grabbed a notebook & pen, & then began scribbling copious notes as he just sat there watching me, observing how I responded to the now pleasurable rope sliding between my legs. He stopped writing, only long enough to change my bound position, before going back to recording these libidinous observations. For some reason, I found myself enjoying assisting him in this manner, & quickly decided that this assistant position was truly made for me.
 The Alchemist video wiht Ashley Renee as steampunk

MY PINK TOY : Ashley Renee is bound tightly in a lotus tie.She’s teased & penetrated with her favorite pink toy, just the way she likes it! Tough tie with extra special close ups!

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February 25th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

WHITE WEDDING : This is what my honeymoon looked like:)!

NUDIST COLONY : Ashley and Jewell Marceau are tied naked and struggling !

LEATHER BOUND : Tied and suffering in black sexy leather !

HOT BONDS : Tied with rubber straps in a filthy garage with a crotch rope tied off to a wooden beam.

BROKEN DOLL : Pro Dom Ilsa Strix uses casts and ace bandages to convey a severe ‘broken doll’ predicament. She even uses clamps to add to the torture.

JAWBREAKER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I bought this custom, pink latex catsuit especially for my special Valentine’s Day video. I slid into the tight second skin, and begged to be tied up. I bought a jawbreaker candy gag, as I thought it would make for a great, appropriately holiday themed video. I soon realized, after having been tied up tightly, with excruciating clover clamps on my nipples, that the candy gag idea, was only making the position I was in even more challenging. I drooled uncontrollably as the jawbreaker melted in my mouth and started dripping down to my huge painful breasts, covering them with its white sticky sugar. Then, as if I needed to be anymore uncomfortable….my hair started getting caught in the gooey substance too. I couldn’t stop laughing between takes because I was very slowly turning into one hot mess. Well, Happy Valentines Day! :)
 Ashley Renee in pink latex catsuit tied up video

A DAY IN THE OFFICE : It’s just another bondage day in the office when I get grabbed by my co- worker Desi De Angelo, and my boss Jon Woods. They both start fighting over me, but soon realize there’s enough of me to go around. Desi, and Jon tape my whole body , and start teasing, groping, and taunting me. At firstI resist, but after a bit I just start craving the attention. Now I love my job, can everyday be like this?

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February 24th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

GOOD CATCH : Julie Simone ties me in my favorite latex dress, then puts on tight nipple clamps to torture my breasts!
 Ashley Renee tied up with nipples clamps on red couch

INSURANCE FRAUD : Dominic Wolfe and I set up an elaborate insurance scam where he ties me up super tight in my conservative buisness suit, garter belt, stockings and beautiful stilletos. He packes my mouth full with my dirty panties and wraps my head with tape. He gropes my breasts hard and spanks my ass till it’s bright red then leaves my house in complete shambles. All part of our elaborate scam just to fool the insurance company into thinking we got robbed and are ready to collect the insurance money. However things backfire when Dominic decides to leave me tied up helpless and struggling then makes off with the goods. I struggle and inch toward the door in hopes someone can rescue me from my own pathetic scam…

COLD STEEL : Forced to strip, but on a cold steel table in an abandon garrage. I’m gagged, taped, my nipples are clamped, and made to endure a strong cropping.

STEAM GIRL (part 2) : Just when I thought I was getting released from my stringent bondage position, the alchemist came back to tie me in a more complex tie!!!
 SteamPunk Ashley Renee tied up on bed

SMOKIN HOT : Bound in a garter, and stockings then get a head harness, and clothespins added for an extra bonus!

LOST CAUSE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It started as a typical lingerie phootshoot. I showed up, met the photographer & the other models, then went straight into hair & makeup before going to wardrobe where I was dressed up in super sexy lingerie. I was the last girl to shoot that day, so when I was done, I was also the last girl that remained on location. The photographer & his assistant had been drinking pretty hard throughout the shoot, but I hadn’t given it much thought…that was until they entered the dressing room where I was about to get changed, & decided to keep me overtime for a little BDSM playtime. They wrestled me down & forced my arms back into a leather single sleeve to ensure I couldn’t fight back. Then they filmed me struggling helplessly while they tossed back one whiskey shot after another. The photographer set the camera down, only long enough to have his assistant remove my breasts from the bra & rope my thighs to leather ankle cuffs. After that, he shoved a green ball gag into my mouth & continued his filming. Those drunken bastards!
 Ashley Renee in Green lingerie tied up on sheep skin video

NAKED WAXING : Sarah Blake and I are tied naked entertwined on the kitchen table, our dripping cunts are overlapped, we get whipped viciously with crops, and floggers till we are a bright pink. We then get threatened with knife play and a good waxing. Sarah Blake and I are still bound on the kitchen table and both endure a very heavy waxing, intense cropping of our entire body, groping of our pussy and breasts plus a lot of knife play.
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February 24th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

DETECTIVE CHRONICLES : Captured and kept naked in a closet in nothing but cold chains, assorted gags and different positions. Begging for release on a daily basis… My captor has no mercy !

PRICK TEASE : Teasing, tied, suspended and drooling !

JANUARY SERAPH : The gorgeous Domina January Seraph makes a solo appearance in my fetish section.

RIDING SOLO (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I went to my ex-boyfriend’s house to drop off some of his things that he’d left at my place. I, of course, had to show up wearing something super sexy to torture him. So I showed up wearing his favorite transparent green latex hobble dress,complete with the collar, and cuffs he bought me,and a sexy pair of knee high ballet boots.It worked…perhaps, a little too well. Immediately he started begging & pleading for us to get back together. But, after I told him there, “wasn’t a chance in hell”….he grabbed me, & dragged me into his basement saying, “you are mine & I will never let you leave me!” He tied me up tightly on a white rug that he’d thrown on the floor, & left me there. I struggled to escape, but he returned with leather mittens, and chains that he used to tie me to a metal frame to ensure I couldn’t escape. A little while later, he returned again, this time with a ball-harness gag that he fed me to quiet my moans, & then left again, leaving me to wonder what he would do to me…that didn’t take him long, as he stuck a high intensity magic wand under my tight fitting dress, tying my head back to the frame , and watched as I came and soaked myself.
 Ashley Renee chained in latex video clip

TORTURED BREASTS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Fellow jail mates throw me in a enclosed solitary confinement box then wheel me into my jail cell where Mistress Miranda is impatiently waiting my arrival, She spanks my ass before tying me off by harsh nipple clamps. I’m interrogated and humiliated while my tits are severely beat and abused.Mistress Miranda is a very cruel femdom that won’t stop until my breast are given the punishment of a lifetime. This video includes interrogation, corporal, tit torture,punishment, spanking, groping, boot fetish, femdom, stockings and lingerie.

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