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November 29th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

That’s how I feel about this HOM inspired set. :-) It’s always nice to do something different, and part 2 of “Danger Zone” really brings me back to the good old Bonvue days. :-) I’m forced to put on a pair of pantyhose, opera gloves and high heels. When I realize exactly what my captor wants from me, I try and escape, only to fail when I’m cornered! He isn’t too impressed with my behavior, so he ties me in a strict hogtie, reminding me that he’s the one with all the control. I’m left terrified thinking about what lies ahead.

Ashley Renee

I’m Jewell’s pet for a full 24 hours. I’m strapped naked in the middle of a platform, probed and prodded, then fucked with a strap on. Afterward I’m rewarded for my best behavior.

Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau

UP TIGHT – Putting in overtime at work rarely earns me any points these days. Especially when the boss comes back to grab, grope and force himself inside me. He then leaves me on the floor for the morning shift to discover.

Ashley Renee

OUT OF THE CLOSET – I’m thrown into a cluttered closet, bent over in a strappado and cleave gagged. Then I’m retied on the floor, looking like a sexy struggling mess.

Ashley Renee in Strappado

PERVERSE – You’ll have to see this fetish set to appreciate it. So go ahead, take a look. :-)

Ashley Renee

Plus 2 new videos
JJ Plush invites me over to show me something. I have no clue what she’s so excited about. But I quickly learn when she pulls out duct tape and starts wrapping up my body. She cuts holes in my sweater so she can wrap my breasts, then clamps them, and watches the drool run down my face. She makes her way down my body and cuts the toes out of my sexy black pantyhose. JJ is a kinky girl, and I’m at her mercy. (A 22 minute hot video.)

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Also, Ian Rath from “Fetish Nation” ties me to a steel cross in a very uncomfortable position. He clamps a trail of clothespins all over my body before he pulls out a vibrator. He pulls them off at the same time I cum to have me experience the rush of a lifetime. I learn I’m a true ‘pain slut’ that night, as I do enjoy every minute of it. A very intense, extreme video with a lot of breast torture.

Ashley Renee & Ian Rath

Hope to see you inside. :-) Pretty Please. :-) I’m good at begging….I promise!

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HOM DAYS – old good time –

November 20th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I have only fond memories. memories that I cherish from my old “HOM” days! Everyone and everything seems to have changed this then. What people want to see, the girls they like, etc… Well, I’m so excited about my set this week. It reminds me of the classic good old days, but with a modern flair. Thanks to Jon Woods for bringing this reminiscent scenario to life. I don’t think it would be half as effective had it not be for his rigging and ‘bad guy’ work!

Ashley Renee & Jon Woods

I have quite the friends when it comes to amazing gear and at my site. I always say, ‘the one thing that is constant, is me’. However, to bring variety, I offer all the scenarios I can, in both photos and videos. Hence, damsel in distress, perils and hard S/M. But this time, I had an opportunity to go through my friend’s garage and borrow all her amazing metal gear. I wanted to feel it fastened on me, something quite elegant, but functioning as something ‘rough and tough’. :-) Here’s what the results look like. I could just fantasize forever.

Ashley Renee

Monique De Moan and I met on a hardcore set from way back, when and we were so attracted to each other! Here’s what happens when you get 2 girls, who are into sex and bondage, together with Jim Weathers standing there on the sidelines. :-)

Ashley Renee & Monique De Moan

I also haven’t put up a sneak peek of all my ‘behind the scenes’ and fetish pictures that I have just recently done.

Ashley Renee & Mika Tan

AND, last but not least, the amazing videos!

BROKEN IN! – I want all of JJ’s goods….and I do mean ALL! As I go searching through her valuables in my spandex catsuit, boots and nylon hood, to mask my identity, she wakes up. Then she wrestles me down, ties me up, shoves a huge wad of panties in my mouth, wraps tape around them, and then ties my head back to my boots. This is one of the most stringent hogties I have ever done! It’s rough and tough, and I love it! So much so, I want JJ to move here, just so she can tie me up everyday. :-)

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Plus, INNOCENT VICTIMS – Ariella and I are held captive by Damon Savage. He strips off our clothes, and makes us watch while each of us are vibed, tormented and penetrated.

Ashley Renee & Ariella Ferrera & Damon Savage

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Ashley’s Playroom updated 15 11 2010

November 15th, 2010 | Category: Playroom Update

Hey, I forgot to mention than I updated the video playroom this weekend.



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November 13th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I am so amazed by JJ’s work that I just had to brag about it! She flew down from Michigan just to tie me up for 2 days. I had all the fun! I honestly didn’t want her to leave! Here in LA, there aren’t many riggers with her style. Please appreciate, I love being a damsel in distress, and JJ’s amazing use of tape and rope leaves me speechless! I was dressed in a turtleneck sweater, mini skirt and pantyhose, when JJ decided to duct tape a good portion of my body. Then she cut out the breast area, taped them up, and applied clothes pins, to help me reach the end of my rope. (So to speak.) She then cut my pantyhose by my toes, and left me there struggling, helpless. Luckily for me, I have a 28 minute video of this scene as well, so I feel ultra spoiled!

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Personally, I feel as if it’s a real privilege to have JJ out here. I’m rarely bound like this, so for me, she leaves quite the lasting impression. I have 20 minute videos of all my work with JJ. YAY ME!

So what are you waiting for? If you click the ‘join’ button you get to see some of my 50 best videos, my latest work, archives, interviews and fetish sets. Even audio diaries. (I had to try something new.) I hope you’re tempted!

I had some members request certain archive sets, and we all know how much I like to please, so I was eager to post them.

Ashley Renee & Eve Ellis

Ashley Renee

I also have a very intense video up that’s actually 70 minutes in duration. Also, something I don’t usually shoot….. A sex slave broken, humiliated, trained and transformed into the perfect slave. I have 4 parts up so far. (15 min each.) Other sequential parts to come!!!

Ashley Renee

Anyway…. I hope you come in and join. It would really make me a happy submissive. ;-)


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November 06th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

….Besides a new set from Lorelei, where I’m a computer geek, that while fixing other peoples computers, develops a porn addiction.

Also, there’s a brand new series of SLAVE RING videos. I’m an undercover detective that gets caught up in a slave ring, and is forced to submit to becoming a serious sex slave. I’m willing to please at any cost, including being humiliated and pleasing multiple sex partners.

There’s a set with me being held for ransom, tied up in my pantyhose and sweater, with a vibrator and cleave gag.

Master Lew Rubens comes over to handcuff my wrists, ankles and breasts. He then controls me with an anal hook and nose ring.

Me and Jewell Marceau in a video, where we’re held captive, and take solace in each other while we’re tied and struggling.

And a very controversial picture set and video with a ‘Cardinal’ and my many, many sins!

The video and sets I’ve missed writing about the last 2 weeks, are endless. This weekend, my site is packed with new content. Plus, I’m working with JJ plush tomorrow. If you’re a member, you get to see more of what’s up and coming in the diary section!

Hope to see you inside!