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December 27th, 2008 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Check out the new photos with me sold to the higgest bidder in secretary attire and lots of pantyhose peeks :-)

Also my favorite sets with Eve Ellis, Lorelei, Viking and Damon Pierce !

New fetish pictures lubed and shiny in red latex for the holidays by the Gwen Media gang…….
Plus part 3 and 4 to my new Smothered video with Natali D More and my first breathe game. Watch as she ties me naked, sits on my face, first with jeans, then panties, and finally with her bare pussy taking all of my breathe away!
It’s a new game I finally discovered ..and my first time ever!
I was surprised at my reactions….:-)

AND, don’t miss a video ( by members request) with me and Claire Adams) take a look at the free peeks :-)

Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

Ashley Renee


Lowest Membership Rates Since I’ve Opened

December 15th, 2008 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts


I guess everyone is hurting right now, even me.   So, I decided to have the lowest rebill rates since I opened

Please remember there are over 50 new video clips inside my website, including this weeks new 15 minute video of me and Natalie, “Take My Breath Away”.    Where I’m personally delivered to Natalie in the back of a jeep with my street clothes.    After she finds me fully duct taped, she uncovers my mouth with alot of hand gagging.   She forces me out of the jeep and into a room where she makes me abide by her every rule.   She then slowly strips me out of my clothes, humiliates me, and decides to play the smothering breathe game with me.    She sits on my face, and slowly lets go till I’m often left breathless.   (This is a new experience for me, one of the first videos I’ve ever done like this……… can you believe I actually did something new?)

Ashley Renee



December 10th, 2008 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Yes it’s true! I’ve decided to update twice a week to see how it goes for awhile. I just put up my xmas set, archive and a new video of a super sexy suspension. I’m tied struggling halfway suspended in a see through nightie then Julie slowly ties me more and hoists me off the ground till I’m in a full blown suspension! I was really excited to post this since it’s been such a long time since my last flight! Suspensions are such a erotic high :-)

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December 04th, 2008 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

in a super long 2 part video ( including photos)……….

Natali D  More catches me masterbating (as Usual).   So she decides to contribute to my toy collection by adding some of her own toys including a tens unit, suction cups, a ball gag, and of course a vibrator.  When she gets the reaction she’s looking for she drags me over to the bondage table ass up and does a slow strip while my pussy slowly drips!
She makes me return the favor and while I’m still tied up goes back to work grabbing a mop and a bucket!
Doctor D More toled me she wasn’t the doctor at all but the office janitor!

( many more updates this week inside plus photos to Natali’s set )

Don’t forget I have a special membership discount this week..( lowest price in years)
I know how hard it’s been for everyone , me included :-(
So please take a minute to mull over the savings.:-)


Ashley Renee & Natali Demore