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July 18th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SPOT ON : Locked into stocks in my tight, shiny spandex catsuit. Then bound in tight rope, and a magic wand.

AMERICAN DREAM : Bound in my new Stars and Stripes hobble dress. Then tied even tighter with a single glove, and hood!
 Ashley Renee living her American Dream

JEANS BOUND : Startled when my boyfriend enters the room and catches me masterbating. He ties in my jeans, and a ring gag, then starts cropping me with various implements.

ASHLEY’S TORMENT : Poor Ashley is tied in a partial breast suspension, forced to cum while Damon whips clothespins off her nipples, pussy, and thighs. We feel sorry for you, Ash!

FOOT LOVERS : Tied, clamped, and spread eagled in a gorgeous vintage car!!!

NAKED ASHLEY : Tied in a chastity belt and two very difficult bondage positions…just because I can ! ( rigging by Lorelei)

WIDE OPEN : Spread wide open with boots, and pic!

HOT AS HELL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Alexis Taylor & her handsome boyfriend were back in town, so they decided to give me a call to see if I wanted to join them for a little retro play session. Of course, I eagerly accepted, knowing how hot my friend & her hunky man are. Her man was in the mood to see us struggling in some vintage lingerie, so he had us get into a couple of sexy corsets & stockings, & pose for him. We did so as we watched his manhood swell beneath his tight jeans. Then he decided that it was time to increase the sexual tension in the room & proceeded to tie us up. I was first to be bound & left to squirm as I watched him fondle Alexis huge tits while he maneuvered the rope around her body until, she too, was helpless. He put her by the fireplace near me & allow us to seduce him with our whimpers & moans. We could see him getting more & more excited as he started to stroke is hard cock over his jeans until he just had to set the beast free!And well. Lets just say, a good time was had by all. ;-)
 Hot As Hell with Alexis Taylor & Ashley Renee

ASHLEY’S BRUTAL CANING (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Damon Pierce tells me to dress in a sheer body stocking with an open crotch so he can access every part of me. He ties me in a stringent partial strappado suspension and pulls my head back in a harness so he has easy access to my big tender breasts. He takes out two canes and uses them simultaneously on my breasts and ass. The stinging sensation of them cracking down upon me leaves me sweaty, yet wanting more. I start pleading with my eyes as Damon pushes me past my limits. He rips open my nylon body stocking exposing my bare ass and vulnerable wet pussy. He then uses a single tail with expertise precision knowing how much I crave those wonderful marks. I’m lost in sub-space as this harsh play continues. The effects are undeniable and I have the marks to prove it.

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July 18th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SEXUAL HEALING : Bound and cumming in my hot fishnet bodystocking.
 Ashley Renee tied up in black lingerie

CHOKE HOLD : Viking ties me naked on the bed, shibari style in a choke hold, and socks.

HOME LOANS : My career as a realtor wasn’t working out as well as I expected. I decided to get motivated and start looking around for property to sell. I found a great house but when I knocked on the door the owner explained he might be convinced to sell. He invited me inside but while I was figuring out the square footage he knocked me out! I awake to find myself tied, half my clothes have been torn off and he was pulling out his huge hard cock. I couldn’t do a thing but plead as he threw me around roughly, shoved his dick in my mouth and then inside my pussy. He left me laying there moaning, helpless and distraught !

DISTRACTION : Tied is my favorite lingerie, and red rope!

AMERICAN DREAM (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It was the 4th of July & I was invited to a sunset barbecue hosted by some of my favorite fetish people! I knew that meant 3 things…1) wear latex, & 2) look hot, & 3) dress for the patriotic theme. I was eager to go & up for the challenge! I showed up wearing a super tight, super shiny, super sexy, American flag dress which was a big hit! Everyone wanted to play with me, but that honor was only going to be given to one lucky individual…. There was a guest at the party who had caught my eye. I’d never seen him before, but before we’d ever spoken a word, I knew I’d let him do whatever he wanted to me. He quietly escorted me away from the others to a room reserved for such occasions. There he bound me down on the table & tickle tortured my feet, watching me squirm & giggle. Then gagged me with a harness-ballgag & let me wriggle in my latex. After that, he told me he had plans for my mouth, so he removed the gag & bound me seated upright… Mmm, what a night?! ;-)
 Ashley Renee celebrating 4th july in latex & ropes

SECRETARY REVENGE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Ashley confronts Carissa Montgomery when she’s unhappy at work. She ties Carissa and rests her sexy stocking feet on Ashley’s nylons. Ashley tickles Carissa’s feet till she’s exhausted and out of breath ! Ashley isn’t finished when the boss arrives, strips them both down and ties the two struggling secretaries together !

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July 18th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

CRUCIFY ME : Julie Simone ties me to a cross, then spanks me hard with a rattan heart shaped whip, and makes me cum just for her!
 Ashley Renee in latex tied by Julie SImone

BULLWHIPPED : Locked in stocks with nipple clamps, and a bare bottom. Pro Villain whips the hell out of me!!

HIDE AND GO SEEK : Ashley is left to wonder and soon bound in a tight girdle, head harness and inflatable butt plug!

LIFE SENTENCE : Prison guard Natali Demore tires of my attempts at bribing her for my release. She pulls me over her knee and spanks me hard with her hand and a paddle. Then she ties me up naked on all fours with a steel hook up my ass, which is also vibrating my pussy. Then she ties me up again and forces me to lick her ass clean. She then leaves me tied and struggling for the morning guards to discover.

MAJOR TROUBLE : Punished, groped and tied !

SWOLLEN & PLAYROOM (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Everybody knows I love latex & I love pink, so image how happy I was when I arrived at my play session to find my wardrobe laid out for me, a baby pink, latex catsuit. I immediately went to put it on & relished the feeling of the lube & latex as I slid my new sexy costume on over my slippery bare skin until it almost completely encased me. After I emerged from the dressing room, & without a word, I was shown to the first piece of equipment that I was to straddle that day. I took my seat on the black leather horse & allowed myself to submit fully to my silent Master. At first, he started with a simple tie, allowing me ample time to squirm & wriggle in front of him. But then, as our session progressed, the ropes became tighter & the ties more elaborate. My breasts were plump and swollen as he tried to tie them tighter than I wanted. I struggled to keep my balance as he pulled me up onto my knees, connecting me to the ceiling, & I drooled from my inflatable gag all over my exposed swollen, tied breasts, as the crotchrope pulled between my legs. My Master got me so horny that day& he never did say a word.
 Ashley Renee in tied in pink latex

AGAINST HER WILL : Steve Villa shoves me into an abandon house. He ties me in my tight jeans and shirt then makes sexual advances towards me. He becomes furious when I won’t give in and stuffs my mouth with another woman’s full panties so tightly I nearly choke. To make matters worse, he gets a knock on the door. I scream and yell through my gag trying desperately to get the other persons attention. I can literally see her through the window! Despite all my efforts she doesn’t hear my desperate moans. Steve is so frustrated at this point, he pulls my jeans down, exposes my breast and roughs me up… only to leave me struggling and vulnerable on the floor with no way out :( Help !!

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July 18th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

A DAY AT THE GYNOCOLOGIST : I went to my GYN for a regular check up, and during my examination he suggested giving me a shot. I let him give me the shot…and that’s all I remember. He had clearly drugged me. When I came to, I found myself tied to his examination table with my legs spread wide apart, and feet bound in the stirrups. I was horrified when I saw that he had dressed me in a white latex corset, with my breasts completely exposed and an opening at the bottom for access to my pussy! I had white latex gloves on that were attached to the corset, that completely encased my fingers, making my hands useless. A ballgag filled my mouth, so much, it felt obscene! I don’t know how long I was out, but when I looked down between my legs, I saw he had inserted a bag to catch my pee….and to my embarrassment, I had used it. My humiliation became even worse when he entered the room and examined my now conscious body. He spread my legs and scolded me for the mess I’d made. Then he removed the pee-bag, & to my horror, inserted his cock in it’s place. He began thrusting inside me while pinching my nipples where he had now placed nipple clamps. He just continued to fuck me for what felt like days… I’m so ashamed.

POWER TRIP : Damon Pierce forces me to partially strip. He puts mousetraps , and clothespins on my breasts. To further the torture, he makes me stand, and continue stripping. Then he tapes my mouth shut and fucks me with a huge cock!

HOOKED : Bound in shiny latex , and a huge hook up my tight ass.

HOGTIED : JJ Plush ties me up on her bed, and forces me to cum with a magic wand. She then stuffs my mouth and wraps my head tightly! I’m tied into a strict hogtie, barely able to move, but of course, that’s the way JJ likes me.

COBIE : Introducing my awesome, and limber friend , Cobie!!

SEDUCTION (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Alexis Taylor’s boyfriend requested a threesome, and she did not want to disappoint. She asked me if Id be willing to play, & after seeing her handsome mans photo, I could not resist. He requested that we both dress in sexy black lingerie and allow him to tie us up however he pleased. He started by binding Alexis to the bed, arms stretched from post to post ,and legs spread wide open. Then he bound me to her, face down, between her legs, my wrists bound to her thighs. (I do have to admit, even I could see what a man would find seductive in this position.) Then he flipped me over, still keeping me bound to her thighs, but now face up, my breasts exposed, & clamps on my tender nipples. His techniques worked. Alexis, and I got so horny & worked up, between my face rubbing against her pussy and my pleasantly nipples that we were both ripe & ready for the next stage he had in mind..
 Ashley Renee &Alexis Taylor tied on bed

CLING WRAP (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Cling-wrap holds Ashley secure against the wooden post. She is naked but for her strappy high heels. She mmphs through her ballgag and squirms for a bit. Then a vibrator is added. It’s switched on and moved from speed #1 to 2 to 3. Ashley succumbs to a bondage orgasm. Afterward, her head is also wrapped… now she can’t move at all. – Bondage by Lorelei.
 Asheey Renee saran wrapped to a pole outdoor

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