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May 31st, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SOLE SURVIVOR : Bound in tight transparent latex, then had my tender, sensitive soles caned, tickled and slapped!

LOVE BUGS : Cobie and I are tied next to each other basking in our vulnerability :)

RIP TIDE : Cory Lane and I naked, struggling, and drooling.

THE WORKS : Suspended in tight latex, clips, nipple clamps, and a dental gag!

VULNERABLE : I went to my friends house to take look through there collection of bondage books. It actually inspired me to write my own diary this week but when Damon learned of this he tied me up instead. Pulled out the magic wand and forced me to cum over & over again.

BONDAGE GIRLFRIENDS : Rain DeGrey and I are sexy and promiscuous roommates, that are more than interested in adding a little bondage to our lives. Rain surprises me by calling in a rope expert, the beautiful and busty JJ Plush. We are so excited and curious to see what JJ can add to our already passionate relationship. JJ ties me up which includes some intense breast bonda.JJ enlists Rain to help her add some tight rubberbands to my breasts so that they bulge and pulsate. She ties Rain’s hands in a reverse prayer and adds tight nipple clover clamps. (JJ is such a sadist.) She adds clamps to my nipples too and then attaches our nipple clamps to each other, so even our slightest movement pulls She then removes the ballgag and stuffs my mouth with panties before wrapping my head. JJ isn’t being nice or considerate at all. She pulls my ankles back and attaches the rope to my hair, putting me in a very difficult hogtie. I’m literally sweating and am completely immobile. JJ gags herself with a huge ball, just to prove she can take what she dishes out. She finally leaves Rain and I there to plead through our gags, sweat, and cry for help.

TENDER SOLES (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m forced to dress in a transparent latex catsuit & hood. Master Feenix ties me in a two position strappado so he can have easy access to my sensitive feet. He begins to spank my tender bottom. He doesn’t care that the impact sends me jumping (as much as I could.) Then he begins to tickle torture my feet with various implements, including a cane that he buries deep in my feet, which sets me off laughing until I am at a complete loss for breath. My sides ache from laughing, & my soles ache from the whacks he gives me with the cane when he’s not tickling me. As if all of this torment isn’t enough, he then reties my legs, ankle to thigh, & then tightens the rope on my arms to hoist me up onto my knees, where I struggle to balance. Master Feenix is a sadist, and it shows!

 Ashley Renee latex video Tender Soles

JAIL BAIT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Ashley is hauled into one of the men’s cellblocks in a shiny latex straight jacket and subjected to the calloused, groping hands of the grubby perverts in the next cell. Mistress Miranda is just getting started though. She drags Ashley into a cell and strips her, then locks her warm flesh into cold steel restraints and a metal chastity belt. Ashley is teased through the chastity belt with a powerful vibrator and cries helplessly as she’s brought to several wracking orgasms. Ashley’s wet pussy literally drips as she’s forced to worship the feet of the formidable, British Mistress Miranda and left to struggle…all before the lustful eyes of the other prisoners.

 Jail Bait video with Mistress Miranda and Ashley Renee

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