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October 24th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

RAINBOW DASH : I wanted to be everyone’s favorite little pony for Halloween, but things turned bad very quickly. I was punished by getting my latex ripped, my arms tied and shoved into a strict strappado.

WILD THING : Dalton from puts me into a single glove and straps me on top of a metal cage the decides to strip off my clothes and shove me inside with steel handcuffs !

SKIN TIGHT : I was feeling super sexy in a tight spandex catsuit and leather boots, and all I wanted was to be tied up. My prayers were answered when Michael Keye walked in and found me teasing him with rope. He tied me up, covered my head with a spandex hood and gagged me with a ball. I was in heaven!

RED HOT LOVER : Bound and penetrated!

STEAM PUNK SPIES : Agent Kiki Daire uses a vibrator to interrogate my secrets out of me. I can’t be fooled so when the tables turn I strip Agent Daire down and tie her to the bed. Eventually using her own vibrator against her. We both discover the wicked colonel Everhard has double crossed us both and ties us side by side with a candy coated ball that will dissolve to an explosive center !!

INSIDE JOB: My boss ties me to a chair, forces me to hold my nipple clamps before he sticks a dildo deep inside.

SINGLED OUT : Feeling rough and wild in my fetish gear!

HOT FLASH (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I try to get Julie Simone’s attention by dressing up in a sexy bra, panties and garter, but all she wanted to do was tie me up and sleep with me!
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RISKY BUSINESS : Amber Michaels wants my job, but I refuse to give it up. She starts a catfight with me, but doesn’t realize w ho she’s messing with! At first I manage to over take her, but she gets her second wind and ties me over a desk. Then she ties me onto a chair, spreads my legs, cuts open my pantyhose, and pulls out a pair of nipple clamps that she has ‘conveniently’ has in her purse. I struggle in hope to get free, but she just ties me down harder. She shows off her beautiful breasts and pulls up her skirt before taking off with my job and my petty cash!
 Ashley & Amber Michaels video clip

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October 13th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

DEEP THROAT : Julie Simone ties me in a tight strappado, then forces me to choke on her cock!

COW POKE : Costume party gone bad when a cowboy comes back for me…

INSIDE JOB : My boss ties me to a chair, forces me to hold my nipple clamps before he sticks a dildo deep inside.

SERIOUS BONDAGE : Dalton straps me up, clamps my nipples, pulls a hood over my face, ear muffs so I can’t hear then invites his friends over for a little breath play.

MOTORING : Dressed in an electric blue catsuit, hood and ballet boots I’m fastened tightly in steel Martin cuffs and attached to the hood of Gords crazy fast truck… then without further notice Gord takes me for a wild ride through deserted roads and bumpy terrain.

TWO DAMSELS : Sandra Silvers and I are grabbed and shoved to the floor. We are tied tightly, and our mouths are taped shut. We’re fondled then left to struggle as the intruder leaves with our purses. But then, Sandra is able to partially untie me so I can escape and go for help.

BAD MOVE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It all started as a fun play session with Julie Simone… I dressed up for her, as she’d requested, and was very pleased with how much she enjoyed my lacy, hot pink lingerie, especially the sexy pink garter belt. But then, she shoved a big red ballgag in my mouth, & things got a lot more strenuous. She already had my hands tied, stretched way above my head, attached to her beds canopy. She then, kept adding more & more rope, I found myself instinctively kicking out with my free leg. Bad move! Because of that mistake on my part, I came to find myself balancing on no more than my right knee, as she had decided to teach me a lesson by making sure both of my legs were tightly, & helplessly bound. That will teach me….maybe?
 Julie Simone & Ashley Renee video clip

DOUBLE VIBRATIONS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m captured and thrown into a secluded, filthy garage. My hands are tied behind my back and I’m fitted with a head harness gag. My captor bends me over in a strict strappado, pulls my panties down and watches as I squirm and struggle. He then decides to stress my body even further, and brings in a vibrator which he attaches firmly to my pussy. I moan, as if begging for mercy, but this only excites him. He then pulls my head back so I’m struggling and drooling in discomfort. He adds another vibrator, but this time, it’s up against my ass. I’m bent over, helpless, struggling, unable to move, cumming with extreme force, and drooling all over my huge bound breasts.
 Strappado & forced orgasms video clip with Ashley Renee

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Video Playroom update : Medical Professional, Wet Nurse !, Edge Play

October 03rd, 2015 | Category: Playroom Update

MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL : The very experienced Nurse Samantha Grace informs me, Nurse Recruit Ashley Renee, that she’s going to start training me in the ways of a medical/sexual nature. She begins by inspecting my tits, pussy & ass, & then instructs me to sit in a medical chair, placing my legs in the stirrups, spread wide to make easily accessible my bare wet pussy. She ties my legs & arms apart & begins her “training” which entails, putting tight medical clamps on my nipples, fingering & masturbating my cunt, & strapping a thick metal hook inside me. She then finishes me off by twisting suction cups onto my now sore & tender nipples, & fucking me with a fat pink dildo.
Well, I have to say….I learned a lot….about what I like. >;-)

Ashley Renee & Kiny nurse Samantha Grace in latex

WET NURSE ! : I love sliding into my sexy, custom made nurse catsuit. It feels like a tight, wet second skin, the way it clings to my curves. I can’t help but lube my body up and get it nice, wet and shiny as I slither, slide and moan in ecstasy!
I just love latex. I make myself cum from the raw sexiness of it all.

Ashley Renee & Mistress January Seraph in latex

EDGE PLAY : I’m terrified when I fall off my horse in jodhpurs, boots and full riding gear only to discover a man waiting to tie me up.I’m bound and dumped on the side of a steep hill, hoping someone will hear me as I try not to squirm too much, and go tumbling downhill.

Ashley Renee hogtied outdoor


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