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April 10th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BLACKMAIL : When Alexis, and I leave after a tough business meeting, we are bound, and gagged because everyone is jealous of our brain power.
 Ashley Renee & Alexis Taylor tied up

HOT TODDY : Tied in my custom pin up bodysuit, no shoes for all my foot fetish guys, a new pink single glove, and a whole lotta drool. One sweet, struggling Ash!
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up and harness gag

VINTAGE : Viking ties me shibari style on top of a cool vintage car.

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE : Julie Simone is determined to get the truth out of me… But when I don’t tell her what she wants to know to her satisfaction, she ties me tightly to a tree, stuffs my panties in my mouth, gropes my bountiful breasts roughly, all before leaving me out there, abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

MAID OBSESSION : Cuffed, chained, and gagged when I was caught masturbating I stealing of keeping the kitchen clean.

STOCKS AND BONDS : Completely naked except for thigh high boots then fastened tightly in stocks with severe breast bondage, a ball gag, mouse traps and an anal hook…who could ask for more ?

ADVENTURES OF WUNDER WOMAN : Captured, suspended and penetrated.

CONFORTABLY NUMB : Tied by Fetish Nation.

HIGH END (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Mistress Julie Simone knew it had been quite some time since Ashley Renee had been strung up in a full suspension, so she invited her favorite plaything to come over & put her trust in Julie’s incredible roping skills. Ashley eagerly agreed, and arrived wearing a sexy midnight blue latex catsuit with a see through front panel, and ankle cuffs. Julie took her time harnessing Ashley’s upper body with red rope before attaching it to an overhead spreader bar. Ashley relished the idea of what would be in store for her as her dominating Mistress yanked her arms back, spread them apart, & roped them up high behind her, forcing her into a strappado. Julie then fed her a ball gag & began to lace the ropes through her ankle cuffs…after which, she hoisted her legs up behind her, one at a time, until they were also attached to the spreader bar, leaving Ashley completely suspended. Then the cruel torment began. Mistress pulled out a flogger & began striking the dangling beauty as she spun her around again & again. Ashley grew dizzy, became disoriented, & began to feel ill as the room seemed to twirl around her. But then, just as easily as Mistress had shown Ashley interest…she lost interest, & abandoned her plaything swinging high above the ground.
 Ashley Renee in latex suspended by Julie Simone

ROPE EXPERT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Saico came to my friends house to see her newly decorated 70’s room .Instead of looking at her funky furniture all his attention was diverted to me. He told me to take off my clothes,and handed me a garter and stockings. I quickly put on my sexy lingerie, and started rolling around on the bed. I was dripping wet, frolicking around in my lacy new undergarments …until Saico pulled out a ton of rope, tied me up, and started groping my tight, tied up tits, and spanking my ass. I was left helpless and struggling with a mouth full of stuffing, and tape with no one around to rescue me!
 Ashley Renee tied up in blue lingerie by Saico video clip

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