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November 21st, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

POTTY TRAINED : Super sexy shibari tie in shiny red latex in the bathroom at a upscale hotel. If they only knew.
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up

WRAPPED : Naked and gradually mummified completely against a pole, gagged with a big ball when a plastic bag is placed over my head for a game of breath control then I’m grabbed and my head gets wrapped tighter and tighter !

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

FINE DINING : TIm led into a dining room and harnessed, naked on the table. Then I’m tied spread eagle, anxiously awaiting our guests arrival, to be on vulnerable display as they dine.

WONDER ASHLEY : Wunder Woman is rendered powerless. Can you save her ?

BAD TO THE BONE : I love bikes and have always wanted to get tied to one, so Claire Adams came out and tied me to one in a strict and very complex chopper tie, which was completed with drool and hair bondage.

THE BIG EASY (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Buxom Julie Simone & I scheduled a play session together, as we had both admitted it had been way too long since we’d last enjoyed each other’s company. I showed up trying to look classically sexy for her, silk blouse, tight skirt, thigh highs, patent leather stilettos…. The minute I walked in, she had me take a seat on the couch & revealed a tremendous amount of red rope with which she had planned to bind me. The busty dominatrix wasted no time & got straight to tying me up. I started the session by pleading with her to go easy on me, which I quickly discovered was the wrong thing to say to my Mistress, as she immediately started binding my elbows together. I begged her not to, but she continued to bind them more tightly than they had been in years! Next, she began to bind my ankles, then my calves, then my thighs, until my legs were virtually encased in red rope. After she was satisfied with her rope work, she forced a ring gag into my mouth so she could watch me helplessly drool all over myself. I guess it serves me right for asking for mercy.
 Ashley Renee and Julie Simone playing kinky

ASHLEY RENEE’S LIMIT : Jim Martin asked me over to give him a show in my new sexy vintage panties. After I was done he tied my arms overhead and made me struggle for a long while. This pleased him so much . He tied up my huge breasts real tight. He could tell this really turned me on , so he added a vibrator just in time .

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