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I WISH – lot of things –

October 22nd, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

My car had new front tires.
My refrigerator worked.
My dishwasher didn’t break down.
That  people didn’t change.
That the economy got better.
That people could love rather than fight.
But more than anything, I wish I were tied up right now so I could express all my frustration inside.   :-(
Just like in this new set with Pro Dom Mistress Sable, as she fastens me into a leather straightjacket, ties me to a bondage chair,  pulls out my breasts and clamps them super tight, and then secures a hood over my head.  I’m completely lost in the moment and forget about life and all it’s problems.
Ashley Renee & Mistress Sable

And of course I take full advantage when Halloween rolls around. I get to dress up in cute little costumes. But, then, I never really needed an excuse now did I?
Ashley Renee

Plus, a very special update of ‘my favorites’ sets.
Ashley ReneeAshley ReneeAshley Renee

And, a special update with my best friend, Jacklyn Lick. She is a foot fetish ethusiast!
Ashley Renee & Jacklyn Lick

She is in my fetish section, of course!
You can find your favorite fetish including smoking, feet, mummification, balloons, high heels, stockings, etc., ect.!

AND…. a new bondage mummification video which is actually the highlight of this weeks update.
I was in very good hands as a close friend from serious bondage brought over his vet wrap and mummifies me to a very cool chair. He does some very interesting artwork as I serve as a canvas. I must admit I got a little sweaty and nervous as time went by, but that’s half the high! :-)

We ended up using plastic wrap over my breasts and a gas mask. Not only was it quite cool but it was a very intense hour!
I’ve only been mummified a few times and every time was quite diffeent from the next. This one was the most intense! I didn’t know what was coming. It was the last video of the night. I was exhausted. And because of that, I was extremely vulnerable, open, and susceptible to everything and anything !
Ashley Renee

This is a video you won’t want to miss!


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Ashley’s Playroom Token Site updated on 13 October 2009

October 13th, 2009 | Category: Playroom Update

Follow me on Twitter! token site has been updated wih 3 new videos.

BUNS UP. Sarah Blake and I in the medical room. I’m naked with full fashioned stocking and thigh highs. Then I get tied on all fours, menaced and vibed by Sarah Blake.

Plus SHOCK. Master pins me down with metal on the bondage table, takes out a tens unit and zaps me with electricity. In the end, he blindfolds me so that everything else can come as quite the surprise.

And the most popular video I’ve had lately… TIME OUT. I’m naked and ordered directly to the time out chair. I’m tied with chain and rope then put on display and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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October 10th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Finally…my friend made me a twitter page. Yay! So follow me in my first tweets!

Finally I was able to shoot a set in my original Playboy Bunny costume! (Yes, at one time I was a REAL Playboy Bunny!)
I’ve been talking about it forever….but now, it’s finally here!!! Thanks to my friends at and :-)

They thought of a cool scenerio and shot the pictures and video. I originally wanted to shoot a classic tie…(you know, just a walk down memory lane)…but this is much better. How can I argue with a kinky twist? I really hope you like it!

Also, my friend and fellow model Alexis Taylor shot this set with a pin-up type feel.
It was a little hard. She couldn’t help herself and wanted to direct me through the shoot but, hello…I march to my own drummer. What I feel, is what I do, so here you go.

I have two archive sets this week…

…And, a video shot by
The video was so amazing. The whole scenario was right up my alley (and a few other places.)
Psychological mind games, torture, humiliation and tied spread eagle and struggling on a dungeon floor.
What more can anyone ask for?

There’s also a video with Sasha Monet.

Don’t forget… Inside you also get interviews with my friends, popular models and riggers.
Over 50 new videos, archives fetish section, artwork, behind the scenes and more… So what are you waiting for?
Come inside and see what it’s really like inside the minds of the twisted, kinky submissives. :-)

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October 04th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

That’s what I found myself in, shackles and metal gear chained to a wooden box smack dab in the middle of a dungeon.
Ashley Renee & serious bondage

CENTERPIECE… I’m tied naked spread eagle on a dining room table awaiting guests, HOW EMBARRASSING!
Ashley Renee

Jon Woods enjoys tying me in his old dirty garage.
Ashley Renee & Jon Woods

And Mika Tan and I are having fun fooling around in bondage. (This is in the fetish section)
Ashley Renee & Mika Tan

Plus, episode 10 of ‘Target Ashley’, exclusively from
Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

And my great latex Military video with Sergeant Julie Simone. Watch as she smokes in my face, shoves my wet panties in my mouth, and tries to suspend me as I try and hold my balance and basically torments me to death!
Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

And, they gorgeous Sasha Monet and myself roleplaying! Teachers Pet! :-)

Don’t forget if you aren’t a big fan of recurring transactions, I have,
where you can purchase tokens for $20, $40, and $50, and then download exactly what you want!

I just uploaded new videos…and pics so if you get a chance have a quick peek.
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee & Sarah BlakeAshley Renee & rubber dynasty

Have a great weekend, and I hope each and everyone of you join my site! :-P