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Oct 10


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Finally…my friend made me a twitter page. Yay! So follow me in my first tweets!

Finally I was able to shoot a set in my original Playboy Bunny costume! (Yes, at one time I was a REAL Playboy Bunny!)
I’ve been talking about it forever….but now, it’s finally here!!! Thanks to my friends at and :-)

They thought of a cool scenerio and shot the pictures and video. I originally wanted to shoot a classic tie…(you know, just a walk down memory lane)…but this is much better. How can I argue with a kinky twist? I really hope you like it!

Also, my friend and fellow model Alexis Taylor shot this set with a pin-up type feel.
It was a little hard. She couldn’t help herself and wanted to direct me through the shoot but, hello…I march to my own drummer. What I feel, is what I do, so here you go.

I have two archive sets this week…

…And, a video shot by
The video was so amazing. The whole scenario was right up my alley (and a few other places.)
Psychological mind games, torture, humiliation and tied spread eagle and struggling on a dungeon floor.
What more can anyone ask for?

There’s also a video with Sasha Monet.

Don’t forget… Inside you also get interviews with my friends, popular models and riggers.
Over 50 new videos, archives fetish section, artwork, behind the scenes and more… So what are you waiting for?
Come inside and see what it’s really like inside the minds of the twisted, kinky submissives. :-)

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  1. redlightgypsy October 16th, 2009 2:17 pm

    quality and quantity went hand in hand that weekend :-)

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