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April 23rd, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

It’s always amazing to me that my work, is actually play. :-) I wonder how many people are this lucky? All I do is grab my bag of goodies, knock on my friend’s door, and voila, I get tied up! Submission has always been a part of who I am, even from day one. I always say I was born this way. I have always been a natural ‘people pleaser’ and I hate confrontation of any kind. So, instead of fighting against what I was born to be, I just embraced it. So here I am living my dream….

STOLEN GOODS – I was having a great time at my friend’s costume party, until I was carried off and taken to a hidden location. I was thrown on the floor and tied up by a woman (JJ Plush) in several different positions. I was given a variety of gags to compliment my skin tight silver spandex bodysuit. She seemed to have some kind of oral fixation, so she invited the man who brought me there in to have some fun with me. JJ sat back and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, at my expense!

Silver uniform

MAID SERVICE – I’m bound in a classic chair tie in my sexy sheer maid outfit. I’m fondled and threatened by the head of the household.

Maid service

BONDAGE ORGASMS – I’m tied with my legs spread wide open on the floor of a dungeon in yellow latex. There’s a vibrator on me, and I just keep cumming and cumming!!

Latex body lingerie

NATURAL DISASTER – When I go over to Jon Woods house to borrow his computer, he ties me up in my jeans and t-shirt!

housewife in Jean

SEDUCED – It’s not very often I’m ordered to seduce a woman, so imagine my excitement when that woman was Jenni Lee. After we’re all fired up, I get tied tightly in between Jenni’s legs with tons of clothespins, checking out an amazing view.:-)

Two girls in distress

ONE ON ONE WITH SAMANTHA GRACE – My personal interview and hand-picked guest gallery with the beautiful fetish model Samantha Grace.

Samantha Grace


AMBUSH – I went looking for help when my car broke down on my way to a fancy dinner party. Instead of finding what I needed, a man appeared out of nowhere and dragged me off to a hideaway. He tied my elbows and ankles tightly, threatened me with a knife, shoved a gag in my mouth, then proceeded to grab my breasts as hard as he could. He then forced himself inside me, after which he finished me off with a vibrator. When he was done, he threw me on the floor, spread my legs, and violated me in every humiliating possible way. The minutes turned into hours as I lay at his mercy. I never thought it would end, until suddenly he just got up and walked away, throughly disgusted. I’m left torn and tattered in the dirty old shed, hoping to get rescued by another passerby. (photos inside)

Ambush video montage

WILDLIFE – I was so excited to wake up bright and early in search of hidden eggs Easter morning. While following the colorful bunny trail, I was shocked to see the Easter Bunny herself ( Desi D’angelo.) She grabbed me tightly, tied me up, and chuckled as she made me hop around. My big breasts pounding hard against my skin. When I grew tired, she left me with a souvenir (a stuffed bunny.) It was something to always remember her by when Easter Morning would come again.

Easter kinky bunny video preview

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I hope you like this weeks updates!!


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April 07th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I love fulfilling my fantasies with Lorelei and Jon Woods. I never have to tell them anything, we know each other so well. :-) I just walk in, and they take it from there. One of my biggest ‘turn ons’ is being with someone who takes over. I guess that’s why I’m submissive. The whole power exchange excites me! I also love being the center of attention, so when I work/play, it’s only doing things that I like or want. :-) Switching from the helpless damsel, to the sex crazed tied up kitten, is something that’s all me. Inside you’ll find my personal weekly diaries, archives (dating way back), a fetish section, interviews, artwork, photo sets, and more… I must admit, I’m probably the only person alive who favors pictures over video. (Although I do both.) There’s nothing more gorgeous than a frozen moment in time! That’s why I believe in QUALITY all the way in anything I do.

Well here’s just a small potion of my BONUS updates this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, especially the set this week with Jon Woods, and the amazing new video with the voluptuous JJ Plush. Remember, there are videos to go with all of the photo sets. :-)

Also check out my new and archive video token site recently updated at

AMBUSH! – I walk, looking for help after my car breaks down on my way to a dinner party.. Suddenly, from out of the bushes, this man grabs me and drags me into a nearby filthy shed. I try desperately to fight him off, but he overpowers me. He ties my arms and legs and shoves a ball in my mouth. I try to scream, but my sounds are muffled. I squirm frantically while drool seeps from my mouth. He throws me onto the floor, squeezes my breasts and unzips his pants. I’m at his mercy. When he’s done with me, he pulls out a vibrator and forces me to cum. Then he leaves me there to hope someone will eventually find me.

Americandamsel's rules

TIGHT ROPE – I’m tied with very tight rope, in a very uncomfortable position while wearing my sexy garter belt. I’m gagged, given nipple clamps and a crotch rope. There’s tons of drooling.

bound in purple lingerie

COCK WORSHIP – I’m taken to a dungeon where I’m forced to learn various lessons through humiliation, cock worship, bondage and submission. I’m also used as a sex slave. Various toys are shoved in my ass forcing me to break down and become the perfect slave. When Master is done with me, he makes a phone call to sell me off for a very high price!

on my four

BLUNDER BROAD – “Leopard Lady” (Jewell Marceau) has something very different in mind when she makes a phone call to ruin me! She invites a reporter to her place (Anna Mills), chloroforms her, and threatens her to carry out her plan of blackmail and deceit. When I arrive at the meeting, Leopard Lady knocks me out, ties me up, and fucks with me using various toys. Then she reveals her plan. She makes the reporter fuck me with a strap on and she takes pictures to capture the moment for use in her blackmail scheme. Then she leaves me bent over with my costume pulled down, waiting to seal the deal…

Backstage photography

EAST OF EDEN.- Eden Wells knows how to make me happy. :-) She has us both dressed in latex, since she knows that’s one of my many weaknesses, then she uses me every way possible. Ring gags, enemas, inflatables, dildos, and anything else she can find. :-)

Latex Queen and her servant

MAID SERVICE – I know exactly how to please Miss JJ Plush. I dress myself in a sexy corset, stockings and stilettos, then wake her up with her morning coffee. She’s so aroused by seeing me dressed up, that instead of drinking her coffee, she places cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Then she gags me with a ball and watches me parade around her house showing off my outfit. She then removes my ball gag and shoves my apron in my mouth. (JJ loves to see my mouth stuffed.) She wraps my mouth good and tight, and then starts on my elbows and knees. She exposes my breasts to play with them. She tells me how much they turn her on, and then leaves me there to struggle. She then makes me cum just by talking to me! I’ve been a very good maid today!

Maid service video preview

DON’T GET ME STARTED! – I’m laced into a very tight, sexy corset, black pantyhose, and a single sleeve. I can’t help but feel sexy as ever. Jim Martin comes in to tie me up some more, and watches as I struggle about, drooling all over my big breasts and moaning. Then he rips open my pantyhose and ties a dildo to my pussy, just to tease me. I rub against the ropes and toy, but all it does is make me frustrated begging for more. I’m finally let out to go wild and cum all over myself!

Don't get me started video preview

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HAPPY DAYS!!! – JJ Plus is back –

April 02nd, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I was so excited….JJ was back in LA to shoot with me! I always think we do the best work together! :-) I could drown myself in her….literally! She’s like being addicted to something too great to be true. This sexy girdle-maid video was our first venture together. I can’t stop looking at it. :-) Everything we shot has video to go along with it….at least 14 minutes worth! I also met someone new…..Dave, from “Assume the Position”. We’re already planning our next spanking/caning rendezvous together.
It’s no secret that I hate parties. So when I met up to shoot with my friends from “Serious Bondage”….and we walked into the room….and saw about 20 people….I got a bit nervous. But I wasn’t nervous for long, because after looking around, I realized everyone that was there, I knew quite well!
Last week I was shooting with JG’s “Creature” and wow….what can I say? I have put up a big ‘behind the scenes’ set of me getting into this rather complicated gear. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, so despite my reservations, I can now actually brag…I DID IT!! I feel so good about myself.

So along with this terrific update…… is also updated with 6 new videos, plus my new clips for sale store is updated daily at

Enjoy the updates. They’re my best ever!

MADE FOR BONDAGE – JJ Plush loves her maids to be dressed in full sexy girdles, stockings and stiletto heels. She wants the perfect eye candy to motivate her into handcuffing my wrists and cuffing my angles. She then binds my knees, tapes them securely in place, shoves my apron in my mouth, and tapes and binds my face. She adds chain as a finishing touch! JJ has the perfect bondage maid. :-)

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

ESCAPED CONVICT – I’m just sitting on my couch working on my site, when out of nowhere an escaped convict barges into my house! He ties and gags me, grabs my breasts, forces his way inside me, and threatens that if I tell anyone about what happened, he’ll come back for more!

Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder

BATHING BEAUTY – I was just laying out, sunning myself by the motel pool in my sexy pin-up bathing suit and cap. I didn’t expect to end up having my elbows tied, my feet tied to a spreader bar, and my mouth taped up. All this while just trying to catch some rays!

Ashley Renee

THE CREATURE – (behind the scenes) – The process of getting into one of the greatest inventions ever created in the bondage arena by world famous JG Leathers. I’m strapped into a bungee cord suspension, all in leather gear and wearing a very complex bra with inserts for glass suction and electrical voltage. My leather panties have a hole where an electrical dildo is placed deep inside, finished off by a ball gag and gas mask. I have to breathe through some thick tubing of water and work to get my air….all while suspended with JG controlling the voltage. I can be pretty tough when I want to be. :-) (I have video of the whole wild ride)

Ashley Renee & Serious bondage

SUPER ASHLEY – (chapter 6) – Turning into a superheroine isn’t as easy as it looks. Another chapter made for by “”.

Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

ASHLEY’S HUSBAND – Business woman Ashley Renee has another appointment with her mistress JJ. Apparently her husband thinks she is up to know good so he follows her and peeks into JJ’s house. He can’t believe what he sees…His wife willingly be tied up, gagged and fondled by another one. He bursts into the house seething and tries to prove to his wife that he can do these sorts of things too if that is what she is into. Ashley denies being into it as he roughly ties up JJ and then removes her panties, stuffs them into her mouth and wraps her head with some duct tape he saw nearby. He runs off to find another pair of JJ’s panties to stuff into his wifes mouth after he removes the ballgag and then wraps her head with duct tape. He puts JJ in a hogtie on the couch and then bends his wife over the side of the couch and pulls her pantyhose down and proceeds to bang her right in front of JJ against her will.

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush & Steve Villa
??CHESS MASTER – I was so bored. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend would rather play chess then tie me up. I begged and pleaded and finally he started doing something. He tied me to my chair in front of his favorite game, but instead of playing with me, he decided to rob me. I told him he could take whatever he wanted as long as he’d let me cum. He left me with a vibrator and my television set.

Ashley Renee

Enjoy my newest adventures!


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