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Apr 2

HAPPY DAYS!!! – JJ Plus is back –

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I was so excited….JJ was back in LA to shoot with me! I always think we do the best work together! :-) I could drown myself in her….literally! She’s like being addicted to something too great to be true. This sexy girdle-maid video was our first venture together. I can’t stop looking at it. :-) Everything we shot has video to go along with it….at least 14 minutes worth! I also met someone new…..Dave, from “Assume the Position”. We’re already planning our next spanking/caning rendezvous together.
It’s no secret that I hate parties. So when I met up to shoot with my friends from “Serious Bondage”….and we walked into the room….and saw about 20 people….I got a bit nervous. But I wasn’t nervous for long, because after looking around, I realized everyone that was there, I knew quite well!
Last week I was shooting with JG’s “Creature” and wow….what can I say? I have put up a big ‘behind the scenes’ set of me getting into this rather complicated gear. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, so despite my reservations, I can now actually brag…I DID IT!! I feel so good about myself.

So along with this terrific update…… is also updated with 6 new videos, plus my new clips for sale store is updated daily at

Enjoy the updates. They’re my best ever!

MADE FOR BONDAGE – JJ Plush loves her maids to be dressed in full sexy girdles, stockings and stiletto heels. She wants the perfect eye candy to motivate her into handcuffing my wrists and cuffing my angles. She then binds my knees, tapes them securely in place, shoves my apron in my mouth, and tapes and binds my face. She adds chain as a finishing touch! JJ has the perfect bondage maid. :-)

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

ESCAPED CONVICT – I’m just sitting on my couch working on my site, when out of nowhere an escaped convict barges into my house! He ties and gags me, grabs my breasts, forces his way inside me, and threatens that if I tell anyone about what happened, he’ll come back for more!

Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder

BATHING BEAUTY – I was just laying out, sunning myself by the motel pool in my sexy pin-up bathing suit and cap. I didn’t expect to end up having my elbows tied, my feet tied to a spreader bar, and my mouth taped up. All this while just trying to catch some rays!

Ashley Renee

THE CREATURE – (behind the scenes) – The process of getting into one of the greatest inventions ever created in the bondage arena by world famous JG Leathers. I’m strapped into a bungee cord suspension, all in leather gear and wearing a very complex bra with inserts for glass suction and electrical voltage. My leather panties have a hole where an electrical dildo is placed deep inside, finished off by a ball gag and gas mask. I have to breathe through some thick tubing of water and work to get my air….all while suspended with JG controlling the voltage. I can be pretty tough when I want to be. :-) (I have video of the whole wild ride)

Ashley Renee & Serious bondage

SUPER ASHLEY – (chapter 6) – Turning into a superheroine isn’t as easy as it looks. Another chapter made for by “”.

Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

ASHLEY’S HUSBAND – Business woman Ashley Renee has another appointment with her mistress JJ. Apparently her husband thinks she is up to know good so he follows her and peeks into JJ’s house. He can’t believe what he sees…His wife willingly be tied up, gagged and fondled by another one. He bursts into the house seething and tries to prove to his wife that he can do these sorts of things too if that is what she is into. Ashley denies being into it as he roughly ties up JJ and then removes her panties, stuffs them into her mouth and wraps her head with some duct tape he saw nearby. He runs off to find another pair of JJ’s panties to stuff into his wifes mouth after he removes the ballgag and then wraps her head with duct tape. He puts JJ in a hogtie on the couch and then bends his wife over the side of the couch and pulls her pantyhose down and proceeds to bang her right in front of JJ against her will.

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush & Steve Villa
??CHESS MASTER – I was so bored. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend would rather play chess then tie me up. I begged and pleaded and finally he started doing something. He tied me to my chair in front of his favorite game, but instead of playing with me, he decided to rob me. I told him he could take whatever he wanted as long as he’d let me cum. He left me with a vibrator and my television set.

Ashley Renee

Enjoy my newest adventures!


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  1. redlightgypsy April 7th, 2011 8:30 am

    truely great updates this time,specially like the new jj plush set and can’t await to see more of the creature in action :-)

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