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October 25th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SQUEEZE BOX : Tied in a very extreme position with ballet boots, and a head harness. After a bit of struggling, I drop to the floor, my head harness is pulled back to my tied elbows and I can hardly move a muscle.

BREATHLESS : Restrained in a beautiful leather corset, gas mask and straps.

FORCED ENTRY: Viking ties me up and forces his way inside of me.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN : Decided to treat myself this Halloween.

PLAY TIME : With Ashley and Mistress Isabella, some rope, clothespins, paddles and whatever else Mistress chooses!

THE INTRUDER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m out of town on business & had just barely entered my hotel room, when a masked intruder overpowers me & tightly binds my upper body with rope. He gropes & fondles me aggressively over my tight black skirt & red silk blouse, hiking my skirt up to reveal my sexy panties beneath sheer black pantyhose. It’s a futile struggle as I try to free myself from his exploring hands. He is simply too strong for me to resist. I squirm helplessly under his clutches as he opens my blouse & slides his lustful hands into my bra, cupping my bountiful breasts. He squeezes my big tits & pinches my nipples, hardening them under his fingers. Then he ties me down on my back on a table & begins to rub my pussy with one eager hand, while the other covers my mouth to hush my moaning. Then he feeds a ball-gag into my mouth & binds my legs so that he has easy access to ashamedly wet pussy. He leaves me for a moment, only to return with a vibrating wand that he begins to vigorously work on my clit through my now wet panties. I keeping praying that I won’t allow this horrible man to make me cum, but there is nothing I can do. I feel my clit swell beneath his device as it beings me to climax. 

DIRTY LAUNDRY : I arrived home early from work that evening, so I thought it was finally time I did my laundry. It had been sitting there for days. Before I could even start drying my undergarments, a man( Steve Villa) barged through my garage door, grabbed me, stuffed my panties in my mouth, wrapped my face, and threw me down on the laundry room floor. Luckily for me, or so I thought, my roommate came home early and heard me. I was shocked when he left me where he found me. He just went off searching for the ‘bad man’. When he returned, instead of helping me, he tied me even tighter! Then he grabbed and squeezed my breasts, pulled off my panties, and totally took advantage of the whole situation!

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October 07th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

LIVING DOLL (New video inside) : Slowly transformed into a real living doll that’s forced to cum on command.

SERIOUS BONDAGE : Dalton puts mits on my hands a gag in my mouth, a blindfold over my eyes then straps me down so I can’t move a muscle and Deny’s me my intense orgasms.

ROUGH AROUND THE EDGE : A fugitive finds his way to my house and forces his way inside. He ties me up in the dirty garage and fucks me till it hurts. I beg and plead for him to stop, but all my whining only serves to infuriate him further. So he ties me even tighter and then leaves me humiliated and disoriented.

SEXY : Julie Simone ties me tightly in my sexy lingerie!

ABDUCTED : Left to struggle, moan and plead for my safe release while my captor revels in delight.

WEBMASTER CORNER : My webmaster picks his favorite archive sets with Eve Ellis and Jim Weathers…

HOOKED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m completely encased in a tight red latex bodysuit complete with full red latex mask, that even has a zipper across my lips to ensure I keep my mouth shut. Adorning my feet are black patent leather knee-high ballet boots that keep my toes harshly pointed. I make sure to rub myself down with lube to keep myself extra shiny & slippery. Then my upper body is bound with with rope, extra tight so the ropes won’t slip off of the ultra lubricated latex enveloping me. After that, my legs are tied ankle to thigh, & I’m left there to struggle, before being made even more helpless by being pulled into a frog-tied hogtie. Then the zipper at my crotch is opened exposing my wet pussy & tight ass. For final measure, a cold metal butt-hook is shoved deep inside my ass where it is then tied in place to make sure that I will be unable to remove it. All I can do is roll around on the cold dungeon floor, moaning with a combination of pleasure & pain.

 Latex Video clip Hooked with Ashley Renee

FOOT FUCK (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Julie Simone, wearing a latex dress and high end seamed stockings with Cuban heels, ties up Ashley Renee and lectures her about letting any loser who pays her attention tie her up! Julie has fun playing with Ashley’s huge, soft tits. She squeezes them, smacks them and pulls on Ashley’s nipples. Now that Julie Simone has Ashley Renee all tied up, she forces Ashley to worship her stockinged feet, in attempt to teach Ashley about true submission. At first Ashley is resistant but Julie ups the stakes until Ashley is ready to do whatever the cruel redhead wants. Julie removes her sheer seamed cuban heeled stockings and forces Ashley to taste the flesh of Julie’s bare feet.

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October 06th, 2014 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HOOKED : Tied and immobile with a steel hook inside in my ass!

POWER CONTROL : My new boss threatens me with a knife, strips off my clothes and takes advantage of me while I moan and struggle to get free!

A TOUCH OF GLASS : Jim Martin ties me tightly in a corset and, stockings them buckles a dick in my mouth!

JAIL BAIT : Mistress Miranda has a thing for felonies in latex straight jackets, metal and forced orgasms !

CHAIN REACTION : My master has me all naked and chained, then tied in a very harsh semi suspension pulled up by a crotchrope and .extreme breast tension!

PUSSY TO PUSSY : Jewell Marceau takes me on boob to boob and pussy to pussy. I’ve clearly lost this battle!

X FRAME : Tied, suctioned, turned and twisted !

LIVING DOLL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I’m dressed in head to toe pink, from my pink wig & pink lipstick, to my pink latex unitard with super high pink heels. At first, I’m only bound at my waist & ankles by shiny black rubber strips, allowing my hands to move freely across the tight lubed up latex covering my body. The very feel of it excites me to the point that I can’t help but rub my pussy. Next, my hands are strapped up above me, where I struggle erotically before being bent forward into a strappado with my hands pulled up behind me, & a harness ball-gag strapped to my face. After that, my position changes again. I’m fitted with black puffy latex mittens that are attached to a black waist belt that holds a vibrating wand against my clit. I thrust & moan while rubbing my pussy against the device. Then things take a turn for the weird. My wig & harness gag are replaced with a latex doll mask, beneath which I can barely breath as I come to climax from the vibrator, as a human doll.

 Living Doll video clip

SECRETARY IN DANGER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Michael Keye chats me up at a public convention and lures me into his private hotel room. He quickly pulls out some rope and starts tying me up. I begged and pleaded and told him in no uncertain terms to release me or he would be in big trouble. He didn’t care at all as he cinched a thick cleave gag tightly In my mouth. I quickly realized I was incapable of speaking but I could throw daggers at him with my eyes. Realizing he wasn’t winning my heart with his rope, he promises to untie me if I’d let him take me to dinner and tie me up again later. I tell him anything he wants to hear just to be released and hopefully make a run for it!! He’s not convinced of my sincerity, so he leaves me bound and gagged wondering if I’ll ever get rescued!

 Secretary in Danger video clip

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