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August 27th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Yes, my Playboy Bunny costume is for sale.   What more can I say?  A girls gotta do what she’s gotta do.  :-(

I can’t stand hearing the phone ring with bill collectors ranting on the other end so I decided to sell one of my most prized possessions.  If anyone is interested please contact me at

I’ll probably write you back in a tear stained email but at least there’s a light.

Besides that drama, I shot with Samantha Grace and in a sick and twisted medical scenario.  The free peeks don’t begin to show what the sets about but I’m sure you can use your imagination!
Ashley Renee & Samantha Grace

In all the years I’ve had my web site, I don’t believe I’ve ever put up a behind the scenes video.  But I thought you’d find it rather interesting, funny and you’d get a sense of how a photo shoot goes.  I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.
Ashley Renee

And another video…. The devil made me do it!!! LOL
Ashley Renee

I found an old archive set when Eden Wells and I opened our web site   The first person we shot with was Andrea Neal and since she retired I thought I’d put up this gorgeous set for all her fans.  Not to mention the leg men out there!   (So many close ups and legs to last forever!)
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee & Andrea Neal & Eden Wells

My previous webmaster Rachel Paine at generously let me use this set awhile back.  I just ran across it and thought it was a reminder of some great times as well as a rough struggle.
Hope you like it …
Ashley Renee & Rachel Paine

Also some archives by Ikarus Jones.
Ashley Renee & Ikarus JonesAshley Renee & Ikarus Jones

I hope you like the updates and decide to join …   I promise you won’t be sorry, especially since I have just increased my picture size…to GIANT HIGH RES!!


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PROUD OF MYSELF – Serious Bondage strike again –

August 21st, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I am proud of myself, because I endured so much in this weeks first set!!!

I am completely strapped down and immobilized with straps, ball gag, a hood, earmuffs, mitts, nipple clamps and a vibrator.
Not to mention al the sensoray deprivation games I endure ………….. wow! (Don’t forget you can click the photo below to see more!!!)
Ashley Renee & serious bondage

Also, part 2 to my Sci-Fi set with The Space Invader! ( part 1 is inside the members area)
Ashley Renee

I also had fun picking out sets from BEST OF ASHLEY moments, including rigging by Ernest Green, Viking, Jim Martin, Jon Woods and Lorelei from bedroom bondage. (Again, click the photos to see more, there really are too many to post here!)
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee & Lorelei

Last but not least a super great new video of me all in latex and spike high heel boots clamped down and shocked!
If anyone really knows me, they are aware I’m extremly terrified of shock teatent. So you get some extra special reactions! :-)
Ashley Renee

Hope you’ll join to see me at my best!!
You know I always appreciate the support!

And don’t forget to chat with me and special guest Julie Simone on Aug 28th (Friday) at 4 pm est!!!



FREE CONTENT!!!! – A Big Pain –

August 12th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I bet that got everyones attention :-)

Yes , the only problem with the word FREE is that all of us trying to make a living doing what we love suffer. And we suffer in a big way! Pretty soon, we’ll all be out of buisness. There was even an article about it today in the LA Times. It talked about how the adult industry is hurtng badly! Myself included!

Most everyone wants and gets free content. But that takes a big toll on our websites! We work so hard bringing our fantasies to life, don’t you know! And now were giving everything away for free. Remember I’m a damsel so I have no problem begging.

So, here goes!! Please, Please, if you hae a favorite model or favorite site, support their work. We are a dying breed. HELP!! SOS!!! RESCUE ME!!!!

I have no shame.

Besides scrimping for money to get new brakes for my car, I got to shoot an extremely hot and graphic blasphemous set this week. This is part 2, part 1 is inside the members area! Yes, the Cardinal tries to perform an exorcism to rid me of all my deadly sins. This set is complete with flogging, waxing, sacred penetration, trust me, it’s all here!

Ashley Renee

I also have my persoal latex, bondage board set, blindfolded and zappped with electrical currents. I actually have a huge fear of electricity but no one seemed to care as they sat there and casually placed it on level 10!
Ashley Renee

I seldom get to shoot with my ex-fiance and his wife, porn actress Alexandra Silk, but we got together! We thought up a mutual fantasy of ours and lived it out at Luc Wylders office, Fallen Angel Productions.
Ashley Renee & Luc Wylder & Alexandra Silk

Also, a quirm and squiggle set in a beautiful corset and stockings with a ball gag and dildo …. down my throat of course!
Ashley Renee

But the best part of this week is the video I shot with!!!
I’m actually tied to a dungeon wall in latex, and my hair is wrapped in bondage as well. Then Kevin comes along with all kinds of different implements! It was our first time working together, so we had no idea of each others tolerance. I soon found out who I was dealing with and vice versa! It was hot! So when you see the look of fear in my eyes, you know it’s true!
Kevin comes at me with this piece of wood. I tried to mumble, but no one understood gag talk. Before I knew it I was being spanked with a board! He spanked me everywhere and then he breaks it on my body!
Ashley Renee & rubberdynasty

The next day I had bruises everywhere but I just look at it as the mark of a great time. I’m actually proud of them to be honest. I guess I’m just a masochist, if you only knew! And a session with Mistress Isabella…… guess you’ll have to look at the free peview for that one. Nothing with this Mistress should go unattended!

Enjoy and remember ….I’m begging !!!



August 07th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Damon Pierce comes over to play a little game with my head.  He makes good on his threat to tie me up in a compromising position.   Then, alternates between orgasm denial and tickling to force me into a huge orgasmic explosion.
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

Also my friends from Rubber Dynasty and I get together for a late night session of latex and torture.   A black latex catsuit, restraints, gag, single tail flogger, and last but not least, and gradually teased with a two by four until it breaks!
Ashley Renee & Rubber Dynasty

Also an unusual mummification!  With vet wrap, medical clamps, and surgical gloves.
Ashley Renee

And let’s not forget when Amber Michaels and I decide to play, things get really heated with girl/girl action and bondage sex and an unexpected visitor.
Ashley Renee & Amber Michaels

And I’m really excited about the new bondage video from Rubber Dynasty.   It’s too graphic to post a trailer, so I hope you’ll just come in and see for yourself!
Ashley Renee & Rubber Dynasty





August 05th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

PLAYROOM – Just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated my token site with 3 new videos. Go to to check it out. There you can see 100’s of videos that are available to my members….without the commitment of reoccurring billing. There, you can just pay as you go.




ON A SILLY NOTE – For all my friends with a sense of humor, who have ever wondered… What do bondage girls do when they’re not tied up?
I wanted to share that Alexis Taylor has a new comedy web series up on YouTube called, “Some Gratuitous Violence”. It’s a show in which each episode is introduced by a ‘Rod Serling meets Stephen Colbert’ like host, who invites you to a world in which any, or all, of men’s silly ‘catfight’ fantasies can come true.
Her comedy series demonstrates just how much ridiculousness can be created with an idea, some willing talent, a camera, a few hours and a nickel. It’s a fully scripted series, so there’s more than just fun fighting in this. There are featured appearances by celebrities, comedians, etc. Here’s the series trailer.

To see more visit Alexis’ channel at If you do visit YouTube, make sure to show your support so maybe she’ll stay inspired and continue to bring levity and sometimes utter silliness into our lives. Remember, THEY’RE DOING ALL THIS FOR FREE, so if you enjoy it, SUBSCRIBE on YouTube so you can be notified when future episodes are released.You can also visit to see the cast and crew, get links to the soundtrack providers and see other videos that were shot…. Some serious…. But most… not so much. :-)

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