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Aug 27


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Yes, my Playboy Bunny costume is for sale.   What more can I say?  A girls gotta do what she’s gotta do.  :-(

I can’t stand hearing the phone ring with bill collectors ranting on the other end so I decided to sell one of my most prized possessions.  If anyone is interested please contact me at

I’ll probably write you back in a tear stained email but at least there’s a light.

Besides that drama, I shot with Samantha Grace and in a sick and twisted medical scenario.  The free peeks don’t begin to show what the sets about but I’m sure you can use your imagination!
Ashley Renee & Samantha Grace

In all the years I’ve had my web site, I don’t believe I’ve ever put up a behind the scenes video.  But I thought you’d find it rather interesting, funny and you’d get a sense of how a photo shoot goes.  I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.
Ashley Renee

And another video…. The devil made me do it!!! LOL
Ashley Renee

I found an old archive set when Eden Wells and I opened our web site   The first person we shot with was Andrea Neal and since she retired I thought I’d put up this gorgeous set for all her fans.  Not to mention the leg men out there!   (So many close ups and legs to last forever!)
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee & Andrea Neal & Eden Wells

My previous webmaster Rachel Paine at generously let me use this set awhile back.  I just ran across it and thought it was a reminder of some great times as well as a rough struggle.
Hope you like it …
Ashley Renee & Rachel Paine

Also some archives by Ikarus Jones.
Ashley Renee & Ikarus JonesAshley Renee & Ikarus Jones

I hope you like the updates and decide to join …   I promise you won’t be sorry, especially since I have just increased my picture size…to GIANT HIGH RES!!


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