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May 26th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

She’s not M.I.A.  anymore !!

We worked together last week and I was so excited. It was like we didn’t change at all, actually picked up right where we left off!

Her dominating me, us fighting..she tied me …ALL IS WELL !

Plus I was fortunate enough to get an in depth interview,guest gallery and video from the amazing

Plus all my members loved THE CREATURE part 1 so much I added part 2 this week..!!
It’s a super amazing and interesting video something you won’t see just anywhere…
I hope to see you inside :-)


xoxo Ashley

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Dear Diary …

May 22nd, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

It’s Thursday and my site is still off of Googles search engine. I have no idea why. It’s been so agonizing this last week, trying to figure it out. Both my webmaster and I are at our wits end. Guess being a webmaster is more difficult than I thought…. More to read in my Diary :=)








If you prefer only video clips, don’t forget to have a look to my Video playroom

Ashley Renee clips4sale studio

Or my clips4sale studio for more video clips :)

XOXO Ashley

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May 16th, 2011 | Category: Playroom Update

I updated today my video token website with 3 new videos clips. I hope you’ll find in this update what you are hunting for, between Jim Hunter “Bad Reputation” clip, Steve Villa “Out of Control” clip and American Damsels for “Wrong Place Wrong Time”. All this with a lot of ropes and actions.

Here are the detailed descriptions and preview pictures.

Bad reputation thumbnail

Jim Hunter ties me in a super strict strappado then fondles me while tying my breasts and leaves me hanging with a shiny mini skirt and boots!

out of control thumbnail

Steve Villa grabs me in my skin tight girdle, stuffs my mouth then wraps my head tightly he throws me on the floor then fucks me till I lay tired and worn out!

Wrong place wrong time thumbnail

Grabbed and bound in a dirty old shed then left with my panties down and dangling, my mouth stuffed with a ball and my blouse and breast exposed!

XOXO  Ashley

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May 13th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

What A Week….

I have only gratitude for my webmaster spending all his waking hours trying to straighten out this crazy mess!!

For some reason none of us can quite figure out why I mysteriously dropped off Google search engine. Now we spend 24/7 rephrasing, searching and analyzing Google’s quality chart.
It’s like learning a foreign language for me!
Thanks to help from lots of friends and professionals were slowly comprehending why this has been happening It’s a slow painful process!
I hope I show up soon because I hate seeing everyone advertising me but me:-(
( more details inside my personal diary)

rubber straps


latex hood


hard Strappado


Kinky housewives


Ian Rath rules


JJ Plush rigging


Clips4sale banner

Have a look in my  clips4sale, some new video clips inside.

Ashley's Playroom banner

Or to my token website where I added 6 videos clips too.

Xoxo Ashley

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May 11th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’m so excited and grateful that my webmaster and his friend JG from took the time to upgrade my extremely out of date blog!

I have new plugins, gadgets and gizmo’s…I’m so excited I can barely stand it !!

I need to give them a standing ovation..not to mention searching high and low for all the darn spam someone left me as a present ( I guess I was a huge promoter for a while geez)

I hate hackers!!

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