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May 13


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

What A Week….

I have only gratitude for my webmaster spending all his waking hours trying to straighten out this crazy mess!!

For some reason none of us can quite figure out why I mysteriously dropped off Google search engine. Now we spend 24/7 rephrasing, searching and analyzing Google’s quality chart.
It’s like learning a foreign language for me!
Thanks to help from lots of friends and professionals were slowly comprehending why this has been happening It’s a slow painful process!
I hope I show up soon because I hate seeing everyone advertising me but me:-(
( more details inside my personal diary)

rubber straps


latex hood


hard Strappado


Kinky housewives


Ian Rath rules


JJ Plush rigging


Clips4sale banner

Have a look in my  clips4sale, some new video clips inside.

Ashley's Playroom banner

Or to my token website where I added 6 videos clips too.

Xoxo Ashley

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