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Big update of Ashleysplayroom !

September 30th, 2011 | Category: Playroom Update

Ashley’s playroom was just updated with 6 new videos, for those of you who don’t like membership sites. Cherry on the Cake, we are now offering (when available) High Definition video 1280 x 720.


Bad reputation thumbnailout of control thumbnailWrong place wrong time thumbnail

Bad reputation thumbnailout of control thumbnailWrong place wrong time thumbnail

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Lost I’n Time!

September 24th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BLACKMAIL : I’m excited that my boyfriend wants to tie me up, so I dress up in heels, stockings and a girdle (his favorite.) But once I’m tied, he tells me he knows I was in a hotel room with another man, and then shows me the pictures to prove it. I freak out, so he ties me even tighter and stuffs my mouth with my used panties before gagging me hard!

COPS AND ROBBERS : I’m a cop called out to the scene of a robbery. When I arrive, the perpetrator overpowers me, forces me to the ground, and handcuffs me everywhere, even my breasts. The assailant is some crazy, horny, MILF type (porn legend Kelly Nichols) and she decides to take full advantage of the situation. In total desperation I try to escape by hobbling away !!

FORCED TO CUM : While held at gunpoint, I’m forced to unbutton my blouse before being tightly bound, and then forced to cum against my will with a vibrator tied to my pussy!

BROKEN DOLL: Pro Dom Ilsa Strix uses casts and ace bandages to convey a severe ‘broken doll’ predicament. She even uses clamps to add to the torture.

HOOKED : While dressed in latex, I’m frog-tied before being penetrated with an anal hook.

OUTRAGES BEHIND THE SCENES AND BLOOPERS : With Serious Bondage, JG Leathers, American Damsel and Crazy Babe.

DISTURBING BEHAVIOR : A masked man breaks into my house and rips off my clothes revealing my garter belt and stockings. He ties my arms tightly behind my back, packs my mouth full with panties, then gags me tightly. He then encases my entire body in pantyhose and drags me across the slippery floor turning me around and around to get a glimpse from all angles. This guy is a serious pervert!!

BOUND SECRETARIES : with Emily Addison – I guess having a good time wasn’t what the boss expected when Emily and I were left alone in the office. He ties us to our desk, stuffs our dirty panties in our mouths and tapes them shut. Emily and I are left helpless and struggling to get free.

And don’t forget my other sites and

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September 17th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

It’s the last night In my home, the last night In my room, the last night to feel my heart!! I love my home and now I have to leave it!! I hate goodbyes

If you’d like to support my work that would mean the world to me especially during these difficult times!

As you know not only do I have,  I also have my video token site and my clips store

I don’t have a long wish list my only wish is you join my site!

Last week I had a sexy strappado from an old detective magazine
A super awesome breath controlling mummification lol
And this week I have an amazing steve villa video!!
Please cum inside and play with me!!

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September 10th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

…And I’m not even kidding. Believe me I wish I were. I have a week to vacate my home and I’m having a very hard time leaving all my wordily possessions behind. The worst part is I had to give up my dog that I cherished! I cry myself to sleep every night knowing that my Boxer isn’t snoring next to me. He had such a huge personality and his absence is stifling. Along with that, I have to downsize. All of my furniture is huge and I can’t take anything with me. How can you take something when you have nowhere to go? I’m so devastated!

On the brighter side, I stopped by Steve Villa’s this week and we shot some crazy bondage…..

SAFETY DEPOSIT – I confront Steve while he’s trying to break into my bedroom safe. That turned out to be the dumbest move ever! He duct tapes my whole body, grabs my breasts, then double stuffs dirty panties in my mouth and wraps my face. While I’m trying to escape, he fucks me violently in front of a mirror so I can watch my own humiliation! (HD Video on its way)

MAID SERVICE – I’m an awesome latex maid, handcuffed and sexually violated. Then I’m tied with a super tight crotch rope which is pulled tightly to bring me to attention.

TORTURE CHAMBER – Who would have thought my best friend, Jacklyn Lick would torture me given the chance. I’m restrained with my legs spread wide, my pussy is held open with clips, and weights are tightly clamped into place. Then Jacklyn turns me over, restrains me to a cross, and fucks me with a huge strap on. With friends like this…..?

GAME ON – Goldie Blair and I are playing poker. But when I catch her cheating a catfight ensues, tearing both of our clothing off. Suddenly her boyfriend comes home, and deciding that we could both use some punishment, he ties us both up. Eventually, I get loose and decide not to free Goldie. Before I go, I stick some cards in her chest ropes so she can play by herself.

Plus there’s a new high definition video shot by Bonvue master rigger, Michael Keye.

LEG SHOW – I’m laced tightly into a leather single sleeve, wearing full-fashioned stockings and a sexy garter belt. I’m progressively strapped up tightly, rolling and struggling, soaked in my own drool. After Michael shuts me up by duct taping my mouth, he threatens to leave me there. I try and fight for my freedom by slowly inching my way off the couch, heading toward the door. Alas, I never make it that far. Michael returns and this time he straps me in a stringent hogtie, leaving no room for movement. I’m stuck helpless, vulnerable, begging and pleading for my safe release!

FEAR FACTOR – Sarah Blake and I are at the mercy of Damon Pierce. He has us both naked, and he’s directing us as to what to do to one another. First we’re flogged fiercely on our front and sides, then we’re turned around to show off our asses. He flogs our butts until it burns. Then Damon lies us down on a table to wax our sensitive naked flesh. He even takes out a knife for a little edge play. By the end of this interlude, Sarah and I collapse from pure exhaustion due to such a trying and intense session, both physically and mentally.

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