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SUPERBOUND – Superheroine week –

January 27th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Evil Emily Addison knocks me out and holds me captive, but not for long!  The black robed villain is determined to tie us together so he can steal the world biggest diamond.
Ashley Renee & Emily Addison

An eerie and creepy Irving Claw influenced set by the amazing Julie Simone.
Ashley Renee  & Julie Simone

It’s easy to be submissive with Jewell Marceau, especially when I’m dressed in a sexy corset, stockings, restraints and a Gwen hood. I do everything I’m told.
Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau

Viking ties me in a super stringent shibari. With a tens unit, the shocks alternate between light and heavy!
Ashley Renee  & Viking

A variety of my very favorite sets that haven’t seen the light of day in a while!
Ashley Renee  & Jim WeathersAshley ReneeAshley ReneeAshley Renee  & Viking

Also, a brand new video with me tied in sexy lingerie, struggling and moaning, as the ropes get tighter and tighter till I’m finally immobile!
Ashley Renee  & Julie Simone



MY TOKEN SITE – 3 new Video –

January 25th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts is updated with 3 New Videos!

I SEE YOU – I’m handcuffed to a toilet and I start grinding to try and get myself off. Then I’m caught and hogtied on the dirty floor.

Ashley Renee

CUM DISGRACE – Locked up to my neck in a box, my mouth is left exposed and fucked by a machine. Then a nylon is placed over my head and I’m fucked until I get doused with cum!

Ashley Renee

BEAUTIFUL THING – I’m laced into a beautiful pink corset. Then I struggle to free myself from my bonds!

Ashley Renee
Ashley's Playroom banner

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MORE, MORE…. – Purple Dream –

January 21st, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I just couldn’t get enough of Mina Meow so, I spent the night submitting to her. :-) I didn’t want it to end, as she had me tied in tight rope, two different positions and a high speed vibrator that kept the orgasms coming and coming.

Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

Alexis Taylor has me bound and helpless in a leather corset and single sleeve. She then taunts me about leaving me alone all night long to suffer. (Great video inside)

Ashley Renee

Samantha Grace straps me down in a leather straitjacket and then pulls out her bag of medical toys. Thats what happens when “Serious Bondage” comes to LA. No joke.

Ashley Renee & Samantha grace

Plus Viking forces me down on the bed, penetrates me with a huge dildo in all my orifices and makes me fuck myself at the end. Of course, I obey all orders like a good submissive should! (In the archives)

Ashley Renee & Viking

And CAPTIVE – Held in a dirty garage for days on end in nothing but cold chains, handcuffs and stripped down jeans.

Ashley Renee

Plus New Bondage Video – SEXY SCARVES – Julie Simone ties me up with silky scarves for the very first time. Slow pans and close ups make this video super sexy, as well as the sexy pantyhose peeks. :-)

Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

But, the best ever video, that everyone wants more of is…. A voyeur hides behind the shower curtain and shocks me when he comes out with rope, dildos, gags and, using his extremely forceful hands, has me fighting it all the way as I struggle for safety!

Ashley Renee

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January 17th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I crawled into a sleep sac, tied securely, and then out of nowhere KM comes out with a defective vibrator!
I thought I’d be electrocuted.  It seemed to have a short!  The terror brought out a fearful side of me, but in the end, I was brought from laughter to tears and everything in between!  When he thought I had enough, he left me there with the vibrator tied to my pussy and zipped me into a leather hood.  The smell of leather made me crazy and I was cumming all at the same time.  What an experience.   MORE PLEASE!
Ashley Renee

Julie Simone was determined to make her experience even more memorable than any of my others by tying me with silk scarves!  The most amazing thing is I can only remember one time when I was tied with scarves but Julie made it sooooooooooo cool!  I wanted to do it again and again!  Julie’s just a kinky artist, this really is her calling.
Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

I also have a set I shot with fetish Nation!
Ashley Renee & Fetish Nation
Ian is at it again, as he ties me butt naked to a bondage table and is determined to make me cum with all the machines he has available!
Ashley Renee & Ian Rath
Plus, a set with me and Mr.T.   My best work was done during the time he was alive.  He just brought out the best in me.  He’s missed greatly!
Ashley Renee & Mr T

Check out the new video. Ok, so, I’m going to keep you wondering on this one. If you don’t CLICK HERE you won’t know what it’s all about! :-)
A little bribery on my part!



MINA MEOW AND I – Mina’s rules –

January 08th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I can’t wait to shoot with Mina again!   We had the greatest time! I didn’t have to say a thing. I just turned my power over and that was it. Mina handled the whole scenario. AND, I was able to do what I do best …. just feel and submit! Mina is dressed in a super sexy corset and she dressed me in a spandex straight-jacket. She plays with me a little, just enough to tease me and get me wet with lust for her. Afew spanks, a little cropping, dirty talking, and I’m off deep in sub space. Before too long, she ties me with my legs over-head and snaps open my crotch. She inserts her favorite glass dildo deep into my wet pussy!
Sex and Submission.
Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

Also a brand new episode to the on going saga from hip comix, Target Ashley
Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

And a brand new very sexy video of me laced into a leather corset with a leather single sleeve and pantyhose. Then my friend, bondage model Alexis Taylor, is quite vindictive as she taunts me while I’m tied up. Oh, if I could only get rescued! :-)
Ashley Renee

Lets not forget my personal diary, a set by Bedroom Bondage of me getting forced and tied into a trunk, AND an archive by Gwen Media in a super cool catsuit tied in a very unusual way complete with a kinky hood and dildo that no girl should be without!
Ashley Renee & Gwenmedia

I hope you enoy the updates this week! Personally, I think they’re the best to date. Or is it that because I just enjoyed Mina so much, it can’t help but show? I haven’t nearly put all the goodies in photos here, you MUST go check out my free peeks page and click on all the samples there!!

PLUS! The Ashleys Playroom has been updated with THREE new videos!! Click the photos to see more!
Ashley ReneeAshley ReneeAshley Renee




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