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Jan 21

MORE, MORE…. – Purple Dream –

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I just couldn’t get enough of Mina Meow so, I spent the night submitting to her. :-) I didn’t want it to end, as she had me tied in tight rope, two different positions and a high speed vibrator that kept the orgasms coming and coming.

Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

Alexis Taylor has me bound and helpless in a leather corset and single sleeve. She then taunts me about leaving me alone all night long to suffer. (Great video inside)

Ashley Renee

Samantha Grace straps me down in a leather straitjacket and then pulls out her bag of medical toys. Thats what happens when “Serious Bondage” comes to LA. No joke.

Ashley Renee & Samantha grace

Plus Viking forces me down on the bed, penetrates me with a huge dildo in all my orifices and makes me fuck myself at the end. Of course, I obey all orders like a good submissive should! (In the archives)

Ashley Renee & Viking

And CAPTIVE – Held in a dirty garage for days on end in nothing but cold chains, handcuffs and stripped down jeans.

Ashley Renee

Plus New Bondage Video – SEXY SCARVES – Julie Simone ties me up with silky scarves for the very first time. Slow pans and close ups make this video super sexy, as well as the sexy pantyhose peeks. :-)

Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

But, the best ever video, that everyone wants more of is…. A voyeur hides behind the shower curtain and shocks me when he comes out with rope, dildos, gags and, using his extremely forceful hands, has me fighting it all the way as I struggle for safety!

Ashley Renee

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  1. Ryan January 24th, 2010 5:39 pm

    Everything this week is spot-on fantastic, not one weak set (not that there usually is)! I’m joining the site for good soon, hopefully I can talk to you on there more than I have otherwise… my poor empty inbox :-( (guilt trip much? Haha :)

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