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CAPTURED by Serious Bondage Team

September 25th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

This week was really hard for me. I’ve been going through so much that I just thought I’d spew it all out in black and white for the world to see. (Inside my journal) So if you’re interested in submissive, damsel in distress drama, feel free to join and read all about it! :-)

I didn’t realize what I was in for when the warehouse door slammed shut behind me! A psychological tale of bondage, torment, and interrogation in this weeks set!
Ashley Renee & Serious BondageAshley Renee & Serious Bondage

Also a set from HyweLL Phillups, the famous site.
MID EVIL TIMES – Bound in a renaissance dress and strict hogtie!
Ashley Renee

Cops And Robbers. You can only imagine what happens when I catch a burglar in action!
Groped, fondled, tied, stripped and left helpless on the floor to be discovered.
Ashley Renee

Me and Charlotte get tied and clamped together.
Ashley Renee & Charlotte
Bound and taken in an abandon car.
Ashley Renee
My favorite set in a sheer body stocking with the late Mr.T
Ashley Renee & Mr T

Plus Ms. Berlin and I in hot latex, then she ties me to the medical chair with a ring gag, nipple clamps, and tortures me with 2 dildos deep inside both orifices and finishes off with a hard core vibrator.
Ashley Renee & MZ Berlin

I also included some real funny bloopers and behind the scenes pics.
Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage

MY favorite part is my bondage video this week….
I’m so naughty I get put into time out, naked and tied with ropes and chains, then my nipples are clipped and I’m viewed from all angles not aware I’m being sold to the highest bidder!
Ashley Renee



ASHLEYSPLAYROOM.COM Updated 24 September 2009

September 24th, 2009 | Category: Playroom Update

My token site is updated with new videos and photo galleries! Pay for what you want!
$20, $40 and $50 tokens available.

Ashley Renee & the Cardinal

Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake

Ashley Renee flogged thumbnail

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September 20th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Sad but true! Now accepting applications!!!!
(apply within)

DRAFTED! Sargent Julie Simone makes me pass an intense inspection before making me a
member of the latex Military! :-) She smokes in my face, shoves my wet panties in my mouth, and tapes it shut. Then ties me to see if I can possibly remain composed before she lifts me up into a suspension. SHE IS ONE TOUGH SARGE!
Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

Also ASHVIRA, for all you Elvira fans. Handcuffed, groped, gagged and drooling!
Ashley Renee

And Viking makes a surprise appearance when he sees me all dolled up in my bra and g-string.
He quickly decides I look much better in hemp rope, and makes me suck a huge cock and then blindfolds me
so that I have no idea what is coming!!!
Ashley Renee & Viking

AND….I get tied, stripped and penetrated before I’m rolled under a car.
Ashley Renee

I also included some sets of my earlier work BACK IN THE DAY with Cleo
Nicole, Eve Ellis, and Samantha Swanson. The old days of Harmony and Bondage life :-)
Ashley Renee & Cleo NioleAshley Renee & Samantha Swanson

But my favorite of all is my new bondage video, SCARED STRAIGHT. My first
play session with pro domme Mistress Sable as she ties me on a bondage chair
with a leather straight jacket, leather hood, and nipple clamps. Then she
applies her charm with some tough bondage and S/M and also little sensory
Ashley Renee & Mistress Sable

AND…. DICK ON A STICK….(an archive video back by members request!)
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

I hope you like the Bonus update this week but even more than that I’m
looking forward to the Master applications! :-)



CHAIN REACTION – Alexis Taylor’s rules –

September 12th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Alexis Taylor thought I was such a naughty girl, so she tied me up naked and chained me up in a custom bondage chair from serious images. Then, she put me on display so people can see me from all angles. THEN, she pushd my breasts through the opening so they were nice and squished.
Ashley Renee & Alexis Taylor

Then a new Mistress came by the dungeon and wanted to see how much I could take but soon realized she underestimated my capabilities as a sub and decided to let me off easy.
Ashley Renee

Plus, Mika Tan and I get into a pantyhose brawl. She dominates me and ties me up, but soon Master comes in the door and ties us both to each other.
Ashley Renee & Mika Tan

As if that’s not enough, Lorelei ties me up in a PVC catsuit and I get to play catwoman. It’s my all time favorite character. Now I just have to wait for batman :-)
Ashley Renee

Also, a new bondage video, Shackled Maidens. Chained and shackled on a wooden box with heavy steel bondage gear and chains. I’m struggling, drooling, and vulnerable in 3 different positions. This is such a hot sexy video!
Ashley Renee

Also, an archive blast of the past video in which a stranger gets more than he bargains for when I’m tied up and the cell phone goes off.

Don’t forget to have a peek at my token site where you pay for what you want…just updated yesterday!




September 09th, 2009 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

has been updated with 3 new videos !

THE SLING…Sarah Blake ties me nude in a bondage sling then clamps my nipples , flogs and menaces me till I beg for mercy!
Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake

You’ve Got It Coming …Interactive home invasion with Jon Woods
Ashley Renee & Jon woods

Tickle Orgasms…A good slave is always prepared , Damon Pierce ties me up then tickles me while I’m cumming with a vibrator ( a very intense video , at least for me :-)
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

Also , I wanted to let everyone know that I lost all email over the past 2 weeks so if you’ve written to can you write me again ?


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