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November 24th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts


I know Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the reason we appreciate everyone but it does remind us to be grateful for what we have !
I wanted to thank all my fans for there constant support throughout the years.
It means so much to me !

I also put an extra special update to celebrate in and has been updated as well:)
My clips store is packed with videos too

There’s a special diary in my site today for Thanksgiving:-)
I hope you’ll take a peek!


SECRET SERVICE : I could hardly wait to get off work to go visit my Mistress for a play session. When I arrived, I was immediately handcuffed then gagged. Mistress talked dirty to me, then tied me up and put a pair of tight clamps on my breasts. She then felt I needed more, so she finished me off with a tight ball-tie and a spandex hood.

and some archives…

and videos…


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Ashley’s Playroom is updated with 6 new clips !

November 20th, 2011 | Category: Playroom Update

Just a  few words to announce my update with 6 new videos clips.

COPS & ROBBERS thumbnailHOUSEBROKEN thumbnailBLACKOUT thumbnail
BOUND 4 WORK part 1 thumbnailBOUND 4 WORK part 2 thumbnailBURGLAR part 1 thumbnail


If you don’t like a token ( downloadable keep forever and ever system) you are still able to find hundreds of my new and archived videos in my store!

Ashley Renee clips4sale studio

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November 17th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I was so excited that JJ Plush finally made it to LA. She pushes my limits like no other and she always gets exactly what she wants. That girl can get the best out of me, but that’s not just because I’m so attracted to her, thats only a small part of it. For the most part, it’s the way she dominates. I love how she ties me, how she touches me, and I love what she says to me. I always want to please JJ and make her proud. ;-) So today I dressed up in a sexy, slinky black mini dress, with 6 inch stilettos and sheer-to-waist pantyhose. I knew JJ would appreciate such sophistication. She tied me up in a strict strappado to start. Then she made me walk in my 6″ heels to the post where she’d tie me with one leg up. Then, while I was gagged hard, like JJ likes, she put a pair of her lacy panties over my head and taped me to the pole. I felt so sexy! The wind was blowing ever so slightly, and JJ was happy to see how much I could take, and how far I’d go for her. The smell of this particular tape was intoxicating, so life was good.

This set has over 100 purely erotic photos and I know my members will be pleased.

I also have a new video that people have been asking me about. ‘Superheroines’ with Stacy Burke. The video is so much better than the photos, not only because there was a great catfight involved, but because I was kept under compete mind control. I was forced to tie up my partner, and then myself before being left with the venomous spider bomb. In the last minute, I snap out of it, and Stacy and I manage to escape.

I also have 3 archives this week, plus my detailed personal diary, and a forum where you can ask me anything you’d like. I hope you’ll join. It’s really, really worth it. I promise!!! There are LOTS and LOTS of videos now in High Definition.


Also….don’t forget my token site. :)

Ashley Renee's Playroom - Bondage Videos

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November 04th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I realized I have been so busy with Sundae I haven’t taken the time to post my brand new updates!!!
I’m especially excited over my new photos and video with super sexy Natali Demore !!!
Plus the extremely hot abduction video with Steve Villa!!!

Prison guard Natali Demore tires of my attempts at bribing her for my release.
She pulls me over her knee and spanks me hard with her hand and a paddle.
Then she ties me up naked on all fours with a steel hook up my ass, which is also vibrating my pussy.

Then she ties me up again and forces me to lick her ass clean.
She then leaves me tied and struggling for the morning guards to discover.



and from Halloween’s week …

I’m forced to face my greatest fear, tied in a deep hole slowly filled with freezing cold water! My worst nightmare closes in on me !

I’m stripped and duct taped completely naked on top of the washer/dryer in an old dirty laundry room!



If you don’t like a token ( downloadable keep forever and ever system) you are still able to find hundreds of my new and archived videos in my store!

Ashley Renee clips4sale studio

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