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March 22nd, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BLISS : Tied in black pumps, and a beautiful, shiny latex hobble skirt, then gagged, and vibed into oblivion :)
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up and vibed

BREAKFAST AT ASHLEY’S : Carissa Montgomery is in charge of the household duties with the owners of the house are away. Ashley is under her complete supervision but when she becomes difficult and refuses to perform her duty, Clarissa takes matters in her own hands. She forces Ashley to clean the floor spotless but Ashley is bratty and defiant ! Clarissa finally has enough of her bad attitude and whips her into shape. Ashley continues so she’s handcuffed all over her body including her big huge breasts . The owner comes home unexpectedly and punishes both his maids for bad behavior. Ashley is strapped up tightly to a chair with her vibrator which turns on Clarissa and she is permitted to do the same. The two girls moan, squirm and cum together in explosive ecstasy !

LEATHER BOUND : Mistress knows how much I love leather and today I craved to be punished! She ties me to a bondage chair, gags my big mouth so I can only whimper, she clamps my nipples tightly and finishes my reward with a leather hood for some sensory deprivation!

SECRETARY : Natali Demore catches Ashley masterbating on the job. This infuriates Natali so she bends Ashley over, gives her a hard spanking before putting her in a strict hogtie and shoving anal beads in her ass. The boss decides to leave early and catches them messing around and ties them both up back to back, breasts out and gags both their heads together. This will teach the two secretary’s both a lesson!

OBLIVION (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I couldn’t wait to slide into my new shiny, black hobble dress, and crop top. I ran out bragging, and showing off a bit too. I slid into the bondage table, and started to lube my second skin when I was grabbed and tied down. I was so excited to feel a leather collar being locked around my throat . I closed my eyes , and lost myself in the moment. I felt snug, helpless and sexy knowing I was bound, and unable to move. Soon, I felt the pressure of a magic wand being turned on outside my glorious rubber pussy, and I lost myself in a whirlwind of emotions. I couldn’t stop cumming . Life was amazing, if only I could stay here forever!!!
 Ashley Renee tied in latex and vibed video clip

HAREM GIRL : The Shiek asked Ashley Renee to off every inch of herself while he jerked off.The Shiek got so excited he pulls out some rope and ties Ashley in several different positions using various toys ,Finally he ties her in a very tight frogtie and silences her with a red ball gag so he can access all places easily! Very sexy bondage sex!
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March 07th, 2016 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

WONDER ASHLEY : Caught, tied and forced to cum with the orgasm belt!

FREE TIME : Tied in a stringent strappado with fishnet bodystocking, latex corset and thigh high boots !

DOLL BABY : Tied in a tied, little compact package:)

TANGLED WEB : Julie Simone ties, and torments me the second I walk through the door!

DESPERADO : A masked man ( Saico ) ties my bulging breasts in tight bondage, stuffs,and wraps my mouth so I can barely utter a moan. He secures me naked,and spread on a bondage table and watches me sweat in anticipation for what’s to come. He gropes my body, squeezing my breasts, tortures me with a pin wheel, he tickles my sensitive spots and leaves me in total desperation !

TRAPPED : Dalton puts mits on my hands a gag in my mouth, a blindfold over my eyes then straps me down so I can’t move a muscle and Deny’s me my intense orgasms.

IT’S A STRUGGLE : All tied up in my gorgeous Agent Provacator lingerie and leather!!!

GOOD CATCH (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : It was Friday night & Julie Simone had had a long hard week, so she decided that it was time to go out on the town & blow off some steam. She picked a sexy (yet discrete) nightclub as her choice of venue, & brought her pretty pet, Ashley Renee, along to keep her entertained. Ashley eagerly took to the dance floor, & pranced around in her incredibly revealing leopard mini dress while Julie just took a seat at the bar & watched. Julie stared at Ashley as she teased the room by allowing the occasional huge tit to fallout of her bodice, or her tiny dress to ride up, to reveal that she had no panties on. Julie found herself growing horny & possessive, & decided it was time to drag Ashley off of the public dance floor, & into a private room where she could have her all to herself. Prepared for anything kinky (as Julie always is) she immediately took control of her woman…tying her up tightly & shoving a gag into her hungry mouth. She then began to torment those huge tits, that Ashley had been so eager to show off, with tight nipple clamps, which Julie twisted & tugged on to ensure maximum discomfort. Finally, Julie drew Ashley’s ankles up behind her, knotting her into a tight hogtie, & then left the room to invite the rest of the club to come see all that Ashley had seemed to be so wanting to share before.

DOLL BABY : Tied in a tied, little compact package:)

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