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April 13th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BREAKFAST AT ASHLEY’S (New 13 min. HD video inside) Carissa is the head maid in charge of Ashley’s incompetence. Carissa enforces her Master’s strict cleaning orders but Ashley would rather goof off and play brat! Carissa disciplines Ashley and before you know it their owner comes home early and makes them both cum for him. Ashley is all handcuffed up including her breasts making cumming easy..

STRAP ON JULIE : After Julie Simone finishes vibing me to explosive orgasms in a very uncomfortable position, she turns me around in all fours and fucks me both ways !

STALKED : I’m staked, tied and kidnapped before being taken and fucked by Steve Villa.

JEWELL’S PET : Jewell makes me her personal sex you for two whole days!

HIGH FLYING : An extreme nude bondage suspension.

PINNED : Tied, whipped, gagged, spread open and forced to cum with various toys and dildos…

THE ADVENTURES OF WUNDER WOMAN : Wunder Woman is knocked out cold. Tied to stakes in the grass and filled with dynamite!

BALL CHANGE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Damon Pierce ties me down tightly to a bondage table so tightly I could barely move. He knows how much I love gags so he decides to give me a thrill of a lifetime and change out my gags. I get to experience each sensation, feel and size as he changes them out. He adds in my favorites from simple ball gags to complicated head harnesses. I get increasingly wet during the process and beg him for tight breast bondage! He can’t listen to me beg and whine between changes so he grabs his rope, ties up my breast then pulls them tightly. I’m completely immobile but I can still move my head. He finished with a ball gag underneath a authentic gas mask for a little sensory deprivation! This was an experience of a lifetime !

A BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE : Busty beauty Alexis Taylor knows how much I adore the color pink. She makes me dress in her gorgeous corset and black pantyhose, she laces me up tightly then ties me on her bed. She watches and films me as I struggle and moan before placing a my favorite red ball gag in my mouth. She loves to see me squirm and drool!

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April 12th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SOLD INTO SLAVERY : Luc Wylder gets the slave he paid for but as a result he puts Ashley through a series of tests. She’s flogged, fucked, made to suck a dildo, cropped, clamped and anything else Luc desires !

JUNK IN THE TRUNK : Held captive, bound and duct taped. I try to hop away only to make my captor more angry so he shoves me in a trunk and ships me off…

TIGHT HIGH : Sarah Blake has always wanted to play with Ashley in a session. She gets her chance and Ashley enjoys herself more than she could ever imagine ! Flogging, pinwheels, bondage, clamps and g/g play !

EASTER : Look what the Easter Bunny brought me :(

WIRED PUSSY : Need I say more ?

MAID CHALLENGE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Carissa Montgomery is in charge of the household duties with the owners of the house are away. Ashley is under her complete supervision but when she becomes difficult and refuses to perform her duty, Clarissa takes matters in her own hands. She forces Ashley to clean the floor spotless but Ashley is bratty and defiant ! Clarissa finally has enough of her bad attitude and whips her into shape. Ashley continues so she’s handcuffed all over her body including her big huge breasts . The owner comes home unexpectedly and punishes both his maids for bad behavior. Ashley is strapped up tightly to a chair with her vibrator which turns on Clarissa and she is permitted to do the same. The two girls moan, squirm and cum together in explosive ecstasy !

BREAST TORTURE : The boss ties me to a chair, gags me then squishes my breasts in a horrible contraption. The breast breast is a tight vice that gradually closes in on my huge boobs !

I moan, writhe, struggle and drool when I feel the stringent squeeze !!

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April 11th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

MAID TO ORDER : Tied, gagged and struggling in my sexy maid costume !

COFFEE HOUSE ASSAULT : I was just sitting there reading, minding my own buisness when a man say down and started prying into my personal life. Soon and without warning the coffee house closes with us inside. The stranger ties me up, throws me over the couch and forces himself inside. After he’s done he ties me in a more vulnerable position, torments my breasts, fucks me hard and leaves me helpless and struggling !

BALL CHANGE : Damon Pierce ties me down tightly, changes out my gags multiple times then wraps my breasts with rope so I can’t move a muscle. He finished with my tied down and immobile with a ball gag and gas mask for a little sensory deprivation.

SECRETARY : Natali Demore catches Ashley masterbating on the job. This infuriates Natali so she bends Ashley over, gives her a hard spanking before putting her in a strict hogtie and shoving anal beads in her ass. The boss decides to leave early and catches them messing around and ties them both up back to back, breasts out and gags both their heads together. This will teach the two secretary’s both a lesson!

BONDAGE BALLET : I begged to be tied up in a leather bolero straitjacket, pantyhose and ballet boots. Then I pleaded even more for rope and my favorite panel head harness! Begging works. ;-)

PROMISED LAND : All strapped up in a beautiful white gown in a dirty old place.

RUBBERLAND : Samantha Grace and I get hot and heavy in our rubber hood, gas mask and mits !

AIM TO PLEASE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : The gorgeous and wicked Mistrix E from the east coast comes to LA to play with me. She makes me wait in anticipation in kneeling on the hard cement floor while I wait patiently for her to arrive. She makes me crawl over to the bondage chair and shutter as she tied me up tightly. She has mousetraps attached to my pussy lips keeping me open wide while she teases me with various whips and other implements. Mistrix E is a very skilled dominatrix. She’s on top of her game in many ways. She leaves me sweating, drooling and begging for more as she pulls out a vibrator and forces me to cum over and over.

THE CREATURE : The process of getting into one of the greatest inventions ever created in the bondage arena by world famous JG Leathers. I’m strapped into a bungee cord suspension, all in leather gear and wearing a very complex bra with inserts for glass suction and electrical voltage. My leather panties have a hole where an electrical dildo is placed deep inside, finished off by a ball gag and gas mask. I have to breathe through some thick tubing of water and work to get my air….all while suspended with JG controlling the voltage. I can be pretty tough when I want to be.

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April 10th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

LUCK OF THE IRISH : Happy Saint Patricks Day !

CAPTURED : I’m captured and tied tightly in my jeans and t-shirt. Steve Villa gags me then pulls my big boobs out and my panties down. I’m left gelt to struggle helplessly.

DESEPERATE HOUSEWIFE : I was grabbed out of nowhere, tied to a chair in my own kitchen then this strange man bent me over my own table and forced himself inside. I begged and pleaded but there was no way to stop him.

WILD THING : This is what happens when one cave woman ties another… it’s very uncivilized :)

WORKING OVERTIME : The boss comes in and duct tapes my assistant and I together, then stands back and watches as we struggle helplessly.

ASHLEY’S INTERROGATION : Eden Wells wants to find out information and she doesn’t care how hard she has to torture me to get it !

HOT MESS : Jim Weathers wants me all in PVC, stilettos, a single glove and a chin strap gag. Jim always gets what he wants !

LITTLE MERMAID : All duct taped up and ready to throw in the sea !

BUTT BLASTER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Gord woke me up early in the morning and told me to get into the red pvc catsuit and hood he had laying on the table afterwards I’d read further instructions. I squeezed myself into the catsuit and hood walked downstairs and outside like the note had said. He put handcuffs on my ankles attached me to his butt walker, fastened my elbows behind…Gord stuck a steel hook in my ass and bells on my nipples. He turned on the walker and controlled me from fast to slow and everything in between… taking turns with cropping my hooked ass and spankings before, during and after the dreaded ordeal. Afterwards Gord wants to know exactly how I’m feeling and what thoughts and sensations went tabling through my mind . We talk a bit until I get so exhausted I can’t stand it any longer.

PREDICAMENT : Damon Pierce ties me over the stool, canes my breast then re-ties me in a second position and pulls out his huge vibrator.

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Cum Inside …

April 08th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

CUM INSIDE : Don’t ever provoke domme Julie Simone, if you do this will happen! You’ll be abused, flogged, tied in a very uncomfortable position then forced to cum !

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS : My boss punishes me by tying me up progressively in a strict balltie, gag and slowly penetrating me with a huge dildo !

WILD THING : Dalton from puts me into a single glove and straps me on top of a metal cage the decides to strip off my clothes and shove me inside with steel handcuffs !

DRUG ENFORCEMENT OFFICER : I busted in a home when I received a tip there was a drug deal about to take place unfortunetly all I found was the dealers sleezy girlfriend (Caressa Montgomery). I handcuffed her but was rudely interruped when her boyfriend came home early. He tied us both up and made me listen and watch as Carissa was forced to cum with a vibrator tied to her pussy !

HOME LOANS ( New graphic HD video included ) : My career as a realtor wasn’t working out as well as I expected. I decided to get motivated and start looking around for property to sell. I found a great house but when I knocked on the door the owner explained he might be convinced to sell. He invited me inside but while I was figuring out the square footage he knocked me out! I awake to find myself tied, half my clothes have been torn off and he was pulling out his huge hard cock. I couldn’t do a thing but plead as he threw me around roughly, shoved his dick in my mouth and then inside my pussy. He left me laying there moaning, helpless and distraught !

TOXIC SOPHISTICATION : Knowing how much JJ Plush loves sophisticated women, I dressed up for her in pantyhose and a super sexy dress. Upon seeing me she immediately decided to tie me up outside in a strict strappado. She made me walk in sexy 6 inch stilettos to the nearest pole where she tied me tightly against it. Then she gagged me, pulled up one leg, and put a pair of her sexy lace panties around my head before taping my head to the pole as well. The scent and sight of JJ, along with the intoxicating tape, sent me into a state of euphoria!

AGAINST HER WILL : Grabbed, groped, tied and forced to cum and such a big cock all at the same time !

MAID SERVICE : Ashley serves her beautiful latex Mistress :)

NEW BONDAGE BY REQUEST : Jim Martin comes back with a vengeance and he gives all my members a sample …

ASHLEY’S FUCKED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Pro Dom Mistrix E came out to L.A. just to play with me. I had the time of my life! There is nothing better than getting lost so deeply in sub space at experienced hands. Mistrix ties me down to a bondage chair and forces a speculum inside. She doesn’t like how much I wiggle and writhe so she Saran wraps my legs to hold them down more securely. She clips my breasts and pussy so I could feel every tiny sensation. She starts up the fucking machine slowly at first then gradually building speed… she also holds a vibrator to my clit at the same time. The orgasms are wild, wet and intense! This is my very favorite session to date and Mistrix E is on top of her game.

SPOILED BRAT : My boyfriend isn’t happy knowing every time I come home all I do is expect him to catered to Me. He’s determined to change my snotty entitled attitude! After a day out with my girlfriends I come home dressed in my jeans and tight tank top he throws me down on the floor, ties me in a super tight hogtie then takes out a leather paddle and starts waiting on my ass and barefeet. I’m very compliant at this time telling him I will do anything to be back in his good graces . He gags my mouth with a big ball and watches me squirm and beg then gives me a tough barehanded spanking .. I’m speechless as I learn a very big lesson in what not to do !

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