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Apr 10


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LUCK OF THE IRISH : Happy Saint Patricks Day !

CAPTURED : I’m captured and tied tightly in my jeans and t-shirt. Steve Villa gags me then pulls my big boobs out and my panties down. I’m left gelt to struggle helplessly.

DESEPERATE HOUSEWIFE : I was grabbed out of nowhere, tied to a chair in my own kitchen then this strange man bent me over my own table and forced himself inside. I begged and pleaded but there was no way to stop him.

WILD THING : This is what happens when one cave woman ties another… it’s very uncivilized :)

WORKING OVERTIME : The boss comes in and duct tapes my assistant and I together, then stands back and watches as we struggle helplessly.

ASHLEY’S INTERROGATION : Eden Wells wants to find out information and she doesn’t care how hard she has to torture me to get it !

HOT MESS : Jim Weathers wants me all in PVC, stilettos, a single glove and a chin strap gag. Jim always gets what he wants !

LITTLE MERMAID : All duct taped up and ready to throw in the sea !

BUTT BLASTER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Gord woke me up early in the morning and told me to get into the red pvc catsuit and hood he had laying on the table afterwards I’d read further instructions. I squeezed myself into the catsuit and hood walked downstairs and outside like the note had said. He put handcuffs on my ankles attached me to his butt walker, fastened my elbows behind…Gord stuck a steel hook in my ass and bells on my nipples. He turned on the walker and controlled me from fast to slow and everything in between… taking turns with cropping my hooked ass and spankings before, during and after the dreaded ordeal. Afterwards Gord wants to know exactly how I’m feeling and what thoughts and sensations went tabling through my mind . We talk a bit until I get so exhausted I can’t stand it any longer.

PREDICAMENT : Damon Pierce ties me over the stool, canes my breast then re-ties me in a second position and pulls out his huge vibrator.

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