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July 27th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts


I was so heartbroken to hear about Amy Winehouse. :-( What a tragedy!!! It came as such a shock to me, even though I know she’s had quite the battle. Many people truly believe that everything will be okay if only they have success, money, opportunity, etc… But what most don’t realize is that you are still who you are, and nothing can take that away, unless you decide to change it. I feel so much for her parents and for the loss of such a great talent, not to mention another human being. Rest in peace, Amy. I hope all the conflicts you had during life have now escaped you and left you in a peaceful place! You will be missed!


It seems so insignificant to now switch from talking about death, to talking about what’s been going on here at  I guess I need to balance out the tragic losses of late….not only Amy, but the devastation in Norway. (I can’t began to fathom the devastation.) I suppose working helps keep my mind off the despair in the rest of the world. It’s my outlet, if you will….


Last week JJ Plush and I had a wonderful chat with some of my members. I try to frequently introduce a special guest to spice things up. Plus, it gives my members a chance to become acquainted with some of their other favorite models and riggers. Next month, Lew Rubens will be join us, so I have that to look forward to. :-)


I had an interesting ‘Galactic Superheroine’ set up last week. The outfit was Lorelei’s idea and I thought it was a one of a kind Lorelei treat! I also worked with rubber and bondage, got strapped tightly into a chair, dressed all in latex, and then vibed and caught on camera. It was extremely interesting and progressive, not to mention I got to cum, which is always a perfect release.


This week, I had so many requests for a set with chain, but it was my idea to dress like a cop in power. A girl can dream, can’t she? So here’s my very own cop costume fantasy with plenty of locks and chains. I hope you like it :-)


To add to the intensity, I went over to my friend’s dungeon, and was so motivated by this puppy hood they had (I love puppy play) I couldn’t help but jump up and down and beg to be restrained like a puppy afterward. I had a funnel gag with some kind of awful liquid pored down my throat, and a key dangled overhead, just to tease me and see if I could manage a way out.


I have 2 great archives, plus, a new video with JJ Plush. Dave from, “Assume the Position” is ecstatic when he gets to tie up 2 busty brunettes. First, we’re tied together in a strappado. Our breasts are revealed, and we have a little breast challenge afterward. We’re also gagged together in Lew Rubens favorite lip lock.


There’s a lot more this week, but I was hoping you’d be licking your chops to come in and see for yourself! I hope so…






July 14th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Yes, I realize there is a simple correlation with what my members want, and me doing whatever I can to please them. Is it ‘people pleasing’, or simply the nature of the beast? One can’t be sure, but the thing I do know, is I feel very content making others happy! When I receive email that members love my work/play I get this sense of fulfillment, and maybe…dare I say pride, in myself? I wanted to remind everyone that I have new pricing options on my “Join” page that will stay in effect for a few weeks, after which I plan to increase my rate. This is mainly because I can’t do the quality of work I want to with the current rates I’m charging, and increasing them will help me achieve a better end result and product! I hope many of you will come in, not only to see me tied up, but also to experience the personal diary of a submissive, my archives and behind the scenes, as well as brand new videos. Archived ones are also posted every week. I must also say, I never ever miss an update!


This week, I’m tied in a vintage girdle by “Bedroom Bondage.” By the end of our session, I’m almost immobile with my elbows tied tightly together in a very stringent hogtie!

Then my house gets broken into by a man wearing military fatigues. He breaks in, ravages me in my home, ties me up, and then forcefully pleasures me with a vibrator. I guess he spotted me bringing in the groceries and thought I’d play ‘nice.’

A few favorite ‘blasts from the past!’

And my brand new video with me, Ariella and Devon Savage. See my “Peek” page if you’re interested. :-) Just a little bribery is all…

Anyway, I truly hope to see you inside, and please don’t forget to have a quick peek at my other sites, and my video token site,


Thank you for your support!




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July 06th, 2011 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

….like a plastic bag? Just kidding. But I have had this crazy recurring nightmare ever since I was a kid, that I’m a teeny, tiny grain of sand in this huge sandbox, when a bulldozer comes by to scoop me up. I feel like utter nothingness, having no value at all, just another grain in a huge sandbox! But, enough about me and my nightmares….

I decided to create some new pricing options, but you’ll have to click the ‘join’ page to view them. Hopefully, that will entice you to come in and see me all tied up and naked! (As if Ariella and I getting groped and violated by Devon Savage isn’t luring you in enough?)

Plus,  Amber Michaels and I are forced to tie each other up when an intruder breaks in.

Also, there’s a new set of me all in latex, tied to a chair with straps, with a rubber hood, and a tv that monitors my every move? Just think, I also have the videos to all these BIG photo sets as well. :-)

Don’t ask me why it took so long to update my blog. I guess shooting just wore me out a bit (in a good way.) I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend. And I’m pleased to announce that my dog didn’t even freak out as much as I thought he would. Instead of letting him wonder what the heck was going on, I decided to be smart, and take him outside with his leash and let him watch. It actually calmed him down, and he sat there in fascination. Smart dogs, those Boxers. :-)


Anyway, there’s tons new content inside. Don’t forget you have archives, videos, behind the scenes, comics, and my own personal diary (which is worth the cost, in and of itself.) lol


I really hope to see you inside, but please take a peek first, and see what you’ve been missing….. Also, don’t forget my token site has been updated at Plus, my video clips store is updated everyday at


Hope to see you CUM inside. :-)




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