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Jul 6


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….like a plastic bag? Just kidding. But I have had this crazy recurring nightmare ever since I was a kid, that I’m a teeny, tiny grain of sand in this huge sandbox, when a bulldozer comes by to scoop me up. I feel like utter nothingness, having no value at all, just another grain in a huge sandbox! But, enough about me and my nightmares….

I decided to create some new pricing options, but you’ll have to click the ‘join’ page to view them. Hopefully, that will entice you to come in and see me all tied up and naked! (As if Ariella and I getting groped and violated by Devon Savage isn’t luring you in enough?)

Plus,  Amber Michaels and I are forced to tie each other up when an intruder breaks in.

Also, there’s a new set of me all in latex, tied to a chair with straps, with a rubber hood, and a tv that monitors my every move? Just think, I also have the videos to all these BIG photo sets as well. :-)

Don’t ask me why it took so long to update my blog. I guess shooting just wore me out a bit (in a good way.) I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend. And I’m pleased to announce that my dog didn’t even freak out as much as I thought he would. Instead of letting him wonder what the heck was going on, I decided to be smart, and take him outside with his leash and let him watch. It actually calmed him down, and he sat there in fascination. Smart dogs, those Boxers. :-)


Anyway, there’s tons new content inside. Don’t forget you have archives, videos, behind the scenes, comics, and my own personal diary (which is worth the cost, in and of itself.) lol


I really hope to see you inside, but please take a peek first, and see what you’ve been missing….. Also, don’t forget my token site has been updated at Plus, my video clips store is updated everyday at


Hope to see you CUM inside. :-)




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  1. redlightgypsy July 6th, 2011 7:55 am

    right ashley, your diary alone is worth to join :-)

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