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January 14th, 2015 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ROPED IN : Saico ties me up in my vintage corselette in a whole lot of rope!

 Ashley Renee in girdle tied up by Saico

SQUEEZE BOX : Tied in a very extreme position with ballet boots, and a head harness. After a bit of struggling, I drop to the floor, my head harness is pulled back to my tied elbows and I can hardly move a muscle.

MAID FOR BONDAGE : Lorelei is severely dissapointed in my laziness lately, so she ties me up and pulls out a vibrator just to prove her point.

BEDROOM BONDAGE : Jim Martin ties me in a tight corset and pantyhose on the bed, then rips my nylons open for his viewing pleasure.

HEAVY RUBBER : Strapped and layered rubber mummification, forced orgasms and various hoods. What could possibly be better ?

ASHLEY PROTOTYPE : Gord dresses me up in a skin tight catsuit, ballet boots, hood and helmet straps me to his remote control race car, attaches a fucking machine then dictates how many lap I take. The faster I go the faster I get fucked !


PORN REVIEWS : I get so excited reading my porn reviews that I have to make myself cum, until…

DARLA CRANE & ASHLEY RENEE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My sexy Mistress for the day, Darla Crane, decides she wants to play with her favorite toy….me! She fondles my huge bare breasts & pinches & bites my hard nipples. Then she readies me for our playtime by lubing up my latex garter belt, gloves, panties & stockings, before also shining up my ass. She then fits a very large ring gag in mouth which forces my lips wide apart & allows her easy access to my wet mouth. Then she seats me & straps me down to a black leather cross chair that spreads both my legs & arms apart so that she can enjoy easy access to my breasts & pussy. She has put painfully tight nipple clamps on me that she tugs on as she explores my nipples with her tongue & fingertips before slapping them with a crop. She then continues to pleasurably torment me my also slapping my tender inner thighs & pussy. After that, Mistress Darla, takes clothespins & clamps them down on the tender flesh under my outstretched arms & sensitive inner thighs. She follows that up by bringing out a vibrating wand which she runs over my now painfully tender nipples before targeting my wet pussy. She presses the wand hard against my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. The throbbing on my clit continues to intensify until I moan & buck as I achieve a most well-earned orgasm.

SHEER ELEGANCE : Struggling in a sheer gown on the couch and floor with metal collar with chains ,metal belt and restraints.Then gagged with a ball and fucked in the mouth with a dildo then in the pussy!!

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