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Take advantage of my new Summer Sale…

June 23rd, 2012 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts
Take advantage of my new Summer Sale…
and don’t forget my new and archived video stores and
CAUGHT RED-HANDED : I had no idea someone was watching me masterbate as I looked through magazines of women tied up in extremely tight bondage. The man (Steve Villa) appeared out of nowhere, tied me up, packed my mouth with my dirty panties and wrapped head tightly. He pulled my pantyhose down, my shirt up and I couldn’t help but feel pure excitement. He watched as I wiggled and writhed loving every minute of it. I had his undivinded attention and it made me feel bot asahamed and wet !
AGGRESSIVE : Jenni Lee thoought she had me under control as she dominated and made me perform filthy acts upon her. As soon as I had the chance I turned the tables and she was all mine…and I can be very naughty while untied !

TAKE IT : When I heard my boss screaming from the other room, I neew I was next. He walked in, threatened me then started tying me up, stuck a huge gag in my mouth and chained it to a painful pair of nipple clamps. He forced my legs wide open with a huge vibrating dildo inside. I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it !

TIGHT SQUEEZE : A beautiful tie in a super tight corset. Need I say more ?

CHEER FORCE : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) I was Kidnapped after my last game. taken to a secluded room, tied spread eagle with a ball gag while the stranger watched. He pulled my breasts out from my tight t shirt and started manhandling them, lifting my skirt up and my panties down leaving me exposed and vulnerable, then without warning he starts tickling me to death! He starts under my arms, ribcage and tummy only to end up at my most ticklish spot… My feet ! I’m tortured.

HARD WIRED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) I nervously awaited my fate as Dalton from Serious Bondage pulled out a metal cuff. He made me stand there as he chained me off to the ceiling and floor. Clearly he had his own agenda.He watched me as I struggled helplessly trying to escape the solid steel but this only made him want me more.He approached with a magic wand, bent me over and forced me to cum endlessly. Realizing I could hardly stand anymore he took me down and attached me to the hard floor making me kneel and beg.When it was all over he released me and ordered me not to callapse…

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Video update !

June 08th, 2012 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I updated my video sites  and my clip4sale studio. Don’t miss all these new video.


GO ASHLEY : Kidnapped after my last cheer, taken to a secluded room, tied spread eagle and tickled to death !


WIZARD REFORM SCHOOL : Punished,tied and forced upon by the headmaster of the wizard school !


SADIE LOVES ASHLEY : Sadie Belle wants to reward me for being a very good girl so she ties me up and teases me all night long. When I’ve had enough she penerates me with my favorite toy…


HOSED : Tied in a partial shibari suspension with encased head and tightly secured with rope.


LATEX DREAM : Bound in elaborate rope in pink latex, a gag and thigh high boots.


MAIL ORDER BRIDE : Tied, gagged suspended and penetrated on my honeymoon…


CUMMING FOR YOU : Tied with a gag and tight nipple clamps but still finding a way to cum when a magic wand is placed in my hands.


BAD ASS : My beautiful friend Julie Simone shares a piece of her site with my members…


THE PRINCIPAL: (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) He came to the Parent/Teacher conference hoping to get his son’s Math Teacher to give him a passing grade so he could continue to play football. But Ms renee(ashley) had no intention of changing his grade from a Fail to a passing grade. Th man had no choice but to change it himself. The only problem was, he needed to get passed Ashely to get into her files. Coming prepared with rope, he quickly tied her up. Then when Ms reneee threatened to call out for help, he bent her over, lifted her skirt and cut off her panties. He then wadded them up and stuffed them in her mouth. To finish gagging her, he wrapped tape very tightly around her face and over her mouth. ashley struggled and tried to scream through the gag as the man went off to get into her computer files. Sometime later, after the he finished fixing his son’s grade, the man returned to ashley and pulled her blouse open. Then before making his get away, he pulled her big boobs out of her bra and hogtied her on the floor. He then left Ashley to be found later, bouncing her big tits on the floor as she struggled bound and gagged.



JUMP START : Caught off guard when I entered a sleezy hotel room. I was grabbed and thrown on the dirty bed, my skirt was pulled up. Then I’m groped all over my body as the stranger ties me up tight. he pulls out a huge black dildo and shoves it deep in my mouth then turns me over and forces me to cum with a vibrator turned on high!



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